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Dota 2 New Patch 7.11 Explained - Esportsranks
Dota 2 New Patch 7.11 Explained

The Dota 2 new patch 7.11, which “focused on changing how the gold and buyback formulas work”, didn’t really really change how any of Dota 2’s many heroes worked. Instead, as Valve put it, the patch focused on changing the gold and buyback formals. However, upon further inspection, the change might just have a much larger impact on Dota 2’s metagame than a major hero tweak ever would.

Dota 2 New Patch 7.11 – What’s Changed?

In previous patches, the lowest support was worth roughly 0.8x of the gold bounty while the most farmed core was worth 1.2x. This was why it was more economical for teams playing from behind to try to kill the squishier supports to catch up in farm and why most teams stuck together as a five-man most of the time to prevent such pickoffs. But in 7.11, support kills will now only give 0.6x gold bounty, which means killing position 4 or 5 supports will now give 25% less gold than it used to.

* Buyback cost changed from 100 + ( Level * Level * 1.5) + (Time * 0.25) to 100 + Networth / 13
* Buyback no longer reduces gold earned after respawning
“AoE gold for the losing team no longer scales with the overall team networth difference, just the individual networth of the dying hero. Previously, a core on your team doing really well meant that a support on your team dying gave an increasing amount of gold to the enemy.”

This should give rise to previously out of meta tactics. Like, for example, baiting the entire enemy team with a support intentionally showing up on the map to set up a gank, or tanking incoming smoke ganks to make space for the rest of the team, as well as split pushing as a support. And because buybacks (which is now based on networth) cost much less for supports now, it’s easier for support players to buyback and rejoin fights if necessary.

Click here for a complete list of changes to the gold and buyback formula.

Alchemist Meta Incoming (??)

Dota 2 New Patch

Image via Lothrean

ViCi Gaming previously showed at the Katowice Major when they eliminated Team Liquid that Alchemist was a strong hero in the right setup. But was a one-game sample and the fact remained that the hero’s propensity to gobble up so much farm (and the consecutive nerfs to illusions and to the hero itself) pushed him out of the competitive meta because of how much more gold the rest of his team (especially the supports) gave away for dying.

With the Dota 2 new patch 7.11, Alchemist can now farm freely knowing that the rest of his team won’t give away as much gold anymore. But, it isn’t all good for Alchemist as the changes mean that Alchemist will give away much more gold than before when he dies. Although this is a tradeoff most pro players will be happy with especially since Alchemist is a fairly tanky core with the right items and setup.

Another hero that stands to benefit from this is the late-game carry Spectre who, late in the game, could jump straight into fights, kill one or two before dying only to buy back and join in again via Haunt, especially now that there’s no longer a gold penalty for buying back.

With the GESC Minor Playoffs and DreamLeague Season 9 coming up soon, it won’t take long to see just exactly how the changes will shake up Dota 2’s competitive meta.

What do you think of the changes with the Dota 2 new patch 7.11? Which teams do you think stand to benefit from it the most? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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