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CSGO's Best AWPer Today? Weigh the Top Candidates - Esportsranks
CSGO’s Best AWPer Today? Weigh the Top Candidates

The AWPer has always been legendary in CS:GO, because of how difficult the role is to ‘carry’ or to execute consistently.

Nevertheless, a competent AWPer can certainly skew the odds for their team, so good AWPers are very sought after.

The best teams today are Cloud9, SK Gaming, FaZe Clan, Astralis and G2 Esports. So let’s take a look at these to see if we can find the best AWPer today.

GuardiaN – A Legendary Killing Machine

Ladislav Kovács, or GuardiaN, joined FaZe Clan fairly recently. GuardiaN certainly lays claim to being one of the deadliest AWPers of all time, and perhaps one of the deadliest CS:GO players.

He has played 1005 matches in his career, though only 72 of those were with FaZe. He has played 26,236 total rounds and died 16,383 times. His death-rate is 62% and survival-rate is just 38%.


Image Credit: EPICENTER

GuardiaN has 20,262 kills to date, 11,407 of those being with Sniper rifles, which is 56.3% of the total. He has also taken 2,637 kills with the AK47, 993 with the HKP2000 and 967 kills with the P250.

He has killed an entire team entirely on his own 24 times, and has taken quad kills 228 times, as well as 1,262 triple kills.

If GuardiaN takes the first kill, his team then go on to win the round 76.7% of the time. His chances of taking the first kill are 13.9%.

KennyS – The Dedicated AWPer

Kenny Schrub is well known as kennyS in the CS:GO universe. He is a part of G2 Esports and one of the most dedicated snipers of all time.

KennyS has participated in 1147 matches, of which 409 were as part of the G2 Esports squad. He has played 30,001 rounds and died a total 18,743 times, this gives him a death-rate of 62% and survive-rate of 38%.

G2 Esports KennyS AWPer

Image Credit: ELEAGUE

His has 23,543 kills on his name and 11936 kills are taken with sniper rifles, which is 50.7% of the kills. He is also quite efficient with the AK47 with 2834 kills and USP Silencer with 1006 kills.

He taken down all the members of the team 31 times, and has 279 quad kills, and a TERRIFYING 1373 triple kills.

Whenever kennyS takes first kill his team has won 77% of the time. He has a 12.4% chance to take that first kill.

 FalleN – The ‘Terminator’

Gabriel Toledo also known as Fallen, currently leads SK Gaming.

He has played 698 matches with 356 of those on the SK Gaming team. He has played 17,970 rounds and died 10,698 times. His death-rate is 59% and survival-rate is 41%.

ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2017

Image Credit: ELEAGUE

FalleN has taken 12,918 kills, with 7,096 of those being taken with Sniper rifles. This means that 54.9% of his kills are AWPing kills. But FalleN is utterly lethal, and is proficient in the use of many weapons. He has taken 1,567 kills with the AK47, and 441 kills with the UMP45.

He has wiped out an entire team solo 12 times, with 135 quad kills and 686 triple kills.

Whenever FalleN takes the first kill, his team’s chances of winning go up by 75.8%. He does that 12.3% of the time.

Device – The ‘Upcoming Hopeful’

Nicolai Reedtz, a.k.a ‘device’ has played 407 matches on the Astralis roster, and a total of 995 matches.

Having played 25,720 rounds and died 16,277 times, he has a 63% death-rate, and his chances of survival in a top-level encounter are 37%.


Image Credit: EPICENTER

He has 20,235 kills in all, but though he carries the role of AWPer on the Astralis squad, he has only taken 28.3% kills with a Sniper rifle.

As a matter of fact, the whole reason he was recruited was that Astralis felt that they lacked a dedicated AWPer.

However, whenever device takes the first kill, his team then goes on to win 79.6% of the time. He has a 13.1% chance of taking that first kill.

Skadoodle – The ‘Survivor’

Tyler Latham also known as Skadoodle, is the most experienced player in Cloud9.

He has played 788 matches in all, with 642 of those being played on the Cloud9 squad. He has played 20,336 rounds and died 11,808 times. His death-rate is 58% and survival-rate is 42%.

ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2017

Image Credit: ELEAGUE

Skadoodle has a total 14,033 kills, with 7,928 of those being taken with Sniper rifles. This comes to about 56.5%. He is also very good with the AK47, notching up 1,779 kills, and with USP Silencer, taking 780 kills.

He has killed an enemy squad solo in 19 encounters, with 130 quad kills, and 723 triple kills.

His team has a 77.1% chance of winning a match whenever he takes the first kill. However, he does that only 10.7% of the time.

There you have it

Some of the best tactical AWPers in the CS:GO universe. They’re pretty much evenly matched, but NOT equal.

Which is the best?

You have the stats.

You decide!

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