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CSGO Rankings - Post ESL One Cologne 2017 - Esportsranks
CSGO Rankings – Post ESL One Cologne 2017

Fresh off the culmination of ESL One Cologne we have a look at the updated CSGO Rankings to give you the latest top 10 teams on the scene.

CSGO Rankings

10. Ninjas in Pyjamas

CSGO Rankings NiP get right celebrating

Courtesy Helena Kristiansson, ESL

With their 6th place finish at ESL One Cologne, former powerhouse NiP may seem weak but they performed relatively well considering recent performances. They finished 3-0 in the group stages and only lost to eventual runners-up Cloud 9 in the quarter-finals 2-1. Although by no means an ideal finish for the squad, they certainly looked improved and could be steadily making a come back.

9. Natus Vincere

Na 'Vi S1mple celebrating

Courtesy Helena Kristiansson, ESL

Natus Vincere (or Na ‘Vi) despite not having the best of starts to ESL One Cologne, eventually made it to the semi-finals after defeating G2 in 2-0 in the quarter-finals. With their coach “Andi” Prokhorov leading the way and despite a day one loss to Team Liquid, Na ‘Vi performed reasonably well and are currently at number 9 in the CSGO rankings. A third place finish is not to be laughed about and Na ‘Vi should be commended for the tenacity they showed during the tournament, including defeating Cloud 9 in a hard fought contest in round 2.

8. North

North K0ngfig concentrating

Courtesy Helena Kristiansson, ESL

North will be disappointed with their showing at ESL Cologne 2017. Having lost to OpTic Gaming, SK Gaming and FaZe Clan in the group stages and having not made it out of them means that they’ve recently dropped in the CS:GO rankings. This Danish team will be disappointed with this result, but you certainly can’t count them out yet. In fact, they recently all relocated to Copenhagen and are now living, eating and sleeping together, in the hopes that this will breathe new strength into the line-up.

7. Fnatic

fnatic krimz conentrating

Courtesy Helena Kristiansson, ESL

Fnatic are an important name in Esports. As such, a 9th place finish will not only not satisfy their fans, but it will also not satisfy their entirely Swedish roster. They looked strong against Heroic and Space Soldiers. However, their loss against eventual winners SK, as well as other losses against Mousesports and FaZe saw them not make it to the quarter-finals. Both North and Fnatic were expected to do a lot better, with some saying that behind SK, FaZe and G2 they were the favourites.

6. Team Liquid

Liquid jdm playing

Courtesy Helena Kristiansson, ESL

TL’s CS:GO division was only formed in 2015. Thus, being number 6 in the CSGO rankings is an impressive feat. They breezed through the group stages, taking out Na ‘Vi, Immortals, and OpTic gaming, with only the series against Immortals being remotely close. TL have a lot of positives to take away from their performances at ESL One Cologne. Despite the fact that they were bowled over by FaZe in the quarter-finals. To be fair to them, FaZe were one of the favourites to win the whole tournament.

5. Cloud 9

Cloud 9 entering the arena

Courtesy Helena Kristiansson, ESL

Cloud 9 put in solid work at ESL One Cologne. Many feared for them after their initial losses vs NiP and Na ‘Vi. They managed to bring it back with wins over Tyloo, Immortals and mousesports, however, and made it into the quarter-finals. Here they faced off against NiP where they won games one and three to advance to the semi-finals against Na ‘Vi. This was a close run affair with Cloud 9 only just coming out on top. Unfortunately, they were eventually destroyed by SK in the finals but they had an impressive run considering their CSGO ranking.

4. FaZe Clan

FaZe Niko celebrating

Courtesy Helena Kristiansson, ESL

FaZe are currently ranked 4th in the CSGO Rankings. ESL One Cologne was a decent showing by FaZe. Being favourites, this was definitely expected. They took on Heroic, Fnatic, and North but they also lost against mousesports and OpTic Gaming. These were teams they arguably should have beaten, which they will certainly be disappointed with. All in all, they should be happy with their performances over the weekend, finally being defeated by the winners SK Gaming.

3. Astralis


Via Astralis.gg

Despite not attending ESL One Cologne, Astralis are still 3rd in the CSGO Rankings. They decided not to attend as they want to defend their Major title in 2017. Preparation for this event had to take priority over taking part in ESL Cologne.

2. G2 Esports

G2 entering the arena

Courtesy Helena Kristiansson, ESL

G2 Esports had a strong showing the group stages of ESL One Cologne. They took on Tyloo, Immortals and were one of the only teams to defeat SK Gaming at the tournament. They only lost one game in the group stages to NiP. G2 lost in the quarter-finals to NiP, finishing 5-6th place. G2 were one of the three ‘big boys’ who were expected to win the tournament. This especially after their wins at ESL Pro League Season 5 – Finals and DreamHack Tours 2017. However, their 5-6th placings at Esports Championship Series Season 3 – Finals and now at ESL One Cologne may mean they’ve hit a rut.

1. SK Gaming

SK Gaming winning

Courtesy Helena Kristiansson, ESL

SK Gaming won ESL One Cologne 2017, only dropping two series. Their first game against Space Soldiers and the other one was against G2 Esports. They also lost against Space Soldiers which was a close run affair, only losing 14:16. SK Gaming have been the most dominant force in the CSGO Rankings so far in 2017, having won CS_Summit, Intel Extreme Masters XII – Sydney, Esports Championship Series Season 3 – Finals and of course ESL One Cologne 2017.

Post ESL One Cologne CSGO Rankings

With another CS:GO tournament down and much more coming up the rankings change all the time. SK Gaming is looking extremely dominant at the moment and you can expect them to remain so for the foreseeable future. However, with te nature of Esports, there’s often David Vs. Goliath moments and at any time the rankings can change.