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CSGO Roster Changes for Top Teams & Betting Tips - Esportsranks
CSGO Roster Changes for Top Teams & Betting Tips

In today’s review we’ll take a look at the CSGO roster changes in some of the top teams operating today, and how well the teams are doing after the change.

We’ll also examine teams that haven’t changed their rosters much, and see how well – or badly – they’re playing.

There are also tips for the betting fraternity.

CSGO Roster – SK Gaming

SK Gaming are right on top in the global rankings, though their play has been anything but consistent this year.

Their last major roster change was in February, when they swapped fnx with Immortals’ felps. Felps was a definite improvement, and the team has meshed very well, dominating some events.

SK Gaming was recently seen in ESG Tour Mykonos 2017, where they took the third spot, despite being completely dominated by Team Liquid.

Betting tips for SK Gaming:

Unreliable. They win sometimes, they lose sometimes. And always unpredictably. If you must bet on them, bet on them for online events. They seem to do much better at these than in offline ones.

CSGO Roster – Cloud9


Image Credit: HLTV

On the 15th of August, Cloud9 signed on RUSH and tarik from OpTic Gaming. They replaced n0thing and shroud. N0thing and shroud are currently benched.

After the change Cloud9 has played one Premier and one Major event. In DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017, Cloud9 were defeated by SK Gaming in the Lower Bracket Finals 2-0, eliminating them from the event. Cloud9’s most recent event was DreamHack Montreal 2017, where they made their way to the Semi Finals by defeating Luminosity Gaming. Even though Cloud9 lost to North 2-0, they took the third spot at the event, which is quite good.

Betting tips for Cloud9:

This CSGO roster has shown some very effective play in recent matches. Back them all the way, unless they’re up against some extremely dominating team. They play well together, and they tend to dominate just about any team that goes up against them in lesser matches. Don’t bet on them for Finals if they’re up against one of the top teams in the world.

CSGO Roster – Natus Vincere

Natus vincere

Image Credit: HLTV

Zeus has returned to Natus Vincere. Yes, Natus Vincere signed Zeus back from Gambit Esports, and seized is back on their active roster as well. They also managed to sign on kane from Gambit Esports as their new team coach. Zeus took the empty slot left by GuardiaN and is once again leader of this team.

Natus Vincere participated in two Premier events recently with this roster. One of them was DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017, where they managed to break into the Quarter Finals, but were defeated by one of their oldest rivals, Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Natus Vincere’s most recent event was the ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2017, which is still in progress. It’s not in progress for Natus Vincere, though, as they have already been eliminated from the event by G2 Esports.

Betting tips for Natus Vincere:

Bet against them. They show miserable play, even with Zeus on their side. They’re consistent, in that they consistently lose to any team that plays even reasonable CSGO.

CSGO Roster – Team EnVyUs

Team envyus

Image Credit: ESL

Team EnVyUs are the quintessential ‘wannabes’. They’re always qualifying for… and losing events. That’s actually what their pattern of play is like at major events. They will qualify for an event, against top-tier teams. Then, somewhere mid-event, they will lose to those same top-tier teams.

This team has participated in a total of seven qualifier events this year. Team EnVyUs was recently seen in action at ESG Tour Mykonos, where they were defeated by BIG 2-1, and were eliminated from the event.

Betting tips for Team EnVyUs:

Bet against them. They always qualify for an event, and lose out mid-way. They can’t take the stress of going up against top-tier teams in high-pressure deciding matches, and tend to fall apart. Bet against them in such matches to win some easy money.

CSGO Roster – FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan

Image Credit: ESL

FaZe Clan has made some big changes to their CSGO roster in recent months. GuardiaN joined FaZe Clan on the 3rd of August, replacing allu. Olofmiester from Fnatic replaced and benched kioShiMa.

This team is very strong. GaurdiaN was part of Natus Vincere when they won ESL One: New York 2016. And olofmiester needs no introduction.

Betting tips for FaZe Clan:

While they’re still getting their act together, this is a strong team. After their recent roster changes, they could stand against most teams. Back them in matches where they are pitted against any team that hasn’t won the Finals of a major event this year – they’ll win. Matches against champion teams could go against FaZe Clan, so hold off from those.

CSGO Roster – Astralis


Image Credit: Astralis, Twitter

Astralis hasn’t made any changes to their roster since October of last year. This team hasn’t been doing too well in recent events, and seem to be stagnating.

While they did win three Premier leagues and one Major league in the last year, they’ve also been losing to top-tier teams in recent events.

Betting tips for Astralis:

Bet on them if they’re up against an up-and-coming team. Avoid betting on matches where Astralis is placed opposite a team that is champion-material. Such matches could go either way. Astralis could win. And Astralis could lose. Watch them – if they win one or two major events before the end of the year, you can back them more consistently. Otherwise, just back them against obviously lesser teams, against which they still win consistently.

