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CSGO Teams that Dominated through the Last Year - Esportsranks
CSGO Teams that Dominated through the Last Year

This has been a wonderful year for CSGO teams, with both super-teams arising, and even supposedly mediocre teams showing some brilliant and exceptional plays. This has all been complicated by the fact that teams have been battling intensely, with even lesser-ranked teams fighting quite ferociously against higher-ranked ones, and sometimes even beating them hollow in impossible-to-predict upsets that had the fans of so-called ‘super-teams’ fuming.

SK Gaming at Number One

SK Gaming certainly have the number one spot this year, though there were times when it looked like they would lose it to FaZe Clan. But they didn’t. They had a rough slump at around the middle of the year, when it looked as if they were going to slide down the ranks as many a top team has done before them. However, adding boltz, once their own player, and now an ex-Immortal, did wonders for the team meta. It allowed them to surface once again as the best of all the CSGO teams on the planet today.

What makes SK Gaming one of the greatest CSGO Teams?

They don’t rule in terms of strategy, and could almost be called a group of hot-heads. They just happen to have the fastest trigger-fingers and the hottest hand-eye co-ordination among anyone who plays CSGO today. In other words, if you want complex CSGO strategy, look up a team like Astralis. But when all the cards are down, all Astralis’ strategies cannot match up to one simple fact. And that is that pound-for-pound, SK Gaming members can always smack an Astralis squad down in a firefight. They can do that no matter what the circumstances, and under no matter what conditions.

BLAST Pro Series SK Gaming

Image Credit: BPS

So what events have SK Gaming won this year? Well, they took the cs_summit, as well as IEM Sydney. Then they dominated DreamHack Summer, and won the third season of the ECS. After that, their next victory was at ESL One in Cologne, and then EPICENTER in Russia – the Russians didn’t let them take home their trophy, incidentally. Finally, at the end of the year, they took the Blast Pro Series, with a grand finale of dominating season six of the ESL Pro League.

Now that’s what we call a good year. FaZe had a very good chance of spoiling it for them, but lost it. We don’t quite know why, except that perhaps FaZe have either not perfected their team meta, or else are just not good enough in sheer firefight capability as the SK Gaming brutes. Let’s take a closer look at FaZe Clan, who currently rank at number two, globally.

FaZe Clan, a sad Second

Why are FaZe Clan, who were for a while being touted as the future of global Counter Strike, in second place? That’s one of the great mysteries of the universe, right after the Big Bang, and black holes. Because, for a while there, after GuardiaN and olofmeister joined them, this team seemed to have it all – brilliant marksmanship, tactical capability, sheer one-up-manship, strategy. This was – is – a team of CSGO greats that really shouldn’t have to step aside for anyone, but which has been forced to step aside, not only by SK Gaming, but by a good many lesser-ranked CSGO teams close to the end of the year. Heck, they were booted from EPICENTER in the group stages, retiring in dudgeon. Don’t forget that mousesports made them fight tooth and nail for their bitter victory at the grand finals of the ECS at the end of the year.

So it was both a good and a bad year for FaZe

It was a good year, in that they actually reached, and claimed, the top spot in the global rankings, briefly. It was a bad year, in that that is the least that a team of this caliber should be able to do. They held the top spot, yes, but then it was taken away from them, and they never got it back. If we were members of FaZe, we would be burning up with the need to be avenged, and looking to brutalize SK Gaming all through the coming year.

Look out SK, because if FaZe are human, they’ll want revenge, and if they are truly CSGO demi-gods, as some claim, they’ll want to brutalize you with imagination. However, SK Gaming probably laugh at the thought that FaZe could brutalize them. What do you think of that, FaZe Clan?

Image Credit: ECS

Other teams that have done well this year

There’s Astralis, of course, always the most cool-headed and perhaps the finest of all the CSGO teams out there for strategy and sheer ability beyond the simple fact of ‘skill at killing’. SK Gaming may be good players, but Astralis members are truly immortal CSGO greats. G2 Esports have also put out some amazing plays. However, they can be a trifle inconsistent, which is why they don’t rank higher up on the ladder at the end of the year. Finally, there’s Gambit Esports. They did especially well at the PGL Major, where they crushed brilliant Astralis in that team’s very best maps. They’re a good team, but they’ve lost Zeus, and whether any team that has lost Zeus can ‘aspire to Olympus’ remains a matter in question.

Those were the best teams this year, folks. As to which teams will dominate the future, well, that’s something that only time will tell. But SK Gaming, FaZe Clan and Astralis are certainly some of the teams that are going to go all out to crush the opposition in the opening months of the coming year. We’ll be there, writing about them, predicting their matches, and joining you in appreciating their best plays, all through the coming year.

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