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Weekly Dota Recap: Post-TI Dota 2 Roster Shuffle Ends, New Treasure Chest Announced - Esportsranks
Weekly Dota Recap: Post-TI Dota 2 Roster Shuffle Ends, New Treasure Chest Announced

The previous week was the calm before the proverbial storm with very few qualifier tournaments left and the post-TI Dota 2 roster shuffle officially drawing to a close.

With that said, we broke down everything noteworthy that happened in the Dota 2 scene in the past week.

MoonMeander Teamless, DeMoN Back to Digital Chaos

Dota 2 Roster Shuffle

Image via Redbull

Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho, the so-called mercenary of Dota 2, has finally returned to North America. Just to refresh your memory, DeMoN was instrumental in the forming of the current Digital Chaos squad. He was part of the Team Onyx squad that Digital Chaos picked up prior to them qualifying for the Kiev Major tournament.

DeMoN has tried his luck with a number of teams since being kicked from the team post-Kiev. He tried to qualify for The International 7 with compLexity Gaming, only to have their run short by his former squad. He most recently played for the now-disbanded European stack, Team Tuho. 

DeMoN was brought in to replace two-time Major winner David ‘MoonMeander’ Tan near the end of the latest Dota 2 roster shuffle. He will take over the reigns as the team’s captain and the 5 position support role.

Digital Chaos had mixed results with MoonMeander at the helm. Although they often found themselves close to qualifying, they had their runs cut short by The Dire and Immortals respectively.

Hopefully, Digital Chaos can finally start qualifying for LANs this season with a more experienced captain like DeMoN leading the team.

Valve Release a New Treasure Chest

While it isn’t exactly the much-awaited patch, Valve did recently bring something new to Dota 2 last week.

The new treasure chest, Treasure of the Emerald Revival, was recently made available for $2.49 a piece. It features a number of nifty-looking sets for Rubick, Monkey King, Enigma, Abaddon, Naga Siren, Shadow Fiend, and Clockwerk. The chest also contains one rare drop, a mythical set for Terrorblade. 

Dota 2 Roster Shuffle Ends

The official end of the roster shuffle came with the newly revamped roster lock on October 03, 17:00:00 PDT. Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho and his return to Digital Chaos is among the noteworthy last-minute registrations.

This season, it’s very important for teams to register themselves by the end of the Dota 2 roster shuffle. Not only does having a stable roster do a lot for team chemistry and their chances going forward, but an unregistered team incurs certain penalties.

For example, an unregistered team or teams playing with a significantly different roster from the registered one will, according to Valve, “incur point penalties, similar to using subs.”

Be sure to check out the Dota 2 pro circuit FAQ for more information.

First Week of DreamLeague League Play Ends

Dota 2 Roster Shuffle

Image via DreamLeague

Though a Major now, DreamHack were still able to find a way to retain their league play format. At least, for the EU/CIS regions.

The past week saw the first cross-region matchups of the season. It featured the likes of OG taking on Virtus.Pro, among many others.

OG, who has had a rather uneventful start of the season, seem to be rather doing quite well now. It seems that a boot camp was all that the team needed to get back on its feet; OG are currently 2nd in the standings with a 4-2 win-loss record, with Virtus.Pro leading 5-1.

The DreamLeague EU/CIS League Play puts a slightly different twist to how a team qualifies for the LAN event.

For starters, it’s the first qualifier tournament to feature a cross-region element and have as many as 4 slots up for grabs. The way this works is that the top EU and CIS teams will each receive a slot to the main event. The last two slots will then be given to which teams are next in the standings, regardless of region.

Other Noteworthy News

  • Starladder i-League Invitational Season 3 will start on October 12. Click here for our preview.
  • Infamous will replace Digital Chaos.SA in the upcoming PGL Minor after taking down SG e-sports 3-1 in their BO5 replacement matchup.
  • Veteran Dota 2 caster David ‘LD’ Gorman is reportedly taking a break from casting for the rest of 2017.
  • Team Liquid’s Lasse Aukusti ‘MATUMBAMAN’ Urpalainen and OG’s Jesse ‘JerAx’ Vainikka, among others, were recently granted “athlete status” by the military. This allows them to legally take extra time off from Finland’s compulsory military service.

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