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Dota 2 Latest Patch 7.10: Dark Willow Enters Captain's Mode - Esportsranks
Dota 2 Latest Patch 7.10: Dark Willow Enters Captain’s Mode

Dota 2 latest patch 7.10 arrived on time as expected and with it comes a variety of tweaks. However, none are probably more impactful than the introduction of one of the game’s latest heroes, Mireska Sunbreeze, or better known as the Dark Willow, to Captain’s Mode, the preferred game-mode for competitive Dota 2 games.

Dark Willow was one of the two Dota 2 heroes teased at The International 7 earlier in August. Valve then later introduced the hero, along with the Pangolier, with the Dueling Fates update a few months later.

Dark Willow is an intelligence support hero with stuns and forced-movement abilities. It will definitely be interesting to see how Dark Willow will change up the competitive meta at the PGL Bucharest Major.

Dota 2 Latest Patch: Other Noteworthy Changes

Other than introducing Dark Willow competitive play, the latest Dota 2 patch also comes with a few noteworthy changes.

For example, the Bounty Rune base gold was increased from 50 to 60. In return, however, it no longer gives XP. What this essentially means is that supports can no longer make a living just from collecting bounty runes and stacking neutral camps. Or else they risk severely limiting their impact. The XP bonus increase from 500 to 700 of the Tome of Knowledge also isn’t nearly enough to negate the changes to the bounty runes.

Slightly surprising was that the four carry Dota 2 heroes that shined the most at ESL One Katowice did not receive major tweaks. At least, nothing that would significantly make them less viable in competitive play. Although Gyrocopter might not have as much impact early game because of the cooldown increase of his Homing Missle (from 20/17/14/11 to 26/21/16/11).

Valve also seems keen on making Wraith King less of a right-click carry hero and more viable in the current meta. The latest patch changed his Level 15 talent from +5 Max Skeletons to +25 Skeletons Attack Damage. Meanwhile, one of his Level 20 talents now doubles the number of skeletons the hero can spawn. Paired with a Helmet of Dominator and Necronomicon, the hero might just see more play as a pusher going forward.

Click here for a complete list of changes to Dota 2.

Final Thoughts

Don’t expect much to change because of the Dota 2 latest patch. The meta heroes remain what they are, meta. If anything else, expect them to see even more play as teams stick to what they know works best as there’s only one Pro Circuit LAN — the PGL Bucharest Major — that’s set to be played in patch 7.10.

But, then again, we’ll never know. With as many as 16 Dota 2 teams clashing in Bucharest, Romania, we’re bound to see a few experiment with off-meta picks if only to throw their opponents off-guard.

How much impact do you think the introduction of Dark Willow to Captain’s Mode will have on the competitive meta? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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