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ESL Pro League Betting Analysis – European Teams - Esportsranks
ESL Pro League Betting Analysis – European Teams

With the opening matches just days away, an ESL Pro League Betting Analysis is bound to come in handy for anyone wondering just which team to put their money on. Whether you prefer to put your money on the champions, underdogs, or your own particular dark horse, you need a clear image of the capabilities and potential of each team out there.

How an ESL Pro League Betting Analysis can help…

This article analyzes the capabilities of each team, and provides you with a detailed review on what their chances are in the upcoming ESL Pro Season. Read this, and you will be better able to decide which team to support… or bet upon. This review will focus on the European Teams competing in this season. There will be another review in a few days focusing on the teams from North America, so watch out for that.

There will also be a detailed article on good systems of betting, and how best to weigh the odds, so be sure to read that too. Other good articles coming up soon are analyses of the statistics of each team, the roles of individual players, and team strategies.

ESL Pro League Betting Counter Strike Tournament

Image Credit: Alper Cugun from Berlin, Germany

And now to the analyses of individual teams. We’ll start with the dominating…

G2 Esports (G2)


G2 Esports entered the Counter Strike universe on September 11, 2015. With players like shox, apEX, kennyS, NBK and bodyy on the G2 roster they are certainly major players in the ESL Pro League this season.

G2 Esports have played 414 overall tournaments matches, with 229 victories, 19 draws and 166 losses – which gives them an overall win-rate of 55%.

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis: They are a lethal team, having rapidly dominated the CS:GO universe. Yes, there have been drastic changes made to their roster, but I’d put my money on this team to reach the Finals. They are certainly one of the top teams in the world today.

Faze Clan (Faze)

FaZeFaZe Clan has been around since 2010, acquiring G2 Esports roster in January of last year. The roster now includes karrigan, NiKo, allu, rain and kioShiMa.

They have a lot of ‘battle-experience’, with 242 matches played, and 142 victories and 100 matches lost. That pushes their win rate up to 59%. This is a massively professional team, and you can find old trick shot videos created by them that date back to 2010.

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis: Not a team to be discounted by someone mastering the intricacies of ESL Pro League betting. Yes, they do tend to ‘rise and fall’ in the rankings, but they have the skill, expertise and sheer experience to demolish any other Counter Strike team in the world, if they play their cards right. I don’t quite believe they’ll dominate the Finals, but they’ll be murder in the quarter finals.


AstralisTeam Astralis hasn’t been around too long… just since January of last year. Team Question Mark formed Astralis upon leaving Team SoloMid. While the team may be new, the member’s aren’t – they’re all veterans of the CS arenas. The team roster includes names like Xyp9x, dev1ce, Kjaerbye, gla1ve and dupreeh.

Astralis has won 172 victories out of the last 267 matches they’ve played, with only 95 losses. That gives them a win rate of 64%.

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis: They’ve gained swiftly in the rankings and are certainly one of the top teams in Europe today. This is a good team to put your money on. They’re relentless, experienced, and perhaps most important of all… reliable. They could be in the Finals. And they could win.

Fnatic (FNC)

FnaticFnatic are out and out esports professionals with their headquarters in London. The team is started out as long ago as July of 2004. This is another team to put your money on, and is a favorite to win.

Their current roster is lethal, including dennis, KRIMZ, flusha, olofmeister and JW. They have played an awesome 722 matches, of which they won 498 and lost 209, with 15 matches drawn. They have an incredible win rate of 69%.

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis: This team as an incredible record, with 498 victories and 209 matches lost. Fifteen of their matches were draws. That gives them a win rate of around 69%. They have odds-on chances of winning any tournament they take part in.

Fnatic Victory

Image Credit: Flickr, EGL – X-Series


NorthThis team was created by Nordisk Film and F.C. Copenhagen. They have a roster of competent players, including MSL, kOnfig, MagiskbOY, aizy and cajunb. The team has already played 84 matches and won 51 victories, with 31 losses and two matches drawn. This gives them a win rate of about 61%.

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis: They have promise, but can they stand against more experienced teams and players? Their first matches in the coming season of ESL Pro League should be very interesting. Watch the first play-offs to get a feel of what this team can do. They might be a good dark horse to bet on, and might get into the semi-finals. This team is a wild card… watch them carefully to see what they can (or can’t) do.

Natus Vincere (NaVi)

NatusvincereIn 2010, this team became the first to win three world-class tournaments in a single year. Zeus has left their roster, of course, but they still have lethal names like seized, s1mple, Edward, flamie and Guardian on the team.

This team (and its players) consistently rank among the best worldwide. They have played 631 matches, of which they won 365 and lost 243, with 23 matches drawn. That gives them a win rate of 58%.

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis: Hard to say. They’re good, but their rankings have been dropping recently, and no one knows why. They have a dedicated fan following that would love to see them stage a comeback. They have the skills, but have those skills rusted over the years? You can put your money on them for the quarter-finals, and they have a definite chance to win the event itself… if they can get their act together.

