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Dota 2 MMR Guide: Climb Up The Ranks With These Five Heroes - Esportsranks
Dota 2 MMR Guide: Climb Up The Ranks With These Five Heroes

There are three keys to boosting your Dota 2 MMR: skill, perseverance, and knowing which heroes to spam at certain points in time.

We’re going to focus on that last bit here.

The thing is, the latest update to Dota 2 was huge. It included new items and the removal of a fan-favourite item, as well as changes to the map. But, perhaps more importantly is the 37 heroes whose abilities were reworked. Because of the sheer number of changes to the game, there’s bound to be some imbalance. And, while it can be quite annoying playing against these overpowered heroes, you can also use them to your advantage to boost your Dota 2 MMR massively within the next few weeks — or at least until Icefrog realizes the kind of evil that he released in the battle of the ancient.

With that said, below are five Dota 2 heroes that you should be spamming in your pubs to get your Dota 2 MMR up and escape the proverbial trench.


Dota 2 MMR

Try to enjoy Slark’s resurfacing from the bowels of unpicked heroes, he’ll likely stay here for a while. (KeiNhanGia)

Just as Slark once escaped from the confines of Dark Reef, the supposedly inescapable prison where some of the worst of the worst are imprisoned, Slark has now risen above the meta and is now borderline OP.

First of all, Slark saw his abilities improved. Albeit, indirectly. Although his health regeneration and mana regeneration is now in the tank, the rest of his kit is much more useful. Case in point, Slark is now the only hero in the game with a non-ultimate spell in Pounce that prevents anyone caught from teleporting or moving away. There are only very few ways to escape from Slark now, and a Force Staff pick-up if you’re playing against him has become a must-have since it’s the most cost-effective item that can break the leash from Pounce.

Lastly, the changes to Shadow Dance (longer duration) and Essence Shift (now allows Slark to permanently steal 1 agility), has allowed Slark to become more of a nuisance than he ever was.

In case no one’s smart enough to ban Slark in your games, make sure to pick it. The hero is currently enjoying a 61.22% winrate, up from 49.49% prior to the patch.

Ogre Magi

Dota 2 MMR

Feel free to multicast your way to inflating your Dota 2 MMR with Ogre Magi. (Gaming Data Center)

Ogre Magi had already begun gaining traction as a valuable flex-pick for his ability to be a utility-oriented core and an extremely valuable support. Because of the latest patch, however, Ogre Magi might just become a legit hard carry that can farm faster than entire teams combined, because, now, Multicast affects items that have a target, which means, yes, you can now decimate entire creep waves and turn them into literal gold using the Hand of Midas.

Why stop there, though? There are multiple targeted items in Dota 2 that could potentially turn Ogre Magi into a walking powerhouse. Just don’t let Ogre Magi’s win rate (dropped from 52.51% to 46.80%) dissuade you from playing the two-headed dunce.

From Scythe of Vyse to Bloodthorne, Ethereal Blade, and so on, Ogre Magi’s viability just went way up. This is especially true with the recent buffs to Fire Blast and Bloodlust (cooldown reduction), as well as Ignite (cast range).

If there’s one hero that you can play in literally every position right now, it’s Ogre Magi.


Already a favourite among players with good micro skills who want to pad their Dota 2 MMR, Meepo is about to become a more mainstream pick these next couple of weeks. (giftmones)

Meepo is one of the hardest heroes to play in the game. He’s right up there alongside Visage and Broodmother. But, the high skill floor is necessary because the hero can stomp pubs even at the highest ranks of the game if played correctly. After all, there’s a reason why teams often dedicate one ban slot to Meepo when playing against Fnatic’s superstar mid player, Abed Azel ‘Abed‘ Yusop.

While Meepo is still a pain to play, he’s a lot more manageable now. Case in point, Geostrike has now been replaced with Ransack, an ability that allows Meepo and all the clones to lifesteal 8/12/16/20 health from enemy heroes and 4/6/8/10 from creeps. Although Meepo clones no longer drain as much XP from the area (dropped to 50%), the fact that it’s much easier to split up the clones throughout the jungle now makes Meepo easier to play so long as you know how to micro.

Considering that most players, especially in lower ranks, don’t know what to do against Meepo, your Dota 2 MMR will skyrocket if you spend time learning how to play the hero properly in the next couple of days (or weeks).


Dota 2 MMR

An extremely efficient farmer that can catch back up quickly despite a horrible laning space, Luna is a viable pick for those who want to up their Dota 2 MMR. (RaitoWaifu)

At first glance, the rework to Lunar Blessing isn’t much. Providing +8/14/20/26 primary attribute bonus as the aura bonus instead of bonus damage seems small. However, paired with Luna’s talent at level 15 (changed from +24 Lunar Blessing Damage to +14 Lunar Blessing Attributes) and you’ve got a hero that can literally just show up in fights to make hard carries hit harder and tanks become more survivable.

The huge upswing in win rate (from 50.12% to 61.75%) suggests that the recent rework to Luna works, and more importantly, not a lot of people are playing the hero yet (the pick rate is at a steady 12.03%, barely up from 11.05% prior to the rework), so you won’t have much competition with the hero.


Nightstalker is an underrated pick for climbing up the Dota 2 MMR ranks. (eko999)

There was a point last season where Nighstalker was an instant ban or pick in competitive games. That lasted for months until a series of nerfs finally brought the winged creature of the night down. But, as it seems, IceFrog intends on bringing Nighstalker back into the meta.

With the recent changes, Crippling Fear no longer just silences and ups the miss chance of opponent’s attacks now. Instead, the miss chance is now gone as it has become an activated 375 range aura that silences all nearby enemies for 5/6/7/8 seconds at night (a flat 3 during the day) that only costs 50 Mana to cast and has a 15 second cooldown at max level.

But wait, there’s more!

Darkness has also been replaced with Dark Ascension. Don’t worry, Nighstalker can still turn Day into Night. The only difference is that once cast, Dark Ascention also turns Nighstalker into a stronger flying creature of himself. In return, he receives a 900 range unobstructed vision buff, as well as +50/100/150 bonus damage throughout the 30 second duration. Not only that, but at Level 25, Nighstalker can reduce the cooldown of Dark Ascension (normally 16/140/120 and it costs 125/175/225 Mana to cast) by -40s, that’s a half-minute up time nearly every minute with the right items.

All stats courtesy of Dotabuff.

Which of these newly-buffed Dota 2 heroes are you going to spam to increase your Dota 2 MMR? Do you think there are other more overpowered heroes out there worth mentioning? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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