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CSGO Tips for Going Pro – Buys, Peeking, Survival, and much more... - Esportsranks
CSGO Tips for Going Pro – Buys, Peeking, Survival, and much more…

This article will tell you all about how to make the best use of your finances in CSGO, how to make the best buys, and the basics of effective tactics. These CSGO tips are a stepping stone to playing like a pro, and a very essential one. Later articles in this series will cover advanced tactics and team management.

Buys for the first round

The first round in CSGO isn’t exactly ‘make or break’, but it can still be crucial, and can give the winning team a much needed financial advantage in later rounds. You have $800 available. Here’s what you need to buy in round one.

  • Deagle
  • Kevlar
  • Grenades
  • An additional pistol of your choice

CSGO tips – Rely on the Deagle

The Deagle is a weapon that should not be underestimated. It kills with two shots to the chest – regardless of whether the opponent wears Kevlar or not. It ALWAYS kills with a shot to the head. With this weapon you are actually prepared to go up in close combat against a M4 or AK-47. However, it requires a steady hand and strong nerves to deal with the Deagle. If you knew the Deagle from 1.6, the “new” Deagle from CSGO probably disappointed you. It is no longer as accurate as the older models.

That’s why it needs strong nerves. If possible, you should wait one second after each shot before firing the next one. Once you’ve got a sense of how long you have to wait after each shot before the weapon is again accurate, you can concentrate on aiming during this break. Just do not force yourself into rapid fire. That’s the wrong choice for this weapon.

Armour up for combat

It is always a good choice to buy Kevlar in the first round, especially when playing as CT. If you play on the CT side, you usually have to face Glocks. Glocks are less accurate at a distance than the USP and inflict less body damage than the USP. So you have to be hit three times in the head, or take a massive number of hits elsewhere before you go down – if you’re wearing Kevlar. You can use that to win the round. The disadvantage of the USP is the thirteen shot magazine.

Let’s take a hypothetical situation. You come up against an opponent, and both you and he are using Kevlar in the first round. Glock players tend to spray their 20 rounds on continuous fire. That does make sense, of course. This is because a CT always draws the short straw in such a firefight. With the USP every shot has to count. Never forget that. Every shot has to count. The best of CSGO tips when playing CT is to keep your nerve and aim with the thing. If you do, it’s possible to put down a player wielding an AK-47 with it.

CSGO Tips - armouring up

Grenades, and how to use them

You can wear three grenades. I recommend the following order: Smoke, Flash, and HE. A smoke is more important than a flash because it allows you to create barriers that split the opposing team into two, or isolates individual players from the rest of their force. This can be crucial in situations where a lot of the members of your team have been killed, and you know that your opponents are in cover and waiting for you. If you can figure out where your opponents are, you can use a smoke to isolate them from each other and force mano a mano duels, rather than face all of them at once.

A pistol other than the Deagle

If you decide to buy a pistol other than the Deagle, you can still buy grenades. That’s if you don’t go for duals, of course.  If you’re good with grenades and can place your throws well, it’s best to opt for grenades and Kevlar. No weapon in CSGO should really be despised, though. They can all come in handy, depending on a particular situation. We’ll go into that in more detail later in your training. Now that you have an idea of how to buy for the first round, let’s take a look at how you should use your money in subsequent rounds.

CSGO tips for buying in the second and third round

Should you have lost the pistol round, you will have to go eco in the second and third rounds, so that you can go for a full buy in the fourth round. This is a crucial strategy. The full buy, where you stock up fully on weapons, grenades and Kevlar, is crucial if you want to make a comeback after a lost pistol round. Even if you lose that round, you will still have enough money for a weapon and Kevlar.

If you lost the pistol round, but somehow manage to win the second, you can of course stock up in the third round. One of the most balanced CSGO tips in the third round, with low finances, is for four team members to buy Kevlar and one a good weapon. This allows damage done by enemies to be distributed while giving your team the opportunity to put away opponents effectively. CSGO Tips - round by round strategy

If you win the pistol round

If you win the first round, you should not spend everything you have on M4s or AK-47s in the second round. Let’s say you’re CT, and find yourself facing the whole enemy team and isolated from your teammates. If you’re using an M4, you might get three, but the other two will probably get you, at least if your backup doesn’t arrive in time. Therefore, it’s advised that you go with the MPs or a Galil or Famas instead. We personally like the MP7, P90 and Bizon. The first of those is a solid all-round solution, while the latter two are good for forcing your opponent to retreat.