Mousesports (mouz)

MousesportsThis team, founded in Berlin, has been around since 2002. Their roster today includes chrisJ, Spiidi, loWel, oskar, and denis, with ropz on hand as substitute. They’ve played 615 matches, of which they won 336 and lost 258. 20 of the matches were drawn, which gives them a win rate of about 55%.

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis: They’ve walked a long road to get here, first competing in small tournaments, and then in progressively larger ones. They’ve been a dominating team in the past… if this was the year 2006, I’d have told you to put your money on mousesports without hesitation. But this isn’t 2006. They’ve been lethally efficient, but it’s all in a lethally efficient past. Can they be has effective in the upcoming event? Sure, if they can show that their skills haven’t rusted. If they’ve been training for the last few months, then watch out for them. They might get into the semi-final, but they aren’t a sure bet.

Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP)

Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas in Pyjamas have been around a long time, of course – the team was formed as far back as the year 2000. They have a roster of reasonably impressive players, including draken, fOrest, Get_RiGhT, Xizt and friberg. They’ve engaged opponents in 671 matches, winning 436 and losing 227. They had eight matches drawn, and their win rate is an impressive 65%.

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis: That sounds impressive, so why aren’t more people willing to bet on them? Well, they’re a good team, and an experienced team, so they’re very likely to reach the semi-finals. But beyond that? We’ll have to see how well they can perform against some of the more ruthlessly professional teams out there.

EU LCS Week 9 NiPFlickr @lolesports


ENVYThis team broke into the Counter Strike arenas in 2015, and did so by taking over the French Team LDLC. This was an effective move, and ENVYUS has soared in the rankings.

We’ve seen some considerable modifications to their roster, and their current members are Happy, xms, SIXER, RpK and ScreaM. They’ve played a total of 275 matches, winning 279 and losing 191. Five of the matches were draws, which gives them a win rate of about 59%.

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis: They’re a good team, even when you set them alongside the pros. They are definitely quality material, and stand among the top six teams worldwide.

Hellraisers (HR)

HellRaisersThis team was put together in 2014, and was put together through the dissolution of the Astana Dragons.

The team’s current roster includes STYKO, DeadFox, ANGE1, Zero and bondik. This team has played 520 matches, of which they have won 268, and lost 225, with 27 matches drawn. That gives them a win rate of about 52%.

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis: Not good. After looking at their recent match-ups and scores, I doubt this team will make it to the super weeks. They have a record of consistent losses against top-tier teams. I doubt they have much of a chance in the upcoming event, and recommend putting money on them, whatever the odds.


BIGBIG is a german team that is heavily supported by former professionals.

They have a good roster for an up-and-coming team, including players like gob_x, nex, tabseN, keev, LEGIJA and kakafu. They’ve played 55 matches, of which they won 36 and lost 19, giving them a win rate of 65%.

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis: This is definitely a team to watch. They are relatively new, but have an excellent track record, which makes them an excellent ‘dark horse’ to back at extremely remunerative odds. If you want to support an underdog, this is the one to back… this one’s a wolf in disguise. I see them making the semi-finals.


HeroicHeroic is a Danish team that was founded by once-members of Team X. This team started out last year. The team is player-owned, and they have a reasonable track record.

The team roster includes Valde, MODDII, niko, YUGi and Snappi. With a total of 137 matches played, this team won 69, with 65 matches lost, and three matches drawn. Their win rate is just about 50%.

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis: This team doesn’t have much of a chance – which is a pity, because I truly admire player-run teams. It’s going to be difficult to impossible for them to make the super weeks. As for matching Pro teams – well, in CS:GO, anything is possible I suppose. And a new team has plenty of room in which to expand and improve. They made it to the ESL Pro League, and we’ll be watching them closely in the coming weeks.


GODSENTAnother team that was put together only during the last year (2016 seems to have been a great year for spawning teams with potential).

Their roster includes znajder, LejrO,  pronax, disco doplan and twist. This team has played 132 matches, winning 61 and losing 68, with three matches drawn. Their win rate is about 46%, certainly below par compare to other teams they’ll be facing.

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis: Hey, they’re new, they have a chance. Not much of a chance, I grant you, but never discount the new guys on the block. If they’re not ‘terminated with extreme prejudice’ in the early rounds, they might survive a few rounds beyond that. Not worth putting money on until they begin to prove themselves.


Team LDLCA team formed years ago, in 2010. A team that has consistently chosen and trained the best players in the world. A good portion of the roster of some top teams were once LDLC players.

This is the ‘originator team’, and their current roster includes ALEX, mistou, to1nou, Maniac and Ex6Tenz, with Krav as substitute. This team has played 264 matches and won 165, with 93 matches lost. They have drawn 6 matches. They have a win rate that stands at a very-respectable 63%.

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis: They’ve always been a supremely tough team. If only other teams didn’t keep buying off their players. Nevertheless, they show consistent, reliable gameplay, and the ability to win at any odds. You may call them underdogs or a dark horse, but they have shown, again and again, that they can and will win against the best teams in the world. A good risk for someone trying their hands at ESL Pro League betting.

This article should give you a good idea of the strengths of different teams. Remember that betting odds will change as teams win and lose once the matches begin. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the changing odds, so stay tuned.

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