Dota Summit 9 Grand Finals: Odds, Analysis, Predictions

After a whacky and chaotic Day 4, Evil Geniuses have now secured their spot in the Dota Summit 9 Grand Finals and will be waiting for the winners between Fnatic vs VGJ.Storm to see who will take home the title.

If you told us before the tournament that we’d see Evil Geniuses in the Dota Summit 9 Grand Finals without having to go through OpTic Gaming, we’d think you were joking. But, alas, that’s exactly what happened.

OpTic Gaming, our presumptive favourites to win it all, just couldn’t seem to get themselves going.

After going 4-6 during the group stages, OpTic Gaming bowed out of the tournament in the first round of the lower brackets of the playoffs after getting swept by Fnatic. And, speaking of Fnatic, they’re now in the running for a spot in the Dota Summit 9 Grand Finals after winning the only way they know how — digging themselves into a hole and pulling off a spectacular comeback late in the game.

But, now, Fnatic face a tall task ahead of them. Their first enemies of the day, VGJ.Storm, aren’t exactly afraid of going late. Plus, even if they manage to make it past VGJ.Storm, the boys-in-blue have at least three series of comeback wins to analyze — including their earlier 0-2 loss against Fnatic.

Having said that, let’s get right on to our analysis and predictions on who will win walk away from the Dota Summit 9 Grand Finals as the winners.

VGJ.Storm vs Fnatic

Dota Summit 9 Grand Finals

VGJ.Storm and Resolut1on aren’t exactly unfamiliar when it comes to late-game situations. (Beyond the Summit)

Match Schedule: July 29, 2018 ( 0900H PDT )

Fnatic have defied most expectations by just reaching this point, and it’s mostly thanks in part to the performances of Saahil ‘Universe‘ Arora and Djardel Jicko B. ‘DJ‘ Mampusti. The latter, for one, has literally won Fnatic games on the backs of his play on Windranger. But, now, Fnatic are up against VGJ.Storm, a team who isn’t afraid to end games early and certainly isn’t afraid to play for the late game, especially with Roman ‘Resolut1on‘ Fominok on the roster.

It’ll be near-impossible to guess exactly how the series will turn out in terms of map score because of the sheer unpredictability that Fnatic brings to the table. However, judging by how VGJ.Storm have played so far, it’s fair to expect them to win, but probably only after a three-game clown fiesta.

Betting: VGJ.Storm to win at 1.69 odds (GGbet) / Total Maps Played over 2.5 at 2.04 odds (Arcanebet)

Is This Tournament Evil Geniuses’ to Lose?

Dota Summit 9 Grand Finals

With a clear and defined role on the team, TI3 champion Gustav ‘s4’ Magnusson has thrived in Evil Geniuses. (Beyond the Summit)

Yes. It is. Judging by how they’ve played so far, Evil Geniuses, while imperfect as of yet, are a dangerous team that will only get better come TI8. Although that shouldn’t come off as a surprise given the collective wealth of experience and talent on the team.

Regardless of who Evil Geniuses ends up facing in the Dota Summit 9 Grand Finals, expect them to come out on top, with the opposing team lucky to take more than one game off of them.

How do you think the Dota Summit 9 Grand Finals will turn out? Will Evil Geniuses win it? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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