Dota 2 Support Guide: How to Play Treant Protector

In this guide, we will show you how to play a support Treant Protector in high MMR games in Dota 2. He is a melee support that provide many things for his team: vision, protection, regen and disable enemies in team fights. In the right hands, this slow moving tree which abilities that deal literally no damage can become a beacon of power for your team.

First things first, this is an advanced guide. I will focus on teaching you how to maximize the hero’s potential. So, if you want basic information about this hero, do look up this link. Conversely, you can also check out our general support guide for basic tips for support players.

In my opinion, if you would like to play a heor that can win more than 1 lane for your team, pick Treant Protector. His Nature’s Guise + Leech Seed is a great way to harass and zone out enemy offlaners while you can use your Living Armor to help your offlaner or mid. Knowing that they have a free armor and HP regen to rely on can give your teammates much more freedom to act and be aggressive — they can trade hits more and make more plays, putting them at a significant advantage.

As a support in Dota 2, helping your team win the safelane should be your main priority. If you can do that, and help out in another lane, then you’ve done your job, which is exactly what Treant Protector excels at.

Window of Strength

Treant Protector

Big (literally) and tanky, Treant Protector is great for those looking to play a support hero that can make a lot of impact with very little to no items.

There’s not a single way to build Treant Protector. But, in this guide, I will talk about utilizing Living Armor to help your team win 2 out of 3 lanes.

Living Armor is great for 1v1 or 2v2 situations because it can block 4/5/6/7 damage instances. You’ll want to make use of this skill as early as possible and max it first. Though it’s not that great in teamfights, still has its uses.

My go-to skill build is 1-1-4-1.

How to Utilize Treant Protector

Nature’s Guise

An early level of this skill will enable you to harass enemies when invisible, after 7/6/5/3 second standing/moving near trees, you become invisible and your first attack will root the target. Combined with Orb of Venom and Leech Seed, you can harass pretty much anyone out of their lanes without drawing creep aggro.

If enemies heroes are last hitting creep under their tower, you may want to double pull/hard camp pull.  This will make creeps from both sides meet at the middle of the lane again and then you can use Nature’s Guide to go back.

Later on, you can use this skill to scout and set up ganks as you’re free to use any spells or items without breaking your invisibility. And while you can be detected via anything that provides True Sight, it’s an advantage for your team as it forces the enemies to buy detection.

Leech Seed

This skill provides amazing slow at Level 1. If you really want to bully the lane, get one level in Nature’s Guide and follow it up with a point in Leech Seed at Level 2. With your high base damage, you can get a lot of early harassment with this skill.

Be careful, though. Leech Seed has a melee cast range, so you’ll have to get close first. In team fights, try to cast it on the nearest target, even if it’s only a creep, for the heal.

Living Armor

This skill is arguably the main strength of Treant Protector because of its global cast range. The hard part to utilize this skill is the timing. If you use it as “a different tango“, then unless the lanes are very passive, you are doing it wrong.

A good example of when to use this skill is when your Huskar decides to dive the enemy’s tower or to protect your Slardar from a diving Phantom Assassin. If you cast when both sides are last hitting, then enemies will know and change their action, so that’s not good, especially because they can time their ganks when your Living Armor is on cooldown.

As a general rule of thumb, focus using Living Armor on the lane that it can make the most impact on and stick to it. Using Living Armor to help out multiple lanes is generally not a good idea.

Because it is global, map awareness is crucial to utilizing Living Armor. You’ll  want to check your map frequently. If more than one enemy icon is getting close to your teammate on the mini map, you may want to switch your screen to your teammate and time when to use your Living Armor well.


This skill is your set up tool in teamfights. Use Nature’s Guise to sneak in and then use Overgrowth. You can also use Blink Dagger for an even more devastating effect. Because it’s a root, you can use Overgrowth to counter and/or force the enemy carry’s Black King Bar and stop Faceless Void while inside his Chronosphere, among others.

The skill will root all enemies in an area, making them unable to move or attack, for 3/3.75/4.5 seconds. If a rooted hero uses Black King Bar while rooted, they will break free. But, if their Black King Bar is already active, they can still be rooted and rendered immobile, so make sure to use it as a counter-initiation tool late in the game.

Good Allies

Treant Protector

Huskar is an ideal lane partner to Treant Protector as the hero benefits a lot from Living Armor. (AngryRabbitGMod)

Pick Treant Protector into a lineup composition that focuses on early diving and killing and snowballing potential, pairing it with heroes like Huskar, Queen of Pain, and Axe, just to name a few. You basically only need to watch them dive, use your Living Armor, and voila, you’ve made a huge difference and made their lives easier.

Scary enemies

Treant Protector

Zeus’ ability to reveal invisible units makes him a hard counter to Treant Protector when played correctly. (Psycholinchan)

Heroes with Damage Over Time, Dispel, Multi-Instance Damage, and have a high base attack damage are a very good counter to Treant Protector because they can remove the Living Armor buff without much trouble.

Invoker and Shadow Demon are notorious counters to Treant Protector. So are Ember Spirit, Ogre Magi, Venomancer. Heroes that have true sight like Zeus are also scary to go up against as a Treant Protector. So is Slark, who can remove the Living Armor buff in an instant using his Dark Pact skill.

When you’re up against these heroes, don’t even think about picking Treant Protector. If you do, try maxing other skills instead of Living Armor and accept that you won’t be able to have as much impact on the laning stage as you would like.


Starting items: Iron Branch x 2, Tango x 6, Mango x 2. This is pretty standard. But, if you think you can zone out the offlaner, get an Orb of Venom. If not, get a Stout Shield to make yourself a bit more tanky.

Early Game: Boots of Speed into Arcane Boots, Magic Wand, Observer and Sentry Wards, Dust of Appearance, and Smoke of Deceit.

Late Game: Blink Dagger, Mekansm, Guardian Greaves, Lotus Orb, Meteor Hammer.

Luxury Item: Aghanim’s Scepter.

Ultimately, though, Treant Protector can operate just as well with just an Arcane Boots, making him an ideal hero for those who want to play the so-called “position six” role popularized by the likes of Peter ‘ppd‘ Dager.

Tips for Different Scenarios

What if the enemy pick heroes that completely counter Living Armor. Like, for example, a mid Invoker, a safelane Slark, and a Shadow Demon as a positive five support?

Don’t worry. You can still make an impact, albeit differently. Instead of using your Living Armor to help out other lanes, you can max Nature’s Guide or Leech Seed and focus on zoning out the enemy offlaner.

In a way, by maxing Nature’s Guise, you can play with a style that’s similar to Rikimaru, although the only difference is that you’re more lane-oriented and less likely to roam. Conversely, you can max Leech Seed first if you want to gank or if your team’s lineup excels at team fighting. The heal that the skill provides is amazing and the cooldown is relatively short.

All in all, Treant Protector is an effective Dota 2 support hero that can be played arguably in and against any kind of lineup.

If you’re looking for an atypical support that can make a lot of impact just by using the hero’s sheer skill alone, then you definitely should give Treant Protector a try.

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