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Dota Weekly Recap: ELEAGUE Documentary, New Dota 2 Trailer and More - Esportsranks
Dota Weekly Recap: ELEAGUE Documentary, New Dota 2 Trailer and More

The conclusion of the TI7 group stages, the premiere of the ELEAGUE documentary and the release of a new Dota 2 trailer highlight what has been a relatively quiet week as all eyes have been on the 18 teams battling it out for pride, fame and glory at Seattle.

With that said, let’s take the time to go recap all the noteworthy events that occurred in the Dota 2 scene from the past week.

LFY Stands Out In The Group Stages

Dota 2 Trailer

@dota2ti / Instagram

Raise your hands up if you thought that LFY would go on a 13-0 run during the group stages of this year’s The International. No one? I thought so.

LFY came to this year’s TI as a dark horse team and a huge unknown after having only played in two LAN tournaments so far, finishing in 3rd-4th place at the EPICENTER 2017 and 2nd at MDL 2017.

Really solid placements, but nothing spectacular. As such, for them to dominate their group when they were stacked along with the likes of OG, Newbee, Invictus Gaming and Virtus.Pro was unprecedented, to say the least.

Dota 2 Trailer

Noteworthy also was the performance of their organisation’s main squad, LGD Gaming, who finished 2nd in Group A. Team Liquid, as expected by many, have looked like their dominant selves.

Invictus Gaming seems to have found a way to play out of their three-month long slump and finished the group stages with a 10-3 record, good enough for a top-four finish.

Newbee and Evil Geniuses have been solid so far, while OG stumbled in the final two days and now find themselves on the brink of elimination in the lower brackets.

Dota 2 Trailer

@dota2ti / Instagram

Speaking of elimination, Fnatic and Hellraisers finished at the bottom of their respective groups and are the first to make an exit.

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Valve Releases New Dota 2 Trailer

Valve has finally released a new trailer, six years after unveiling their beloved MOBA to the world at Gamescom 2011 during the first The International.

For six years, the game’s popularity surged mostly because of the community’s effort and word of mouth. But, with the player base hitting a plateau and the game now even more notorious for its steep learning curve, Valve now have realised that they needed to do something.

As such, Valve not only released a new Dota 2 trailer, but also a new landing page along with it. In addition, they’ve also made a number of changes to the game, including updating the quality of life for newer and older players, as well as changing the UI, all in an effort to make the game easier to learn and friendlier to beginners.

If you’re new to the game yourself and haven’t seen the first Dota 2 trailer, click here.

ELEAGUE Dota 2 Documentary Premiere

ICYMI, the first episode of the ELEAGUE Dota 2 Documentary, titled, “Road To The International DOTA 2 Championships”, aired a couple of days ago.


Earlier in July, ELEAGUE, a joint venture between Turner and IMG, announced that they were going to make a feature-length series focusing on Valve’s premiere MOBA.

The series will feature four one-hour long episodes; the first one focused on Complexity Gaming’s failed attempt to qualify for TI7 while providing a glimpse of how a top-tier team like OG operates.

Click here to watch it.

First Major of 2017-18 Season Confirmed

Earlier last week, ESL announced that ESL One Hamburg has been promoted to Major status. With that, we now have the first tournament of its level to kick off the revamped 2017-18 competitive season.

The tournament is also the most lucrative ESL One tournament For Dota 2 to date thanks to the prize pool now set at $1,000,000 from the initial $250,00.

Click here for ESL’s official announcement.

RTZ Hits 10K MMR

We now have an official 10K MMR triumvirate, with Artour ‘Arteezy’ Babaev joining Zheng ‘MidOne’ Yeik Nai and Abed Azel ‘Abed’ Yusop as the only players to have ever hit 10K MMR.

Digital Chaos’ carry player Abed achieved the milestone first just right before the TI7 regional qualifiers, while MidOne reached 10K just after the qualifiers had ended.

Unlike the other two, however, Arteezy’s record came with little controversy. No one accused his teammates of boosting him. But, then again, playing with and against some of the best players in the world could’ve brought the best out of him.

Ever the picture of continued excellent, Arteezy’s newest milestone should do a lot for his confidence as he tries to help Evil Geniuses go on yet another deep run at this year’s The International.

TI7 Trove Carafe Released

The annual Trove Carafe treasure has been released and players can now start buying autographs of their favourite talents by purchasing the new chest.

As you can see from the Dota 2 trailer above, the treasure features item sets for previously cosmetic-less heroes Jakiro and Oracle. Included also are new items for Anti-mage, Faceless Void and Shadow Demon, among many others.

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Other Noteworthy News:

Who’s your pick to win The International this year? Do you think LFY will continue dominating at the main event? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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