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Commemorating a Year of Iconic CSGO Plays - Esportsranks
Commemorating a Year of Iconic CSGO Plays

As we move into a new year, let’s take a look at the most exciting CSGO plays of the last one. It’s been quite an exciting year, with top players sometimes keeping their team in an event in 1vs4 firefights through sheer skill and level-headedness. Here are some of the most iconic CSGO plays of the last year, and pride of place belongs to…

Xyp9x in the ELEAGUE Finals in Atlanta

If we had to choose a top play for the year, it would perhaps be when Xyp9x took multiple clutches in the ELEAGUE Major early in the year to become legendary as the ‘clutch king’ of the CSGO universe. Xyp9x not only kept Astralis in the game in the finals of the event, but, playing against Virtus.pro, led his team in a series of brilliant CSGO plays to win the event in Train. Astralis won by a bare margin, winning Train by just two rounds.

Dupreeh’s supreme CSGO plays against FaZe Clan

It seems it was a year of good plays for Astralis, because their dupreeh then made a brilliant play against the lethal members of FaZe Clan. Dupreeh used a deagle, which many believe to be the most difficult to use gun in CSGO. Astralis went up against FaZe in an anti-eco, smashing the other team using just pistols to counter their rifles. Dupreeh’s brilliant plays with the deagle were a definite contribution to allowing Astralis to dominate through the beginning of the last year.

FaZe’s allu hits back against Astralis with an AWP

This was at IEM Katowice, and was a fitting vengeance for FaZe for Astralis’ domination of them through the initial part of the year. Allu single-handedly defended the middle ground in Inferno, skillfully peeking and fragging members of Astralis to break that team’s domination of the year. It was all even more impressive for being done with an AWP.

N0thing and Shroud’s last plays at ESL One

When N0thing and Shroud of Cloud9 retired, many CSGO commentators considered it the end of an age of brilliant CSGO gaming. The two of them made history on their way out, with a trio of incredible clutches as the team battled Natus Vincere. They ended that semifinal round 16-14, with n0thing’s immortal one-tap. One month later, both players had stepped down.

Dosia and his brilliant grenade throw at Krakow

Gambit’s Dosia demonstrated superb strategy in a CSGO match at the PGL Major in Krakow against the now-defunct Immortals team. Two Immortals players trying to retain their guns took the full force of Dosia’s strategically-placed grenade, losing them the rifles, and weakening the then-powerful Immortals’ comeback in the next round. Of course, that’s all water under the bridge now, with Immortals themselves being near destruction, and many of their original members returning as the 100 Thieves.

GuardiaN at the sixth season of the ESL Pro League

GuardiaN’s superb play against SK Gaming in the sixth season of the ESL Pro League is all but unforgettable. With the ‘limited to 24 shots’ CZ-75 auto-pistol, GuardiaN initiated a massive flank killing spree. As he faced two opponents at the last, GuardiaN killed one even as he ran out of rounds. He then moved forward, and killed SK Gaming’s FalleN with only a knife, even as FalleN worked to defuse the bomb. While FaZe still lost to SK despite GuardiaN’s brilliant plays, this was a moment that those who saw it will not soon forget.

So that’s it, folks – those were some of the most iconic CSGO plays of the last year. Stay with us as we move into a new year of brilliant CSGO, starting with the ELEAGUE Major later this month.

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