CSGO Bug Finally Fixed – Molotov Counter Works

A good many long-term CSGO players are disturbed when patches include changes to game play that alter long-true game mechanics. This forces skilled players to alter their playing style to accommodate the new features. That can be irritating, but a patch that fixes a known CSGO bug is welcomed by everyone.

The Smokes-Molotov CSGO Bug

This was a particularly irritating glitch, since the smokes are supposed to be a counter to the Molotov. They’re supposed to douse the flames and allow a counter-attack.

It can be a crucial ‘make or break’ scenario in a match. One team, to gain time, puts down a fire barrier, and another team breaks through the barrier to annihilate them. This becomes especially crucial for a team competing in a major, like the ESL Pro League.

Except, it wouldn’t go that way!

Instead of a smoke triggering, it would bounce inexplicably off the ground, going haywire. The fire would still burn, and the smoke would have been wasted. 

This could have serious consequences, with a team going down because the game didn’t work as it was supposedly designed to.

This CSGO bug was especially pronounced during a pre-execute on a bomb site. Or in the early part of a round. Things would usually end badly, with the strategy of a team using the smokes to counter a Molotov collapsing.

You can see it happen right here…

The maps most affected were Cache, Inferno and Overpass.

It seems there was an issue with how textures were clipped in the game. That was causing the grenades to bounce off the ground and go off in the wrong place.

This has now been corrected, so we look forward to a lot of intense games where the counters to the Molotovs actually work!

Other changes in this Patch

Pistols are now cheaper

The Dual Elite pistols and the Revolver are much reduced in price, thus making them a good buy in the initial rounds of a match.

Each weapon is cheaper by a hundred dollars. The Elites cost just 400 dollars. That’s a steal that allows you to throw in a defuse kit early in the match.

Which makes life a little easier for the Counter Terrorists. As well as for teams that are lethal in the pistol rounds.

That’s going to change the meta. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks as teams try to take advantage of this tweak.

A T-shaped cross-hair

This is hardly something that affects pro players, but a lot of newbies had a problem with the clumsy cross-hairs in-game.

The new T-shape allows for better aiming, and can be implemented easily.

Security patch

There’s also a minor security tweak, that further negates efforts to cheat in-game. While crucial, obviously, this is unlikely to affect game play dynamics.

Stay tuned for detailed day-by-day analyses of major CS:GO events, and ace reporting.

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