Mastering Mirage – CS:GO Pro Tactics, Ambush Points and Counters

Mirage is one of the most interesting maps in Counter Strike. It started out as a community map as far back as 1.6, and grew to such popularity that it was adopted into the official map pool in 2013, and has been a staple at counter strike events ever since.

This is a complex map to play, with many ambush points and places to hide, as well as an underground area. This guide will go over the different areas on the map, telling you what to be wary of in each. We recommend a few intensive sessions with your team-mates, fighting as both terrorists and counter-terrorists, trying out ambush points and sniper hidey-holes, and the counters to each possible area where an opponent could take cover.

An overview of Mirage

Mirage is a map with essentially three corridors that connect to each other. It also includes a subway. The map might be said to favour counter-terrorists, as they can get to the bomb sites relatively quickly. However, the reality of play is much more balanced, as there are many access points to the bomb site. This allows terrorists to effectively counter the counter-terrorists, even if they are able to stake out the bomb sites.

Starting out as terrorists

Once you’re out of the immediate spawn point, you’re very vulnerable to players hiding on what is called the ‘T Roof’. Look at the image below. As you approach the corner, place your cross hairs and guns so that they will be pointing directly at these points as you come around the corner, allowing you to rapidly kill anyone who is waiting in ambush there.

The palace makes an excellent ambuscade and sniper nest

You can cover Bombsite A in Mirage from the balcony, so that’s definitely a place to be if you want to cover the it, as well as something to be wary of if you’re storming the site. Be careful in the second instance, because it’s also possible for people to hide in ambush near the pylons. If you’re trying to reach the palace, watch out for anyone waiting in the deep shadows as you approach it.

Crucial points in Bombsite A

As you can see below, there are a lot of shadows and other places where enemy players could take cover. Note the names we’ve given to the different points below – you should memorize these so that you can accurately call out the location of any enemy player that you spot to your team-mates. Snipers will usually be on the balcony.

Starting out as counter-terrorists

When you’re leaving the counter-terrorist spawn point, you need to be especially careful of the vent near the kitchen. Look at the image below. There are a good many boxes around there, offering excellent opportunities for an ambush.

Beware of opponents who spend time in the kitchen

If your opponents get to the kitchen, it also offers an excellent opportunity to ambush a player leaving the counter-terrorist spawn area. They could attack you through the kitchen window or door.

Crucial points in bombsite B

Bombsite B is especially vulnerable to snipers at the kitchen window or on the catwalk. You also need to be careful about players hidden near the truck or bench. These are favoured ambush points. One important location is the corner, where you can often hear footsteps approaching from beyond, and so be aware of enemies before they see you. Look at the image below to reference what we’ve been saying.

Potential ambush points in the apartments

The apartments can cover the corner, but you need to understand that the opposite is also possible. A sniper on the truck can prevent a rush.

Mid – sniper heaven

Mid is really sniper heaven, and they can hide behind the boxes or at the window. The window is a common enough sniper nest in Mirage, with a considerable spread of Mid visible from it. It is possible to rush snipers here from out of the underpass or the connector. Another possible counter to a sniper lurking here is to arrive silently from the ladder room.

The underpass in Mirage

The Mirage subway is often used when a rush at B through the apartments has failed due to an enemy sniper. When leaving the underpass, your primary objective is of course to take out the person at the window, but you should leave a player to cover the stairs, and so cover your back as well.

Those are some of the basic strategies in Mirage. It’s a complex map until you get used to it. Put in intense sessions with your team, implementing different strategies and their counters, and Mirage will become far easier to play. Check out our articles on pro play and team strategy.

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