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Dota Summit 8 Group Stage Day 1 - Kinguin March Through - Esportsranks
Dota Summit 8 Group Stage Day 1 – Kinguin March Through

The European and CIS representatives were off to a good start in Day 1 of the Dota Summit 8 Group Stage. Virtus Pro took the lead in Group A with 3 points after winning all of their games against Sacred. Meanwhile, Team Kinguin went a combined 4-2 against CompLexity Gaming and Evil Geniuses to lead Group B with 4 points, giving themselves a good chance of advancing to the playoffs.

With just 1 point each, either one of CompLexity Gaming or Evil Geniuses will have to go 3-0 against each other to play a tiebreaker match against Team Kinguin to avoid having to play in the wildcards.

Virtus Pro Desecrate Sacred

In perhaps the most lopsided three-game series of the tournament, the back-to-back champions Virtus Pro showed no mercy against the Peruvian team Sacred. Though the games didn’t turn out to be quite as big of a stomp as expected, the CIS bears were dominant nonetheless. Only Game 2 lasted longer than 37 minutes, and barely at that as it clocked in at 37:58.

With 3 points secured, Virtus Pro are in a good position to advance to the playoffs early. The pressure is now on the recently-crowned MDL Macau champions. To avoid playing in the wild cards, OG will have to go 3-0 against Sacred and go 2-1 against Virtus Pro. 

The action in Group B will resume in Day 3 of the Dota Summit 8 Group Stage with OG taking on Sacred and Virtus Pro. 

Team Kinguin Pull Off Back-to-Back Upsets

It seems that Team Kinguin’s performance in the Perfect World Masters Minor was no fluke. Less than a month after they gave the likes of Mineski, LGD Gaming, Team Secret, and even Newbee, a run for their money, the All-Polish squad turned heads once again after not only taking games off of CompLexity Gaming and Evil Geniuses, but actually ending the day with a firm grip on the top spot of Group B.

Proving that they should not be taken lightly, Team Kinguin went 2-1 in a tightly contested three-game series against two of the three North American squads playing in the Dota Summit 8 Minor. Their series against CompLexity Gaming, in particular, could’ve gone either way. However, Team Kinguin eventually prevailed, as they out-maneuvered the Freedman brothers in a fast-paced Game 3 en-route to a quick 25-minute win.

Team Kinguin then struck first in their series against Evil Geniuses, taking Game 1 with relative ease before finding themselves in the wrong end of a 27-9 stomp in Game 2. Finally, in Game 3, a 4-protect-1 draft with Michal ‘Nisha‘ Jankowski playing as Medusa paid dividends for Team Kinguin. The 17-year-old prodigy put the team on his back and proved that only a few heroes can go toe to toe with a farmed up Medusa late in the game.

Game 3 also featured Evil Geniuses’ own prodigy, Syed Sumail ‘SumaiL‘ Hassan, finding himself the target of jokes all game long. His unconventional magic-centered build on Shadow Field, which featured questionable item choices, such as Veil of Discord, Kaya and Linken’s Sphere, baffled everyone’s minds — ours included. The fact that Evil Geniuses lost only made matters worse (for SumaiL, at least)

Dota Summit 8 Group Stage Day 1

If it isn’t already clear by now, the Dota Summit 8 Group Stage is not following the typical best-of-three format. Instead, the three-games are best considered as three consecutive best-of-ones. This is similar to what the MDL Macau Minor did. The only difference is that the teams are separated into three groups of three teams each, as opposed to just one big group.

Of the three groups, only the top point-getter from each group will advance to the playoffs. The runner-ups, plus the 3rd-place team with the highest points total across all groups, will all battle it out in a single-elimination wild cards to determine who will round out the teams playing in the playoffs.

The Dota Summit 8 Group Stage will resume tomorrow, December 14, at 09:00 (PST) with LAN debutantes OpTic Gaming taking on LGD Gaming. 

How far do you think Team Kinguin will go in this tournament? Do you think they’ll have a chance to pull off the ultimate upset and win the whole thing? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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