DAC 2018 Grand Finals: Odds, Analysis, Picks

Nearly two weeks of Dota 2 action has come down to this: Mineski waiting to see which of LGD Gaming and Virtus.Pro they are going to face off against in the best-of-five DAC 2018 Grand Finals.

Entering the tournament, nobody expected Mineski to be as good as they’ve been. En route to securing a spot in the DAC 2018 Grand Finals, Mineski have only dropped two games; one during the group stages (to Virtus.Pro) and another during the main event (to ViCi Gaming). They’re currently 12-2 overall throughout DAC 2018. But their record isn’t the only thing impressive about their run. The way Mineski have dominated their opponents and ushered in different heroes to the meta is reminiscent of 2014’s Team DK. Though that probably shouldn’t come off as a surprise, considering two of their members and their coach were part of that star-studded team.

With a Top 2 finish secured, Mineski now have 2,250 Qualifying Points for the season, which gives them a huge shot at receiving a direct invite to TI8.

Having said that, games still have to be played tomorrow at the DAC 2018 Grand Finals. We’re here to bring you our take on how we believe things will turn out.

LGD Gaming vs Virtus.Pro

Match Schedule: April 7, 2018 (Saturday 10:00 CST)

This is Virtus.Pro’s series to lose, hands down. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about how TNC Pro Team handled LGD Gaming it’s that they’re still far too stubborn to adjust to a highly aggressive playstyle, which, coincidentally, is the same style of play that Virtus.Pro have championed for years. Well-coached, with a tenured captain and enough experience with their backs against the wall to not wilt under pressure, this series is merely a warm-up match for a much tougher opponent for Virtus.Pro.

Betting: Virtus.Pro to win 2-0 at 2.45 odds (GGbet)

Virtus.Pro vs Mineski

Match Schedule: April 7, 2018 (Saturday 13:00 CST)

Just as we predicted earlier, the DAC 2018 Grand Finals will feature two out of the three teams that have stood out at this tournament: Virtus.Pro, Mineski and TNC Pro Team. And though a Grand Finals showdown between the Southeast Asian powerhouse and the CIS bears is not yet a sure thing, we can pretty much pencil it in, which is why we’re looking forward to analyzing who’ll end up winning this particular matchup.

Ultimately, our bets are on Mineski putting an end to Virtus.Pro’s reign. They’re just too good right now. They’re incredibly versatile, with tons of pocket picks to choose from, and their synergy is just off the charts.

It seems the intense training regimen that their coach Tang ’71’ Wenyi put them through in preparing for the tournament is paying off. The ultimate rward will come tomorrow for Mineski int he form of the DAC 2018 trophy.

Who do you think will merge as the winners tomorrow at the DAC 2018 Grand Finals? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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