Weekly Dota Recap: Dota PIT Minor Announced, PGL and ESL Lineup Complete, Saksa Takes a Break

Barely a month since officials started and a lot has already happened, from the announcement of the Dota PIT Minor slated for November, as well as the completion of the lineup of teams who will be duking it out in Bucharest and Hamburg on October.

With that said, we present to your our recap of everything important that happened this week (September 19 to 25) in Dota 2.

Are You Ready for the Dota PIT Minor?

Dota Pit Minor

Image via Dota Pit

One of the most well known Dota 2 tournament series, Dota Pit has officially become part of Valve’s pro circuit.

The Dota PIT Minor is the first tournament slated for November and will see 8 teams battle it out for 300 Qualifying Points, as well as a $300,000 prize pool.

TI7 Grand Finalists Newbee and Team Liquid have already accepted the direct invites to the event. As per the usual, the remaining six slots will be filled by teams qualifying via the regional qualifiers.

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Perfect World Minor Details Revealed

Dota PIT Minor

Image via ESL

Already announced earlier this month, Perfect World has shed some light on some important details regarding the first Minor of the season held in China.

The Perfect World Masters will have 300 Qualifying Points and $300,000 USD in prize money up for grabs for 10 teams. Perfect World has already announced the direct invites: Newbee, LGD.Forever Young and Team Secret.

As with the other Minors and Majors, interested teams will have to make their way via their respective regional qualifiers. Albeit, the tournament will be the first to feature more than six qualifier teams, with China receiving two regional qualifier slots.

The tournament will run from November 19 to November 26 with the regional qualifiers already underway.

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Frostvirus Returns with a Twist

Dota PIT Minor

Image via Valve

The classic Dota 2 event Frostvirus returns, but this time, things aren’t as straightforward as before. Instead of Valve adding a new custom game, they’ve tasked the community to come up with their own custom map revolving around the classic event’s theme and vote for whose map idea they like the most.

For those not in the know, the Frostvirus is an event that started way back in 2012 where the story focused on the Greevils who players must defeat. Valve also sprinkled bits and pieces of the official lore with the event.

The following year, Valve used Frostvirus as an elaborate scheme to explain the transition of the hero Skeleton King to the Wraith King. The event, named the “Wraith Night”, was a wave-defense game mode where the final boss was the hero Wraith King himself.

The winner will have his game featured as the next Frostvirus game mode and will receive $30,000 in prize money.

Click here for the official announcement.

PGL and ESL Lineup Now Complete

The qualifiers for the first three tournaments of the Dota 2 pro circuit are nearly over and we finally have a complete list of participating teams.

Dota PIT Minor

Image via PGL

Headlining the PGL Open Bucharest Minor on October 19 to October 22 are Evil Geniuses and LGD Gaming, with the following teams joining them in the LAN event:

Dota PIT Minor

Image via ESL

Meanwhile, for the first Major of the season on October 26 to October 29, Team Liquid and Newbee headline the list of participants and will be joined by the following teams:


Saksa Takes a Break, No Diggity Disband

While the Dota 2 pro circuit has given fans near round-the-clock action, it apparently isn’t conducive to most pro gamers. Or at least, that’s what most are complaining about.

Case in point, Martin ‘Saksa’ Sazdov have decided to take a break from Dota 2 likely after his team failed to qualify for anything. One of their latest losses was pretty significant, with them losing to Hellraisers in the open qualifiers for the Dota PIT Minor despite having already beaten the team before.

Aliwi ‘w33’ Omar and his team are currently without a position 5 and a captain. Although rumor has it that Troels Lyngholt ‘syndereN’ Nielsen will take Saksa’s spot. At least, for the meantime.

Speaking of syndereN, the team that he helped form recently named No Diggity seems to have disbanded as well.

The Dire Win King’s Cup America

The Dire seem unfazed by the criticism they constantly receive as a team, even qualifying for The Summit 8 Minor by winning the King’s Cup America online tournament.

En route to the win, The Dire beat the likes of CompLexity, Digital Chaos and Infamous, as well as other numerous NA teams.

Peter ‘ppd’ Dager and co will have a chance to secure a second qualifier at the Dota PIT Minor and Perfect World Masters qualifiers.

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Team Liquid Release TI7 Documentary

Barely a month after punctuating their lower bracket run with a 3-0 sweep of Newbee in the Grand Finals of The International 7, Team Liquid has a given Dota 2 fans a chance to relive their unbelievable journey.

In a two-part documentary series, Team Liquid introduces all of their five players and gives a glimpse of what was happening behind the scenes between each of their nerve-wracking games.

It’s definitely a must-watch series for fans of Dota 2.

Other Noteworthy News

  • Team Secret and OG will meet in the Grand Finals of the Starladder EU Qualifiers later today for the right to play in Kiev. The winning team will complete the lineup of teams participating in the first Minor of the season.
  • Team Secret are currently on a 10-series winstreak and are 21-2 overall.
  • Khaled ‘sQreen’ El-Khabbash has gone back to play in Europe after spending one month with WG.Unity.
  • The vaunted chair of Jacky ‘EternaLEnVy’ Mao recently sold for $1,400 in an online auction. The proceeds will go towards the victims of the recent terrorist attack in Marawi City, Philippines.

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