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CS:GO Patch Changes: Skewing Odds in Competition and Play... - Esportsranks
CS:GO Patch Changes: Skewing Odds in Competition and Play…

There have been quite a few upsets in recent matches due to CS:GO patch changes. This might be linked to the inability of some teams to adapt quickly enough to the new playing styles required by altered weaponry. Recent patch changes involve various fixes, especially to key weapons and the Active Duty maps.

There are certain Esports games… such as StarCraft 2 and League of Legends… that go through weeks of rigorous testing before introducing changes. Other games like Dota 2 put out updates only once every 3 months or so. But CS:GO tends to be more spontaneous and off the cuff. Updates can quite easily catch the best of players and teams by surprise, as they tend to introduce changes that are subtle and style-breaking for many players.

So, for the benefit of those who are still in the dark about these changes, let’s run through what Valve has changed in CS:GO so far.

CS:GO Patch Changes: Delayed AWP sniping

This AWP change gives Counter-Terrorists the upper hand over Terrorists. The standard AWP allows for brisk movements while scoping in at the same time. What this means is that a Terrorist can no longer escape into cover quickly enough immediately after missing a shot.

CS:GO Patch Changes

This may very well have serious repercussions for in-game play. AWPing has been a specialty of teams like Titan and Na’Vi, with their expert AWPers kennyS and GuardiaN. This has been rather a niche skill and it was not often seen displayed by both sides simultaneously in a CS:GO match. It’s been quite a struggle for AWPers in teams like these to adapt to the changes well enough to avoid showing a significant drop in T-side kills.

Of course, CS 1.6 had implemented a similar change…

It allowed for a much faster quick-scope. In that change, the weapon would fire even before the animation played out. That was better in terms of control and accuracy.

Making use of AWP in a game was hard enough before this change was introduced. The number of kills earned using AWPs are hardly worth the money invested in them. In fact, AWPs are so inefficient that using them is only a positive in the hands of expert AWPers. They have also been used to effectively control a particularly strategic position to win a round. Plenty of CS:GO pros out there have protested this change, but it is likely to remain.

To spray or not to spray?

With the patch changes in August, using ‘the spray’ to crush enemy positions will no longer be possible.

Valve has replaced the ‘spray’ function with new and better methods of recovering accuracy after a weapon fires. This has affected popular weapons such as the M4A1-S, M4A4, and AK-47. The result of the changes is a massive limitation of the spray feature, while increasing levels of accuracy and recovery while using tapping or bursting when firing.

Better burst fire

A better accuracy recovery rate means that after a weapon has fired it will return to its baseline level of accuracy much faster. This is done by splitting the fixed values that were used in the past to the current initial and final values.

However, this involves shorter firing sequences, with the added benefit of being able to independently fine-tune recovery rates for tapping, bursting and spraying methods of firing.

As a result, when firing single shots, weapons such as the M4A1-S, M4A4, and AK-47 have gotten more accurate and recover much faster when used for tapping or bursts.

Ensuring that player skills give victory

Although this update might seem rather harsh on the CS:GO community, there is method to the madness.

What Valve is trying to do is elevate the level of gaming and the skills expressed and developed by the gamers involved. This update is meant to be a feasible and viable alternative to simply going wild with the spray. Instead, a player is expected to use the improved effectiveness of tapping or burst shots to obtain their edge over the competition.

Updated effect on the Handgun and Tec-9 pistol

Of course, just like any update out there, this one also has distinctive pros and cons, especially in regards to certain types of weapons. This update has certainly nerfed the overall effectiveness of the handgun.

However, if you agree with the developers’ philosophy of promoting more skillful use of weapons, then the Tec-9 Terrorist pistol might be the next best thing as your weapon of choice.

First short accuracy

The Tec-9 pistol, nerfed by this update, now functions with a very attractive improvement to first shot accuracy. The cost lies in diminished rapid fire accuracy, and lower capacity for both the magazine and reserve ammo. The magazine used to hold 24 rounds before, but now holds 18, and the current reserve of 90 used to be 120 before.

According to Valve, the changes are meant to ensure that players actually take the trouble to aim when using this highly mobile weapon.

Fortunately, these important updates were scheduled for the month of August when CS:GO players were pretty much on a break from attending international events and had time to test out the weapons, and adapt to the changes made to them.

Nerfing the UMP

The UMP-45 has so far been equally powerful in both long-range and close-quarters engagements. This has made this gun rather popular among all classes of players. The recent update means that the UMP will still continue to be effective in close-quarters combat but will show progressively diminishing levels of effectiveness as the range increases.

CS:GO Patch Changes to the R8 Revolver

The R8 usually had a firing delay (the time lag between pulling the trigger and hitting the target) of around 0.4 seconds. That has now been reduced to around 0.2 seconds.

Besides, initial shot inaccuracy in the standing position has been increased from the previous 5.85 to 8, about 2 units more.

Not that it would make any difference to gamers, since the weapon has been taken out of competitive play while it is being worked on. Not to mention the fact that it has always been rather weird in the way it can fire without drawbacks, no matter whether you’re running, jumping or climbing.

That said, there is still plenty of work to be done on the R8 Revolver before it is re-commissioned back into CS:GO.

The Negev

The Negev has always been considered something of a joke. It is expensive and hefty, and its new version seems no better. Better known as ‘Newgev’, this new version seems to drastically slow down the player. Shots are fired in random directions leaving no scope for precision shooting at all. Or so it seems at first sight.

The real edge to this weapon comes into play, of course, once you’re done with that first burst. The gun suddenly becomes laser accurate and it seems like you can almost talk to the weapon’s crossbar. The spray groups tightly, just above the crossbar with no horizontal movement whatsoever. So long as you are standing fairly still, you can bring down one target after another with pinpoint accuracy.

A promoter of suppressive fire

And that’s precisely why it is not currently a part of official CS:GO play. Staying put in one position burning through your rounds of ammo just to close down a choke point is not what this game is all about. Not to mention how inefficient it is compared to getting the same job done with a simple grenade or molotov.

Valve is obviously trying to enhance the weapon to provide an alternative to the ever-popular M4, AK-47 and AWP. It is currently only available in casual mode, so that it can be tried out while in the update process.

And after being tried out non-competitively so far, one thing’s for sure. The pros aren’t going to allow you to simply empty your ammo in one straight line while waiting and watching you do so. They are going to pre-empt you and finish you off with flashes, AWPs and much more. The Negev, as it currently is, is still not going to see competitive play in the foreseeable future.

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