Dota Auto Chess to Drop Dota Tag in Chinese Mobile Release

The popular Dota 2 mod developed by Drodo Studio, named Dota Auto Chess, is finally releasing as its own standalone title. As a result, the game will drop the Dota Tag. It will now go by the name of Auto Chess.

Releasing as a mobile game, Chinese players will have access to Auto Chess sooner rather than later. The original developers, Drodo Studio, will continue working on the project. However, they have since brought in Dragonest, a Chinese mobile games publisher, to help them release the game in China.

TwitchRivals recently hosted a second Dota Auto Chess tournament following the success of the first one in February.

Dota Auto Chess Goes Full Mobile in China

Dota Auto Chess easily became Dota 2’s most popular mod ever when it first released back in January of 2019. In fact, the recent surge in popularity of Dota Auto Chess has seen Dota 2 enjoy its highest concurrent player count in years. However, with the announcement of Auto Chess, we’ll likely see the Dota 2 numbers drop back down to normal levels soon.

Interested players can now create an account on the Auto Chess launch page. Registered users can then link their mobile accounts to Steam for candy rewards. Players can also purchase candies in-game using real money, with 10 candies available for 1RMB.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Auto Chess will look drastically different compared to the original Dota 2 mod. Auto Chess will only use its own unique set of assets and none that belonged to Dota 2 or Valve. Also, Drodo Studio plans on turning Auto Chess into a legitimate esport. In fact, the game is already set to have its first big tournament, with up to $1.5 million (10,000,000 RMD) up for grabs in a league organized by ImbaTV.

As of the moment, we have zero details available as of yet regarding Auto Chess or the league. However, according to the launch page, players can compete from all over the world. It is also unknown if Drodo Studio will continue working on Dota Auto Chess now that Auto Chess is slated to release as a mobile title.

What do you think of Dota Auto Ches releasing as a mobile title? Do you think Valve should have done better to acquire the IP? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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