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Dev1ce is back, switches roles with dupreeh - Esportsranks
Dev1ce is back, switches roles with dupreeh

Astralis did very well all through the last year, until Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz’s illness began to seriously affect his gameplay. His condition was so bad that he was forced to take a break from play for treatment. Astralis still had three events to play in the last year when dev1ce took his break. They were they were forced to attend these events without him, effectively crippling the team.

In the absence of dev1ce, Astralis asked Dennis “dennis” Edman, who really is one the best players in the CS:GO universe, to play on their roster during the BLAST Pro Series. The team performed very well in the event, and put up an excellent fight against SK Gaming. They managed take second place there, winning $50,000.

After that event, Astralis took on RUBINO as a stand-in for dev1ce, for Season 6 of the EPL, and Season 4 of the ECS. The team didn’t do too well at the EPL, and were not even able to qualify for the Playoffs. They still managed to finish 9th, and take around $35,000 from the prize pool.

Astralis then got their act together in Season 4 of the ECS

That’s actually particularly interesting, as they were hardly seen as competition by most of the top teams there. However, they surprised everyone by qualifying for the Semifinals. There they lost against mousesports, going home with 4th place, and winning around $65,000. Even playing without dev1ce towards the end of the year, Astralis ended the year as the third best team in 2017, which was not bad at all, everything considered.

This year looks to be a good one for Astralis, since dev1ce is back, and it has been confirmed that he will be playing with the team at the New Legends Stage of the ELEAGUE. Since the team directly qualified for the Legends stage, they have more time to get their act together, because dev1ce will return to the team as a lurker.

Dupreeh and dev1ce exchange roles on the team

In the absence of dev1ce, dupreeh had taken on his role of AWPer for the team. He did very well in this role at the BLAST Pro Series, as well as at the EPL and ECS. He had a total fifty six double kills, twenty three triple kills, and four quad kills. Dupreeh also wiped out an entire enemy team once, and all this in just eighteen matches that he played as AWPer. His stats were so good that he accepted dev1ce’s request that they switch roles when dev1ce returned. So dupreeh is now Astralis’ AWPer, while dev1ce will take on dupreeh’s original role of lurker.

Dupreeh has said that he likes best the entry role that he once played, and which Kjaerbye has now played on the team for quite some time. However, since dev1ce would like to be a lurker, and since dupreeh has done so well as an AWPer in the last few events, he doesn’t mind taking on the role of team AWPer from dev1ce to let dev1ce have some breathing space in which to fit once again into the team meta.

Astralis dupreeh

Image Credit: Astralis

This year will see some very different plays from Astralis

That’s certainly true, what with dev1ce and dupreeh exchanging roles on the team. With these changes to the team, we may see finer plays from Kjaerbye as well. Dupreeh’s willingness to take on a new role has given both dev1ce and Kjaerbye a free hand in future plays. Of course, we still don’t know how well everything is going to work out. The ELEAGUE Major is an excellent place to try out the new roles, since all the big teams will be there, and if Astralis manage to pull this off now, they will then be able to move with confidence into events throughout the new year. Esportsranks congratulates dev1ce on his recovery, and wishes Astralis well in the matches to come.

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