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Dota Summit 8 Group Stage Day 2 - Underdogs Seize the Day - Esportsranks
Dota Summit 8 Group Stage Day 2 – Underdogs Seize the Day

If there’s one main thing we can take away so far from the Dota Summit 8 Group Stage, it’s that nothing is ever certain. Heavy favourites can fail and underdogs can prevail. Case in point, OpTic Gaming swept LGD Gaming 3-0, only for them to fall victim to Fnatic 2-1 later in the day. Team Kinguin too joined in on the underdog parade as well, as their Qualifying Points for TI8 and spot in the playoffs are now in the bag. Because CompLexity Gaming managed to take Game 3 of their series against Evil Geniuses, the boys in blue fell short of tying the All-Polish squad’s 4-2 record.

All eyes will now be on OG. Because of Virtus Pro’s dominant showing against Sacred in Day 1 of the Dota Summit 8 Group Stage, the recently crowned MDL Macau Champions will need to come up big tomorrow. They’ll have to sweep Sacred and go 2-1 against Virtus Pro for them to safely secure a playoff spot. Should OG fail and win only 4 out of their 6 games, they’ll have to play a tie-breaker match against Virtus Pro. Drop even one game to  Post an even worse win-loss record, and they’ll either have to kiss their tournament bid goodbye early, or make their way via the wild cards, where they will be vying for the last playoff spot along with 3 other teams.

OpTic Gaming Come Out to Play

If there was any doubt about how good OpTic Gaming were, they erased them with their performance in Day 2 of the Dota Summit 8 Group Stage. Peter ‘ppd‘ Dager and his squad went on an absolute tear to start the day, going 4-0 and winning each game quite handily. However, their late-game decision making issues reared its ugly head in their second game against Fnatic and they went on to lose the 51-minute long Game 2. Afterwards, they appeared out of sorts and tapped out in just 27 minutes in Game 3 to end the day with a 4-2 record.

Had OpTic Gaming just won at least one more game, they would’ve had assured themselves a spot in the playoffs. Their chances of topping the group are still pretty good, though. Fnatic will have to go 3-0 against LGD Gaming tomorrow to go 4-2 and tie for the top spot.

Team Kinguin Secure Playoff Spot

Although Team Kinguin didn’t play a single game in Day 2 of the Dota Summit 8 Group Stage, they still loomed over everyone’s minds. Because of their 4-2 record in Day 1, Evil Geniuses needed to sweep CompLexity Gaming or vice versa to tie the All-Polish squads record and play a tie-breaker match against them to determine who will advance to the playoffs.

After the first two games of the showdown between the two North American squads, it certainly looked like we were going to see the boys in blue come up big in the clutch again. But, as has been the case throughout the tournament, it’s that nothing is ever certain until it happens; CompLexity Gaming suddenly looked like a different team in Game 3 of their series, taking the fight to Evil Geniuses and beating them 29-11 in a 40-minute game.

Because of that one loss, Team Kinguin are assured of a Top 4 finish already. Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses will have to wait for the Dota Summit 8 Group Stage to end so they can try their luck in their perilous wild cards with three other Dota 2 teams.

Dota Summit 8 Group Stage Day 2

OG fans and critics alike will tune in tomorrow, December 15, starting at 09:00 (PST) as the 4-time Major champions are set to open the day against the Peruvian team, Sacred, followed by Fnatic vs LGD Gaming, and finally, a matchup between them and their bitter rivals, Virtus Pro, to end the day.

How well do you think OG will do tomorrow? Do you think they can sweep Sacred and go 2-1 against Virtus Pro? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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