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Dota PIT LAN Finals Day 3 - We're Down to Our Final Three - Esportsranks
Dota PIT LAN Finals Day 3 – We’re Down to Our Final Three

Who would’ve thought that the Grand Finals of the Dota PIT LAN would see a potential TI7 rematch? With all but two series of the tournament now done and dusted, the possibility of Newbee finally getting their revenge on Team Liquid in a proper best-of-five setting is very real.

Newbee Survive The Brutal Lower Brackets

TI7 Rematch

Image via Dota Pit

The best-of-one matches of the lower brackets didn’t take long to pull off a surprise as SG e-sports opened up the day with an upset of Immortals. OG then handily took care of Fnatic in 21-minutes to move on to the next round.

In their next match, OG and SG e-sports faced off against Newbee and Virtus Pro respectively.

The Brazilians showed a lot of promise against Virtus Pro early on. However, the difference in skill between both teams had become apparent by the 25-minute mark and just five minutes later, Virtus Pro had built a 10k lead that would only grow bigger until SG e-sports’ called GG at the 41-minute mark.

TI7 Rematch

Image via Dota Pit

Inefficient farming patterns then brought the demise of OG against Newbee. Although the 4-time Major champions boasted a kill count lead by the 25-minute mark, the Kings of China stayed in control of the game by finding better use of their space to farm.

After losing every subsequent team fight past the 30-minute mark and ultimately, with all but one of their heroes left standing to guard their crumbling base, OG had no choice but to call GG.

TI7 Rematch

In the next round, Virtus Pro looked ready to steamroll Newbee after having built a net worth lead of 18k just 27 minutes into the game. However, the timely Black King Bar pickup of Xu ‘Moogy’ Han on his Phantom Assassin proved the difference as it made him near invincible against Virtus Pro’s lineup that had no way of locking him down now that he was magic immune.

Over the next five minutes, Virtus Pro would find themselves slowly losing control of the game. And, with their once-insurmountable lead now gone, calling GG was their only choice left.

Team Liquid Remain Undefeated

TI7 Rematch

Image via Dota Pit

In the final match of the day, Team Liquid faced off against Vici Gamingwho seemingly had rounded up into midseason form after going winless at the Starladder Minor earlier in October.

Up against the reigning champions, however, Vici Gaming‘s shortcomings as a team were exposed; Team Liquid took advantage of every little mistake they made and made them pay for it twice over, as they have always done.

In Game 1, despite having only 22 kills to Vici Gaming’s 30, Team Liquid’s defense proved unbreachable as their opponents were unable to take any of their Tier 2 towers. Meanwhile, Lasse Aukusti ‘MATUMBAMAN‘ Urpalainen had no problems taking down pretty much all of Vici Gaming’s structures on his own.

With their base nearly destroyed, Vici Gaming called GG at the 43-minute mark and moved on to Game 2 where Team Liquid’s core duo of MATUMBAMAN and Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Al-Barqawi took the spotlight once again.

Playing as Sven, the so-called 9K MMR god cleaved through Vici Gaming’s heroes with ease. He ultimately ended the game with 16 kills and just 1 death and was 6-slotted already by the 27-minute mark.

The game ended in a rather short 32 minutes with Vici Gaming failing to put a dent on Team Liquid’s structures.

Who’s Up for a Potential TI7 Rematch?

TI7 Rematch

Image via Dota Pit

Tomorrow, Newbee and Vici Gaming will face off in the losers’ finals. The loser goes home in 3rd place with 45 Qualifying Points in tow. Meanwhile, the winner moves on to the Grand Finals where Team Liquid are waiting.

While it’s not a sure thing yet, the possibility of a TI7 rematch between Team Liquid and Newbee has to have most fans excited.


12:00 CET — Vici Gaming vs Newbee (BO3)
16:00 CET — Team Liquid vs Vici Gaming/Newbee (BO5)

Do you think we will see a TI7 rematch tomorrow? If so, who do you think will win? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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