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DOTA 2 - Esportsranks

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TOP 5 DOTA 2 teams / WON Money
Team Liquid
Evil Geniuses
Wings Gaming
LGD Gaming
TOP 5 Players
Team / Country / Name
Vladimir 'no[o]ne' Mineko
Xu 'Fy' Linsen
Yao 'Maybe' Lu
Wang Chun 'Ame' Yu
Pavel '9pashaebashu' Khvastunov
TOP 5 Teams
Team Name
Virtus Pro
Team Liquid
Team Secret
OpTic Gaming

Defence of the Ancients (DOTA) 2 Latest News

What Is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a competitive Esports game categorised as a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. The game is considered as a sequel to the popular Warcraft 3 mod, Defense of the Ancients, oft-stylized DotA, and thus borrows many elements from the said mod, albeit with added features and many other numerous changes. 

Dota 2 first went into public beta back in 2011 and eventually launched in 2013; the game has since gained a massive following of online players from around the globe and is widely considered as one of the most Esports titles today. The game is completely free-to-play, but players can spend money for in-game cosmetics to change the appearance of their heroes, the game’s map or loading screen, announcer, and so on.

How Is Dota 2 Played?

Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams of five players each, with each team assigned to defend and occupy their own base on each separate side of the map. Each of the ten individual players can choose from a wide roster of 113 powerful characters known as heroes, each possessing their own unique ability, talent tree and style of play.

Once the game starts, the players can collect experience points to upgrade their abilities and in-game gold to buy items that can help make their heroes stronger by completing objectives such as by killing the opposing team’s basic units known as creeps and the heroes themselves, as well as by taking down their structures. A match of Dota 2 ends when a team is able to destroy the large structure located in the center of the opposing team’s base called the “Ancient”.

Official Tournament Mode

“Captains mode” is the standard format for tournament games. In this mode, each of the opposing teams can assign a captain who will be responsible for drafting – banning and choosing – heroes for the rest of the team. Each captain will have 30 seconds to pick and ban, as well as an additional 130 seconds bonus time that they can consume throughout the selection process. If time runs out during the banning phase before the captain can choose, no hero will be banned.

Likewise, if a captain is unable to choose a hero within the allotted time limit, the game randomly drafts a hero for the team. In unranked matchmaking matches, players can become captain simply by clicking the “become captain” button. Meanwhile, in ranked matchmaking, the player with the highest solo MMR on each team will automatically become the captain. Which team picks first is determined randomly in matchmaking, but it is possible to specify the starting teams in private lobby matches. Being the mode of choice during tournaments, new heroes are generally made unavailable in captain’s mode until they receive proper balance patches. However, even older heroes can be removed from the hero pool completely if deemed unbalanced.

As of now, of the 113 heroes available, 112 are available to play, with the sole exception being Techies. 

Dota 2 Tournaments and Events

Dota’s competitive landscape often sees changes every year, with more and more organisers and tournaments showing interest and hosting their own events. Valve has also been unafraid of making changes themselves on what they deem fit and depending on community feedback, as was the case when they first introduced the Majors system back in 2015.

For the 2017-18 competitive season, Valve has decided to make changes yet again. Instead of having just Majors, there’ll now be a new tournament classification, Minors. They also introduced the qualifying points system. Basically, under the new system, placing high and/or winning either Minor and Major tournaments will reward individual players with qualifying points. The higher the placement, the more points are awarded. Majors also award more points than Minors.

Additionally, tournaments that take place closer to TI will hold more weight and reward more points. A Dota 2 team’s total qualifying points, which will be based on the three highest point getters on the team, will then determine if they will get a direct invite to TI8. It remains unknown just exactly how many teams under the new system will receive an invite. However, based on the past two years, a team will need to be at least within the top 6 of the Dota 2 rankings for qualifying points to receive an invite.

Majors and Minors

So far, there have been 22 confirmed tournaments classified as either a Minor or Major:

