CS Summit 4: Odds, Betting Analysis, Preview

The CS Summit 4 is finally here, and while it’s far from the most prestigious event in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it remains a must-watch event, especially now that we have a couple of marquee teams coming in to play.

Chief among the contenders are Team Liquid and ENCE, who each have won IEM Sydney 2019 and BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019. Meanwhile, up-and-coming teams such as Renegades and NRG eSports are coming in to help spice things up. Finally, both Team Vitality and Ghost Gaming are no slouch, especially the former, who’ve been one of the more interesting CS:GO teams to watch over the past couple of months.

With that said, we took the time to break down everything you need to know about the CS Summit 4, from the schedule to the betting odds.

CS Summit 4 — Betting Odds

  • Team Liquid at 2.15 odds
  • ENCE at 3.90 odds
  • Team Vitality at 4.80 odds
  • NRG eSports at 8.20 odds
  • Renegades at 9.00 odds
  • Ghost Gaming at 24.00 odds

All CS Summit 4 betting odds courtesy of ArcaneBet.

CS Summit 4 — Tournament Format and Prize Pool

CS Summit 4

Here are all the six CS:GO teams who will be playing at the CS Summit 4. (BTS CS:GO)

Because there are only six CS:GO teams playing across 4 days, the CS Summit 4 will follow a rather unconventional tournament format.

Instead of featuring the usual two to three groups, the tournament will kick things off with a single-group double round-robin Group Stage, where teams will be playing each other in a best-of-one for seeding. Only the top four seeds will proceed directly to the single-elimination Playoffs. The rest will be eliminated.

The Playoff portion of the CS Summit 4 will feature a single-elimination format with best-of-three matches.

The CS Summit 4 will feature a $150,000 prize pool. Unfortunately, Beyond The Summit have yet to disclose information regarding how the prize pool will be distributed.

CS Summit 4 — Betting Prediction

CS Summit 4

ENCE’s rise from B-tier team to top contenders have been nothing short of amazing to follow. (ENCE)

After a spectacular performance at the IEM Sydney 2019, where they trounced the competition, Team Liquid are headed to the CS Summit 4 as the heavy favourites. However, as much as people consider Team Liquid as the best CS:GO team outside of Astralis, you’d have to remember that ENCE are still the only CS:GO team right now to have, either, an even or winning win-loss record against top-tier teams such as Team Liquid, Astralis, Natus Vincere, and FaZe Clan.

Sure, that doesn’t mean that we should be quick to dismiss Team Liquid, but it’s an important point to raise.

Plus, you can’t just forget about how ENCE swept Astralis and made the whole CS:GO world discuss if Astralis’ era has come to an end or not. Even if Team Liquid did the same earlier this year, their win over Astralis was nowhere near as impactful.

When you consider those factors and the fact that Team Liquid have yet to fully prove that they can close out tournaments (one win does not make up for literally north of a dozen of shortcomings), ENCE are a much smarter bet to win the CS Summit 4.

Betting: ENCE to win the CS Summit 4 outright at 3.90 odds via ArcaneBet.

CS Summit 4 — Where and When to Watch

The CS Summit 4 will be streamed live directly in English from the Twitch channel of the organizers, Beyond the Summit. The tournament will also be available in Russian, Brazilian, Polish, German via their respective streams.

If you want to follow the CS:GO action closely, you can refer to the schedule of the CS Summit 4 below (all times are in CEST)

Thursday, May 23

  • Ghost Gaming vs Team Liquid — 6:00 PM
  • Ghost Gaming vs Team Vitality — 8:00 PM
  • NRG eSports vs Team Vitality — 10:00 PM
  • ENCE vs Renegades — 12 AM
  • NRG eSports vs Renegades — 2 AM

Friday, May 24

  • Team Liquid vs Team Vitality — 6:00 PM
  • Team Liquid vs ENCE — 8:00 PM
  • NRG eSports vs ENCE — 10:00 PM
  • NRG eSports vs Ghost Gaming — 12:00 AM
  • Renegades vs Ghost Gaming — 2:00 AM

Saturday, May 25

  • ENCE vs Team Vitality — 6:00 PM
  • ENCE vs Ghost Gaming — 8:00 PM
  • Team Vitality vs Renegades — 10:00 PM
  • Team Liquid vs Renegades — 12:00 AM
  • NRG eSports vs Team Liquid — 2:00 AM

Sunday, May 26

  • Semifinal Match #1 — 6:00 PM
  • Semifinal Match #2 — 9:00 PM
  • Grand Finals — 12:30 AM

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