One of the best CSGO tips here is that people who choose a P90 or Bizon play entry or take point, because they can pin down or force back enemy players with a controlled hail of bullets. Another good reason to choose MPs is that you get more money for a kill with an MP and this allows you to improve your finances in subsequent rounds. Finance is always a consideration, because if your finances fail in CSGO, you’re going down unless you’re brilliantly lucky, or one of the top three players on the planet.

Strategies for the fourth round

At this point your opponents are probably packing weapons no matter how badly things went for them in earlier rounds. From now on, you should exchange your MPs for rifles, and play more defensively. From this point on you have to be very careful that you do not spend too much money. You can see how much money your team-mates have by pressing the tab key. Remember that a CT should have at least $4100 to buy an M4 and Kevlar. As Terrorists, you’ll need at least $3700 for an AK-47 and Kevlar.

CSGO tips for peeking

Peeking is a fine art, and requires a detailed knowledge of each map, and where opponents could take cover and entrench themselves. Nevertheless, peeking is something that you only do in extreme emergencies. Always take a quick step around a corner, but only so far as you can bring the first cover position under fire. Try to place yourself so you’re not exposed to other cover positions. You do this by not stepping out too far. Once you have neutralized the first cover position, or satisfied yourself that there’s no one there, you step out a little further, to take the next position, and you repeat this until you have cleared the area around the corner.

Fighting from cover

If you are waiting in ambush for an opponent, you should make sure that you show as little as possible of your body. Otherwise you make yourself a target. At the same time, you want to be able to see your opponent, and gun him down when he arrives. Let’s start with the simplest form. The right angle. You are standing at a corner. If you now slowly move out of cover sideways, looking straight ahead, you will eventually come to the point where you can see beyond the edge of the corner.

If you go back a few pixels you realize that there is a place where the wall is no longer visible. This is the vertex of the right angle. Now you’ve got exactly half of your body in the lane and still see everything. But you are immensely harder to hit than someone who comes out of his cover to conquer your position. Of course, this does not just work on right angles. There are many places where you can draw a clear line up to one spot and have your body exactly halfway into cover. Spend a LOT of time on the maps, just wandering around and exploring possibilities. You’ll find those possibilities are solid gold when you go pro in CSGO.

CSGO tips on retreating effectively

If you’re forced to cover a spot alone, you should always cover it so from a position that does not allow you to be trapped, and allows a path along which you can retreat to a safer area, to wait there until your team-mates can reinforce you. This is one of the most important CSGO tips. Retreat not only saves your bacon, it occupies members of the enemy team, allowing your team members to attack them from another direction. If this happens, and the enemies ‘hunting’ you change their focus to your team-mates, you can turn your retreat into an attack, turning the tables on them.

Use the element of surprise

If you’re stuck in a corner and your opponent knows you’re there, it’s always the worst idea to stay there until your opponent makes the decision to come to you. It is much better to take the first step, and this holds true even if you are low on HP. If you hear an opponent approaching, or think he could be close enough to put down successfully with the weapons you have at hand, make a quick lunge from cover, keep your nerve, and do your utmost to put him down successfully. This hold doubly true in the event that your opponent does not know that you are there. An opponent might be cautious about the possibility of someone hiding around the corner. But his caution may not serve him when that same someone lunges around that corner, calmly going for the kill.

These are still all rather basic strategies in CSGO. However, they are crucial, as they provide a basis upon which to build more advanced strategies. Each thing mentioned here needs to be mastered by every member of your team. There can be no ‘weak links’ in a CSGO team. Master the different ‘tactics of the kill’, and make sure that your team-mates do so too. And if there’s someone who won’t practice as much as the rest, or who consistently doesn’t put down the kills, look out for someone to replace him. Subtly. CSGO is a hard game, and allows no place for sentiment.

Stay tuned for detailed CSGO tips and pro strategies, day-by-day analyses of major CSGO events, and ace reporting. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favorite Esports titles.