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Latest Dota Update 7.07d Nerfs Morphling and Medusa - Esportsranks
Latest Dota Update 7.07d Nerfs Morphling and Medusa

The latest Dota Update, patch 7.07d, went live earlier today, with notable changes to heroes, items, and neutrals alike.

Among the Dota 2 heroes who IceFrog saw fit to rebalance with the latest mini-patch include Morphling, Medusa, Tinker, and Omniknight, all of which saw a lot of playtime in the competitive scene in recent weeks.

Morphling and Medusa Become Less Viable

Morphling and Medusa were both relatively unpopular picks throughout The International 7 and the months before. However, both have slowly been gaining popularity since. The former, for one, became very popular as soon as it received back to back buffs in patches 7.07b and 7.07c. Chief among the changes was the rework to the hero’s abilities, Morph and Attribute Shift. Meanwhile, the latter, also received multiple buffs in 7.07. This includes a rework on Split Shot that made the ability less clunky and more viable via an optional level 25 talent because it can now apply attack modifiers from items such as Daedalus and Eye of Skadi, among others.

Seeing that they have become so popular, it was only natural for both heroes to be the subject of the latest Dota update.

Morphling, for one, is no longer as illusive. Because the hero can no longer use Attribute Shift while disabled, catching the hero by surprise is now a lot easier. On the other hand, Medusa received both indirect and direct inerfs. Her strength gain (from 1.5 to 1.3), Movement Speed (from 285 to 275) and Level 10 Talent (+25 Damage to +20) are now slightly lower. Her go-to items, Hurricane Pike, Manta Style, Mask of Madness and Butterfly, also all received nerfs, as well as the bounty of Neutral Ancients (down 10%) and Omniknight, a hero that she is frequently paired with.

Of the two, however, it’s clear that Morphling got the short end of the proverbial stick.

Other Notable Hero Changes

Tinker, who remains a niche pick reserved only for the most mechanically skilled players, was unable to avoid the nerf hammer as well. The hero’s Laser ability now has a longer cool down at earlier levels. From 14 seconds flat, the ability now goes 20/18/16/14. Although minor, this change has a huge impact on the hero’s ability to annoy opposing heroes and dominate his lane. 

Omniknight might also see less playing time going forward. Now that the cast range of Purification is down from 575 to 450, he’ll need to get closer to save his teammates. But, then again, this might not have as big of an impact; Diffusal Blade still no longer has the Purge ability and Repel’s only direct counter remains Shadow Demon’s ultimate Demonic Purge. 

Speaking of saving teammates, Winter Wyvern’s ability Cold Embrace now heals less at 10 hp/sec, down from 15 hp/sec. So, expect to teams to think twice before picking that pesky ice dragon in the future.

With 4 Pro Circuit tournaments set to take place between now and February 4, expect the latest Dota update to be the last for a while.

Click here for Valve’s official changelog for a complete list of changes. 

What do you think of the latest Dota update? Which hero do you think deserved a buff or nerf more? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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