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cs_summit - SK gaming are victorious in first ever CS:GO Summit - Esportsranks
cs_summit – SK gaming are victorious in first ever CS:GO Summit

Beyond the Summit organised first-ever international CS:GO tournament – cs_summit. The Brazilian squad, known as SK gaming, emerged victorious and claimed their first title of year 2017. SK gaming won a little over $60,000 USD for their first place finish.

SK gaming’s road to cs_summit’s first ever champion title

The Brazilian team justified their role as tournament favourites and had dropped only two maps throughout the whole course of the event. There was total of eight teams competing for the title and the tournament was played in a double elimination format.

In the first round SK blew out Team EnVyUs with 16-9 on Cache and 16-3 on Mirage. Marcelo “coldzera” David totalled 50 kills with an ADR of 107.3 split between two maps.

Cloud9, however, proved to be more of a challenge for the Brazilians in their semifinal clash. “swag”-‘s performance on Inferno almost produced a win for the North American roster in the first map. But “FalleN” shown great knowledge of strategy and tactics and read C9’s call on the middle of the map late in the game. After this SK secured the win with a slight margin – 16-14.

We expected that SK would regain their composure and make quick work of the North Americans, but surprisingly C9 won 16-9 on Train. At the last map – Mirage – SK started as CT and gained an early lead which they held to the end, winning with convincing score of 16-8.

After a close matchup with Cloud9, the winners bracket finals seemed to be a walk in the park for SK. They fought gallantly against Gambit Esports. On Gambit’s best map pick – Cobblestone – SK stomped them 16-4, and on the second map, Cache, 16-7. This relegated Gambit to the loser’s bracket finals, but two teams met once again in the grand finals.

The Grand Finals

Since SK were waiting for winners of loser’s finals and secured their spot through the upper bracket, they had a one map win advantage over their opponents. In other words, at the start of the grand finals they were already 1-0 ahead. On the first map, Inferno, SK started off slow, and Gambit longing for revenge managed to take advantage of that fact. They shut down Gambit’s late pushes towards the A site, paving their way to a 16-10 victory.

Cache was completely different story. SK steamrolled Gambit 16-2 and coldzera dominated with 31 kills and a 157.2 ADR. The final map was Train, and SK once again started strong, creating 8-0 lead as CTs. They read Gambits plays very well and stopped almost all of their pushes in their tracks. Later in the first half Gambit showed signs of life. They started eliminating SK’s members one by one without having to plant the bomb.

Trying their best to recover from a terrible start, Gambit continued their uphill battle on the Terrorist side. They managed to tie the map and even had a lead for a short period of time. But once again, FalleN proved to be one of SK’s crucial players as he began to find holes in Gambit’s defence. Gambit made a few mistakes too, which lead them to crumble under pressure. SK ended the tournament with championship win after a well-fought 16-13 victory on Train.

SK gaming with victory at cs_summit secured them $63,750, as well as their first tournament win in 2017. This ties them with Astralis, Virtus.pro and FaZe Clan for number of championships this year.

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