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Dota Pit LAN Finals Day 2 - Vici Gaming Slay the Bears - Esportsranks
Dota Pit LAN Finals Day 2 – Vici Gaming Slay the Bears

While the Kiev Major rematch of OG vs VP never did happen, Day 2 of the Dota Pit LAN Finals still gave us plenty of good Dota 2 to watch.

The recently crowned Major winnersVirtus Pro, for one, seemed to have had their hands full dealing with Fnatic in their first series of the day before eventually falling to Vici Gaming via a decisive sweep.

Vici Gaming Play the Role of Spoilers

OG vs VP

Image via OG

Not much was expected of Vici Gaming’s talent-laden squad. After going 0-4 at the Starladder Minor last month, many believed that the team needed more time to work on their chemistry. But, as it turns out, a few weeks is time enough, as they’ve shown remarkable improvement at the Dota PIT Minor LAN Finals.

Opening Day 2 of the event against OGZhang ‘LaNm’ Zhicheng and his crew escaped with a 2-1 win in a hard-fought series. Fnatic, then, who came into the tournament as heavy underdogs, gave Virtus Pro quite the scare, snatching a win in Game 1.

While Fnatic would go on to lose both Games 2 and 3, not many would’ve thought that they’d give Virtus Pro that close of a series.

OG vs VP

Image via DotaPit

With the door on the OG vs VP rematch now completely shut for the day, Vici Gaming now had to face off against the CIS bears for a right to move on to the winners’ bracket finals where Team Liquid await.

In Game 1, Vici Gaming went with an atypical 4 protect 1 draft featuring an Anti-Mage for Zhang ‘Paparazi’ Chengjun. Knowing full well that they had the advantage late in the game, Vici Gaming dragged the game out until Anti-Mage became so big that Virtus Pro had no choice but to tap out at the 65-minute mark.

Game 2 wasn’t nearly as close as Vici Gaming stepped up the tempo and gave Virtus Pro a taste of their own medicine. Their core duo of Paparazi and Zeng ‘Ori’ Jiaoyang were on point on Lifestealer and Puck respectively. Although the story of the match was how OP Beastmaster, played by Ren ‘eLeVeN’ Yangwei, really is in the current patch.

Dota Pit LAN Finals Day 3

OG vs VP

Image via Dota Pit

Tomorrow will feature mostly BO1s before ending the day with a BO3 series at the winners’ bracket finals between Team Liquid and Vici Gaming. 

Anyone looking forward to an OG vs VP rematch doesn’t have to lose hope just yet. Both teams will have a chance to face off against each other in Round 3 of the Losers’ Bracket matchups should they manage to stave off elimination until then. Although it’s not exactly a BO5, nor even a BO3, it’s still a match well worth watching.


12:00 — SG e-sports vs Immortals (BO1)
13:30 — OG vs Fnatic (BO1)
15:00 — Virtus Pro vs Winner of SG e-sports vs Immortals (BO1)
16:30 — Newbee vs Winner of OG vs Fnatic (BO1)
18:00 — Round 3 of the Losers’ Bracket (BO1)
19:30 — Team Liquid vs Vici Gaming (BO3)

Which team do you think will claw their way out of the lower brackets tomorrow and squeeze their way into the top 4? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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