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Digital Chaos Secure TI7 Slot Via The NA Qualifier Playoffs - Esportsranks
Digital Chaos Secure TI7 Slot Via The NA Qualifier Playoffs

Digital Chaos has beaten the odds and showed exactly why they are one of the top NA teams by sweeping Team Freedom at the Grand Finals of the NA Qualifier Playoffs.

With the 3-0 win, Digital Chaos is now the second to the last team to qualify for The International 2017.

TI7 NA Qualifier Playoffs – Beating The Odds

Perhaps no team throughout the entire qualifiers has had such an inconsistent performance as Digital Chaos. 

Coming into the NA qualifiers, many believed Digital Chaos had a chance to take the first NA TI7 slot. They certainly looked like it after finishing as the #1 seed with a 4-1 win-loss record on Day 1 of the group stages. However, the team would stumble in Day 2, dropping 3 of their 5 games including a surprising loss to Starboyz, en-route to a three-way tie for the 4th and 5th spots with Complexity Gaming and Wheel Whreck While Whistling. 

Digital Chaos then had to labour through two consecutive three-way tiebreaker matchups to move on to the NA Qualifier Playoffs.

In the NA Qualifier Playoffs, Digital Chaos was matched up with the former DC squad, Planet Odd. Both teams ended up splitting the first two games before the current iteration of Digital Chaos pulled away with a dominant performance in Game 3.

After a quick Game 1 win, Digital Chaos looked like they were going to have an easy time against Team Freedom in the Winners’ Finals. But, the breakout team of the NA qualifiers would not so easily give up. Team Freedom took control of both Games 2 and 3 and ended up winning the two games with significant net worth and kill count leads.

Digital Chaos then squared off against Complexity Gaming at the loser’s bracket finals where Abed only played Lina throughout the series. DC would end up losing Game 1, before taking Games 2 and 3 to set up a rematch with Team Freedom. 

TI7 NA Qualifier Playoffs – Showing Up When it Counts

Many have been rooting against Digital Chaos because of how they supposedly cheated just to help Abed become the first 10K MMR player. With their opponents being one of the most pleasant surprises throughout the qualifiers, many naturally wanted Digital Chaos to fail.

To add fuel to the proverbial fire, members of both teams have had quite the history. Specifically, Quinn “CCnC” Callaha of Team Freedom and Mason “mason” Venn of Digital Chaos. 

After a 3-0 sweep at the Grand Finals of the NA Qualifier Playoffs, it’s safe to say that Digital Chaos and mason got the last laugh.

With bragging rights and a TI7 slot on the line, both Abed and mason showed out when it counted the most. In particular, in Game 3, Abed nearly finished the game with a higher net worth than both of Team Freedom’s carries combined.

With the win, Digital Chaos can now go back to the drawing boards and figure out how they can consistently perform at their best.

Should Digital Chaos ever find a way to do that, whoever their opponents are at The International 2017 will definitely have their hands full.

We are going to TI7!

Posted by Team Digital Chaos on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Battle For The Last TI7 Slot

Only one spot for TI7 remains.

LGD Gaming, Vici Gaming and EHOME.Keen are all currently battling it out in the lower bracket of the Chinese Regional Qualifiers to see who will be the last of the three teams to represent China at TI7.

For a live English broadcast of the remaining games, be sure to follow Moonduck TV and Beyond The Summit.