CSGO Maps and Pro Plays – How to Dominate Overpass

Most of the CSGO maps are regularly updated, meaning that the latest versions of most maps are no more than updated versions of already existing maps. However, Overpass is different in that it is actually one of the relatively new maps in CSGO, only having been around for a few years. Terrorists seem to have the advantage in Overpass, since they can rotate between the bomb sites rapidly on extremely short vectors. This makes communication absolutely crucial in this map, more so than is usual even in CSGO.

Of all the CSGO maps, Overpass is perhaps the most difficult in defense and continuously demands crucial decision-making. When playing Overpass, you’ll have to go for aggressive play, and make continuous efforts to get information about the location and whereabouts of your opponents. It goes without saying that there should be an element of caution here, because the more team members that are scouting, the more of the team that is placed in danger.

Your objective, as always, is to clear areas so that you can either continue to put pressure upon your opponents, or to take them in the flank.

Mastering CSGO maps – Taking control of Overpass as a team

While Overpass is really one of the CSGO maps suited to aggressive play, this, of course, does not mean that you should blindly push into heavily defended areas. This is especially true for counter-terrorists on Overpass, who, as we said before, tend to be at a distinct disadvantage. The only way counter-terrorists can counter this disadvantage is to play as a composite unit, that is to say, as a team. What the team’s strategy is on site A also dictates the team’s strategy on site B. The opposite also holds true.

csgo maps overpass - areas to control

Crucial areas to control

Some of the areas that it is most crucial to pay attention to in Overpass are the restroom, the lower tunnels, and the connector. These are the areas that you must do your very best to control, because control of these areas can prevent terrorists from easily rotating through Overpass. Once the counter-terrorists control these areas, the terrorists’ rotation becomes considerably more difficult and must be routed through the terrorist spawn site.

One way to get information on this map, especially when you are in the tunnels, is to destroy squeaky and use it as a tower to enable you to peek above the wall. This will allow you to spot your opponents before they do you. You can then shoot at them or force them to change their position.

Do be aware that this tactic can easily be countered by flashes, or by pushing in other areas, so hold it as a tactic in your repertoire but don’t use it all the time. When counter-terrorists use the above tactic, terrorists can counter it by rushing the pipe, and if they do so, it becomes all important that you change your position immediately. If you don’t, the terrorists will have an excellent idea of the positions of two members of your team, and as we said before, information is the key to victory in CSGO maps like Overpass.

csgo maps overpass - spawn site

Composite combat

I cannot emphasise how important it is for your team to function as a composite entity. If two of your team members keep an eye on the lower tunnels, preferably, players who are assigned to cover bomb site B, then the remaining team members who are covering bomb site A don’t have to push so hard to snagfo a victory. All they have to do, in effect, is guard the area of the restroom, and make sure that the terrorists cannot take it.

Try to avoid aggressive plays towards both bomb sites simultaneously, as this can actually prevent you from making effective rotations when they are required. If the enemy then gets lucky and manages to kill some of your members, the map is as good as lost.

Using the AWP aggressively

Bear in mind that aggressive plays in the direction of the fountain can often yield a lot of information, and that the AWP is an excellent tool to accomplish this with. However, sending in an AWPer without backup is tantamount to suicide, so your AWPer should be covered by at least two other team members. One of the backup squad members can be assigned to the restroom, to ensure that the terrorists can’t attack your party from that direction, while the other uses flashes to ensure that the sniper gets the best possible peek. If your AWPer happens to see a considerable number of opponents, the obvious tactic is to fall back immediately, along with the supporting squad members.

csgo maps overpass - using the AWP aggressively

Pushing forward if you aren’t countered…

If the terrorists do not react to the AWPer and push through the restroom, the two squad members on B can then move on to cover a larger area. The effective strategy for counter-terrorists on Overpass is to restrict the terrorists’ movements to give them a less effective area in which to execute tactics. On the other hand, if the AWPer does not spot any opposition near the fountain, the squad member who used flashes to cover the AWPer, can then move to control the playground.

This strategy boxes-in the opposition, and prevents them from moving. This will restrict the opposition to moving either in the direction of bomb site B, or into the lower tunnels. This gives your team a very good idea of where the opposition are, and an excellent chance of winning the round.

How to win eco-rounds on Overpass

Economic rounds are those where you have a serious shortage of funds, and are saving for full-buys in subsequent rounds. It goes without saying that they are especially difficult to play, but eco-rounds should still be played to the fullest extent. Pro teams try for a win when playing CSGO maps, whether a round is eco or not.

Not only is knowing how to play an eco-round important, but you should also know how to counter a team that is playing an eco-round. This can be especially important because a team that goes eco will usually go for a combined rush, which actually can be a little difficult to counter.

csgo maps overpass other areas

Countering eco-rushes

One way to counter such a rush is to have one of the squad on bomb site A place a smoke on bomb site B. Bomb site B has extremely restricted choke areas, making smokes much more effective on site B than they can possibly be on bomb site A. Do bear in mind when using smokes on Overpass that the opposition team, if they are true pro-players, will use free-fire angles through the smoke and could well hit one of your team members. We’ve seen this happen in pro-matches and nothing can be more depressing to the morale of your team than to be randomly shot through the smoke and to lose a team member.

Remember that an excellent way to counter a push towards B is to make a strong move that goes via the pipe. A smoke in the right place here can be of considerable use in executing this strategy. Just make sure that the smoke is timed right, because it can completely upset the tactics of your team if it fades too early.

Here’s a short summary of tactics to use on Overpass

You must control the pipes, because they are the key to movement on Overpass. Combine your tactics so that the entire team is executing a composite strategy. Always try to place the opponent in positions where they are fighting an unfair battle. Never fight a battle on Overpass – or on any of the CSGO maps – where the odds are not in your favor.

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