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Virtus.pro are back to back DOTA Summit 7 champions! - Esportsranks
Virtus.pro are back to back DOTA Summit 7 champions!

The tournament from the Beyond the Summit organisation has come to an end. Held in Los Angeles and known for its chill atmosphere, the event has once again showcased why teams and players enjoy attending it. Last year’s title holders Virtus.pro manage to defend the throne after a stellar performance throughout the tournament and an epic Bo5 against Secret in the grand finals. They are once again, the DOTA Summit 7 champions.

Setting the stage for DOTA Summit 7 Grand Finals

As stated in our Mid-Tournament recap, Team Secret was just one step away from the grand finals. They had no trouble against LGD in the winners’ finals, relegating the Chinese squad to the lower bracket.

Virtus.pro, on the other hand, had to earn their grand finals ticket the hard way. The first step was a Bo3 against DC. Both teams played without holding back, but Virtus.pro managed their play style better and eventually came on top with a 2-1 win. After DC, the next team in line was Team NP. NP forced Tree+Earth Shaker picks in both games, but VP came prepared. In the first game, their Bristle+Necro combo proved to be too much for NP, and the game was over in less than 30 minutes. The second game dragged on for a bit longer, but from very start it was clear that VP would come out on top.

In the losers’ finals, Virtus.pro had a chance for revenge against LGD, who relegated them to the lower bracket. The first game decided the entire course of this Bo3, and was a real treat to watch. The was a 70 minute match for the ages. VP managed to overcome all difficulties and secure a very close victory after successfully defending their last remaining set of racks. We must highlight Lil’s stellar performance on Mirana during this game.

After this devastating loss, LGD just crumbled and VP took the second map in 30 minutes. Silencer was getting super fed along with Razor, who proved to be a pretty strong Sven counter because of his Static Link ability.

DOTA Summit 7 Grand Finals – Virtus.pro vs Team Secret

Once again in this tournament VP mixed things, this time with Naga at position 4, and Monkey King at 3. However, Lich was a useless pick against Secret’s comp that was relying heavily on magic damage. VP were unable to overcome the draft disadvantage and fell behind 0-1 in the series.

The Russian squad didn’t seem ruffled by the loss, so they continued playing the Bo5 in their aggressive style. RAMZES666 on Doom was getting farmed out of control in the second game, and followed by QoP and Morph cores tied the series at 1 game a piece.

In the third game Virtus.pro drafted some cheesy picks, Huskar at 1 and Viper on mid. Despite their offlane Batrider being underfarmed, he still served his purpose. These two cores steadily increased their net worth. At the 35 minute mark, Secret had lost all their racks. Soon after VP, backed up by mega creeps, knocked them out.

Secret for the first time in the event found themselves in a losing position in a series. Despite that fact, they felt pretty confident in game 4, which was the shortest game of this Bo5. Virtus.pro were completely dominated during the early game. Secret hunted them down all over the map, killing them 20 times in 20 minutes and gaining complete map control. VP’s late game comp just didn’t survive Secret’s early surge and the map was over in just over 20 minutes. This meant that we would go to a thrilling game 5 to decide the DOTA Summit 7 champions.

A special mark of the tournament and a perfect example of Virtus.pro’s vast game knowledge and versatility is the fact that up until the final game of this Bo5 they haven’t picked a single hero twice. That’s right, VP picked 5 unique heroes in all but the last game, playing 81 of the 112 heroes available.

DOTA Summit 7 champions – The 5th Game

DOTA Summit 7 champions

It seems they had been saving their absolute best for the last game. They had Sven at position 4 however, not a pick you may see that often. At around the 38th minute mark, VP reached the tier 3s at highground. RAMZESS666 got a rampage on Anti Mage and forced some buybacks. After this, he picked up his BKB and Abyssal, and it was just a matter of time until VP closed the game.

We congratulate Virtus.pro becoming the DOTA Summit 7 champions again. We wish them the best of luck on the upcoming TI7!