CSGO Roster – Team Liquid

Image Credit: DreamHack

Team Liquid is lethal. This team wasn’t doing too well earlier in the year, but in recent events they’ve shown some brutally effective play, superb skills, and brilliant teamwork.

Though they lost to mousesports in the Finals of the recent ESG Tour Mykonos, it wasn’t by much, and they could very well have won that event had fortune favored them. Meaning that their loss was partly just the luck of the draw. It’s important to point out that they crushed SK Gaming decisively in the Semi Finals of that event.

Betting tips for Team Liquid:

This team has really got their act together. It’s an even chance they will win against just about any other top-tier team. But only an even chance. Against an equally competent team, matches could go either way. Don’t bet on such matches. Instead, to maximize winnings, bet on Team Liquid when they are faced with a team that isn’t one of the top five in the world.

CSGO Roster – Virtus.pro


Image Credit: ELEAGUE

Virtus.pro are dragging their feet through the millennium. With a guarantee of no roster changes till 2020, this team can’t optimize or adjust their roster. That’s great team spirit, and makes for a great bond of friendship between team-mates. It just doesn’t translate into consistent success.

This year, they managed to win just two Major leagues, and were defeated in the Finals of one of the Premier leagues. They recently participated in ESG Tour Mykonos, where they managed to finish the event in 4th place.

Betting tips for Virtus.pro:

They’re stronger than they used to be, but still not quite strong enough. At this point in time, they’re a team that better teams step on to reach the Finals. Bet against them whenever they’re faced with a top-tier team that’s been playing recent events in good form.

For the Record…

Here are all the CSGO roster changes for top teams taking part in events today.

CSGO Roster Changes; European Teams

G2 Esports – They now have a substitute player, enkayJ.

FaZe Clan – allu and kioShiMa were replaced by GuardiaN and olofmeister.

Fnatic – olofmeister and dennis were replaced by LekrO and Golden, with two substitutes, Karus and Bååten, added to the team.

North – MagiskbOY was replaced by Valde and three substitutes added to the roster… mertz, gade and glace.

Natus Vincere – Guardian was replaced by Zeus. Coach Andi was replaced by kane.

mousesports – loWel, denis and Spiidi were replaced by STYKO, ropz and suNny.

Ninjas in Pyjamas – friberg was replaced by REZ.

Team EnVyUs – hAdji and JACKZ were added to the team as substitutes.

Hellraisers – bondik is benched and now serves as substitute, while STYKO has left the team. The players were replaced by ISSA and woxic.

BIG – The team added denis as a substitute.

Heroic – Valde has been replaced by es3tag. And Pimp was added to the team as substitute.

GODSENT – pronax and pyth are now substitutes and LejrO is no longer on the roster. dennis and freddieb have joined the active roster.

Team LDLC – mistou has been replaced by DEVIL. Krav is now coach for the team and MoMaN is the new substitute.

Image Credit: ESL

CSGO Roster Changes; North American Teams

Cloud9 – nOthing is longer part of Cloud9 and shroud has been benched serves as substitute. RUSH and tarik are on the active roster.

Immortals – fnx was replaced by kNg, and horvy is the new substitute player for the team.

Team Liquid – Pimp is no longer on the team and has been replaced by their substitute twistzz. With twistzz on the active roster, jokasteve now serves as substitute for the team.

OpTic Gaming – NAF, tarik, RUSH and jasonruchelski have been replaced by allu, friberg, MagiskbOY and HS. Mixwell is the only original member remaining on this roster.

Counter Logic Gaming – A substitute has been added to the team, aproto.

Misfits – Relyks has been replaced by substitute AmaNEk. Relyks is no longer a part of Misfits.

NRG Esports – ptr, MarkE and substitute LILMAN are no longer part of the team, and have been replaced by AnJ and CeRq.

Luminosity Gaming – shz and destiny have been replaced by NEKIZ and chelo.

Renegades – Yam and atter will no longer be seen on the Renegades roster. And one of the two substitutes Nexa is also no longer on the roster. NAF and substitute Nifty have taken over the empty slots on the active roster.

comPlexity Gaming – desi, Surreal and Uber are no longer a part of the team. Slemmy is no longer a substitute and has joined the active roster. The remaining slots were filled by ptr and yayster.

Splyce – DAVEY and mitch were replaced arya and ryx.

Ghost Gaming – ShoT_UP and Neptune were replaced by ryx and zqk. bee-1os- is no longer a substitute but now serves as Coach on this team.

Rogue – There are four active players on this team, with Uber as substitute. Uber might join the active roster if they fail to fill that slot before next upcoming match.

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