Start End Classification Total Prize Pool Organisers Location
Oct-11 Oct-15 Minor $300,000 Starladder Kiev
Oct-19 Oct-22 Minor $300,000 PGL Bucharest
Oct-26 Oct-29 Major $1,000,000 ESL Hamburg
Nov-20 Nov-26 Minor $300,000 Perfect World ???
Dec-1 Dec-3 Major $1,000,000 Dreamhack Jönköping
Dec-4 Dec-10 Minor $300,000 MarsTV ???
Dec-13 Dec-17 Minor $300,000 BTS ???
Jan-12 Jan-14 Minor $300,000 GESC ???
Jan-15 Jan-21 Major $1,000,000 Dreamhack ???
Jan-23 Jan-28 Minor $400,000 ESL ???
Feb-5 Feb-11 Major $1,000,000 PGL ???
Feb-20 Feb-25 Major $1,000,000 ESL ???
Mar-2 Mar-4 Minor $300,000 GESC ???
Mar-8 Mar-11 Major $1,000,000 BTS + NGE ???
Mar-16 Mar-18 Minor $300,000 GESC ???
Mar-30 Apr-7 Major $1,000,000 Perfect World ???
Apr-17 Apr-24 Minor $300,000 Perfect World ???
Apr-27 May-7 Major $1,000,000 EPICENTER ???
May-11 May-13 Minor $300,000 GESC ???
May-14 May-20 Major $1,000,000 MarsTV ???
May-25 May-27 Major $1,000,000 ESL ???
Jun-4 Jun-10 Major $1,500,000 PGL ???


The list of Minors and Majors is still tentative as of now. However, it is highly likely that only more will be added down the line. Additionally, other than the 22 listed Dota 2 tournaments, there will be other smaller tournaments scattered throughout the year, with most serving as qualifiers for the Minors and Majors.

A Career in Dota 2

With LAN tournament payouts usually in the hundreds of thousands, Dota 2 ranks as one of the most, if not the mosts luctrative Esport title today.To give you an idea of just how much teams can earn from tournament prize winnings alone, we’ve listed down a Dota 2 rankings of the five highest earning teams and players.

Highest Earning Organisations

Team / Organisation Total Earnings Number of Tournaments
Evil Geniuses $14,540,047.05 77
Team Liquid $13,677,097.50 59
Newbee $11,527,719.16 59
Wings Gaming $9,711,841.00 19
LGD Gaming $9,534,251.07 65

Highest Earning Players

Player Name Total Earnings
Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi $3,366,465.01
Amer “Miracle” Barqawi $2,942,665.85
Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora $2,900,960.27
Lasse “Matumbaman” Urpalainen $2,707,376.24
Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov $2,703,171.96

Betting in Dota 2

Being that Dota 2 ranks as one of the largest and most lucrative Esports titles, it’s only natural for it to have a large betting scene. Although Valve has since tried to crack down on betting, the scene remains very healthy. Betting in Dota 2 isn’t really that any different from betting on any other Esport or title for that matter. Placing bets on the favoured team is safer but nets you less money; betting on the underdog is riskier but gives a higher payout. There are a lot of factors that determine the Dota 2 betting odds; their current standing in the Dota 2 rankings, how well they have been performing lately and head-to-head matchups.

You can also place your bet on other things as well, such as which team will be the first to get “first blood” or the first to kill Roshan. Being that there are a lot of factors that come into in betting, it’s important that you do your research beforehand.If you give betting its due diligence and follow the Dota 2 scene carefully, you might just be able to spot something that will give you a much better chance of betting on the right team. Although it doesn’t happen often, some betting sites may offer odds based purely on Dota 2 rankings and not on head-to-head matchups, which should give you an edge if you bet on the “lesser” team that has always had a winning record against their much-more heavily favoured enemy.

What You Can Bet In Dota 2

Using the lineup of big tournaments to follow in Dota listed above, you should have a clear idea already on when to bet. Now, where exactly to bet and what depends on you. Some betting websites offer real-money betting, while others will allow you to bet using in-game cosmetics. Each website will offer their own range of odds, so it’s best to try to sift through the different websites to find which betting site you prefer to use to bet in.

Keep in mind that not all betting sites will offer odds on all tournaments, especially smaller ones. In such cases, it’s best to open an account on a different betting websites if you’re really interested. There are a lot of betting sites that offer betting for Dota 2 online. To know what kind of features each site offers, be sure to check out our reviews: GG.Bet | Betway | Bet365

Final Word

Dota 2 has one of the largest and most robust professional scenes in the world. Valve’s recent changes to the competitive system only figure to draw in interest from even more audiences, players and other big-name organisations. Unlike other games, however, Dota 2 ranks up there as one of the hardest games to break into.

Although Valve has since tried to make the game easier to pick up and learn for beginners, it remains an incredibly complex game. It’s not unusual for the casual player to have logged in at least a thousand hours in Dota 2 and still not have a complete grasp of all the game’s mechanics.Still, despite the game’s reputation, it remains incredibly popular and fun to play; it’s a game that will satisfy those looking for a competitive title to sink their teeth into that will give them hours upon hours of frustration and entertainment.