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A Quick Guide on Unique Dota 2 Features: Turn Rate, Cast Points, and Animation Points - Esportsranks
A Quick Guide on Unique Dota 2 Features: Turn Rate, Cast Points, and Animation Points

With many of its mechanics carried over from its previous iteration, there are plenty of Dota 2 features that are not seen in other MOBAs and thus, will not make sense to new players. Here, we attempt to try and explain turn rate, cast points, and animation points, in order to make them easier for newer players to understand.

“WTF, why couldn’t I cast the spell?”

“OMG, this game is so lag, I can’t even control the hero…GGWP”

You may actually see a lot of that lines from people who are new or recently made transition into the game Dota 2.

Compare with other games of the same or similar genre: MOBA (or ASSFAGGOTS as someone named them), there are a couple of unique Dota 2 features: every moves you make, every skill you cast, every attacks your hero does,… they all have a certain “delay” time – before or after a particular action.

Here are a couple of examples:

-The hero EarthShaker (ES)  has a turn rate of 0.9. This means he has to spend about 1 second (0.03π / 0.9) to turn 180 degrees before moving to the back.

-His trademark ability Fissure has a cast point of 0.69. This means that after clicking the skill, you need to wait for at least 0.69 seconds for the skill to happen.

-He has a base attack speed of 1.7 seconds. This means he can only attack enemies once every 1.7 seconds (with no skill or item that grants attack speed).

Bullshit, right? But before you say that, think about it. These Dota 2 features help add to the game and create interesting interactions between heroes and skills. Case in point:

– The hero Clockwerk has a skill that stuns an enemy hero once every 0.7 seconds, Earthshaker’s Fissure cast point is 0.69+his animation time > 0.7 second, so if Earthshaker got hit by Clockwerk’s skill, he becomes unable to do anything, like this situation:

He can’t use his Fissure and Enchant Totem, can’t attack, and if Clockwork uses his Cog skill, this Earthshaker won’t go anywhere. Of course, there are ways to go around this. Earthshaker can buy an item called Force Staff to get some distance between him and Clockwerk. Or, you know, he can always play carefully and never expose himself to Clockwerk if he’s not showing up on the map.

Mind you, that’s just two heroes. Just think about the interactions among Dota 2 heroes 100+ heroes with 400+ skills to boot! This is just one of the many Dota 2 features that require players to develop a feel for the game and the different heroes.

Once you get the timings down pat, you’ll realize the following:

Mirana does indeed fire her Sacred Arrow, she just needs a little time to focus!

– Zeus can hit creep with his ranged attack, he just needs time to release the projectile from his hand

-Your heroes DO MOVE, they just need a little more time!

The Grand Magus

While every heroes and skill have a certain “delay time”- and this value won’t change unless DOTA 2 got new updates, one exception is Rubick, this Magus is a special case: he can steal people’s skills and when he does, EVERY stolen spell has nearly zero cast point. This means that if he steals Fissure, he can instantly stun a line of enemies. The same goes for any other skill. This is why Rubick is commonly picked in the highest levels of the game and in pro games because of how impactful the hero is.

Here’s an example to see what we mean:

What are other unique Dota 2 features that you have a hard time wrapping your head around? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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