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Detailed Analysis - Teams worth a stake in upcoming matches in the ESEA - Esportsranks
Detailed Analysis – Teams worth a stake in upcoming matches in the ESEA

With three weeks left, even teams dominating the ESEA at the moment will be hard put to maintain their position in the top eight. Gambit Esports, EnVyUs Academy, DIVIZON, SuperJymy, Unity, Fragsters, Pride Gaming and Red Reserve have all put out some incredible performances. On the other hand, Sprout, Virtus.pro, GODSENT and BIG have just started making their own plays for domination, and the teams presently at the top are going to have to redouble their efforts if they are to hold their own against these new contenders in the coming weeks. Here’s a detailed analysis, not only of how various teams are doing, but about which teams it is best to place money on – or against – as they go into the next matches in the ESEA.

Dominating teams in the ESEA

Gambit Esports

Gambit Esports have managed to keep their place at the very top of the league ladder. They have played eleven matches, winning seven of them. While they may be the top team in the league as of now, their performances have grown steadily worse all this past month – and that only mirrors a decrease in performance over the last few months. Here are the teams they’ve lost to – There’s ‘Wind and Rain, formerly known as Stifmeister Gaming. They’ve also lost to Team Spirit, SuperJymy and Pride Gaming. They still have five more matches to play, and if they d0n’t bolster these lacklustre performances, could well lose their ‘place in the sun’. From the point of view of the betting fraternity, this is a team to bet against at good odds when they go up against a good team in the ESEA.

EnVyUs Academy

EnVyUs Academy improved considerably when SIXER joined their lineup. Of course, SIXER might not have been able to play optimally, since his level of play is far above that of his team-mates at EnVyUs Academy, but he is still doing his job, working with the others, and the results are there for everyone to see. EnVyUs Academy have managed to win six of the seven matches they’ve played. That score is exceptional, especially when you consider that the team still have nine matches left to play. EnVyUs Academy have won against teams that have beaten Gambit. Their only loss was to BIG, who put them down hard, letting them win just four rounds in the entire match. So, good as their play is, it needs to be even better. A good team to bet on when they go up at heavy odds against a team like Gambit.


DIVIZON have played eight matches and lost just two. Their roster changes seem to have been very effective, because, before the changes to their roster, this team lost against one of the weakest teams in the ESEA, ‘against All authority’. Now, they are winning against teams like eXtatus, Pride Gaming, Unity and Red Reserve. This means that they have already defeated most of the teams who are currently in the top eight. But, DIVIZON still have eight matches left to fight and they may face teams like Gambit, Virtus.pro and BIG. DIVIZON still have a tough road to walk here.

Image Credit: DIVIZON


After playing ten matches and winning just six of them, SuperJymy are likely to fall through the rankings here. With only six matches left to play, SuperJymy cannot afford to lose any more. Their wins are random, and one wonders how they can defeat Gambit and Team Singularity, yet lose against GODSENT and EnVyUs Academy. Something is off with this team, and this puts them in danger of dropping out of the event itself. Not a good team to place a stake on.


In the opening week of the ESEA, this team lost against Nemiga Gaming by two rounds. They recovered by wining against SuperJymy, but they could not stand against Gambit, or even Windigo Gaming. After that point, they played consistently, but it took them ten matches to attain that. They’ve run out of chances, because while they fight well against a team that is at their level of skill, they tend to fold badly when they go up against higher-ranked pro teams. This team has no future at this event.


This is another team whose roster changes made a world of difference. They’ve played eleven matches in the ESEA, and won six of those. This team needs to focus more, because their play is anything but consistent. They tend to win or lose matches randomly, always a danger signal for the betting man who relies upon analysis as well as instinct. They win against Windigo, and lose against War and Rain. They have potential, but can’t seem to reach it. Back off from their matches, where you might lose as easily as you might win.

Pride Gaming

Pride Gaming are one of the most dedicated and reliable teams at the ESEA, and even a top pro team has to go all out to defeat them. However, they just lost their last two matches against DIVIZON and Nexus Gaming. DIVIZON is a good team, and we can understand how Pride might lose to them, but what about Nexus Gaming? I hardly think a pro team can put forward a ping and connection issue with the infrastructure of today behind them. Pride need to be a little more careful about how they lose matches. This is still a team that can be trusted, depending, of course, on who they go up against.

Pride Gaming current roster ESEA

Image Credit: Pride Gaming

Red Reserve

Red Reserve are somehow still in the top eight, despite the fact that they’ve won just five matches out of the ten they’ve played. This is entirely their own fault, since they even forfeited one of their matches. Red Reserve are not to be underestimated, though. They’ve stayed in play despite being regularly pitted against the best teams here. They’re a team that can be trusted to go up against any team that isn’t a top-ranking pro team, and win. Or to put up a good fight against a team that’s better than they are, but lose. Use that information to choose whether or not to put money on them in individual matches in the ESEA.

Teams with a lot of potential

BIG have just played one match out of the sixteen they are due to play. Similarly, Team Kinguin have played just two matches, and Virtus.pro just three. These are all top pro teams – or, in the case of Virtus.pro, have been so in the past, even if they seem to have no future. We could certainly see big plays from BIG and Team Kinguin. As for Virtus.pro – if they lose as consistently as they’ve been losing lately, they could provide the opportunity for big winnings if one bets against them as they go up against some under-rated team.

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