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Top CS:GO Match Predictions for the WESG Female Championship - Esportsranks
Top CS:GO Match Predictions for the WESG Female Championship

The WESG Female Championship is just about the only major event of the year where male and female teams have their own championship titles. While everyone would love to see more female teams participating in majors, the fact is that they tend to go down before their male counterparts. Female teams tend to fail to qualify for the qualifiers at most major events. While there certainly are female-only CS:GO events, the only major that supports female teams is the WESG, which gives us an opportunity to see them in action here.

The winning team will take home $100,000 from out of a prize pool of $170,000. As with all CS:GO events, there are a few dominating teams here, these being Russian Forces, Those Damn Canadians and Team Sweden. Here are the best possible matches to bet on.

Top CS:GO odds on Asterisk Vs LLG – Double your Stake

LLG are getting good odds here because they’ve not been active for awhile. However, they are certainly a stronger team than Asterisk. LLG have won against teams that Asterisk have lost to. While LLG have indeed been inactive for awhile, they are still a strong team, and well worth a stake. It’s extremely likely that they will crush Asterisk on their home ground.

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Those Damn Canadians Vs LEGO – Double your stake

Those Damn Canadians have never lost a single match with their current CS:GO line-up. However, this will be their first match against a European team. Also the fact that the matches are in Haikou, in China, might well put their game off on the first day. LEGO do have the potential to beat Those Damn Canadians, since past stats show that American teams do tend to take a day or so to adjust when they play here. At odds of 2.25, LEGO are certainly worth a stake.

Team Sweden Vs LEGO – A Sure Win

Team Sweden are the second strongest team here, since they’ve lost against Russian Forces before. The name Team Sweden might be confusing to some fans and bettors, so, to clear things up, this team is actually RES Gaming, but they decided to go by the name Team Sweden for the WESG. This is because WESG insists that members of participating teams all be from the same country, and two of RES Gaming’s original squad are Russian. The odds on Team Sweden are running at 1.50, and these are excellent odds for a sure win.

The grand finale of the WESG

Image Credit: WESG

Keyd Stars female Vs Asterisk – A Sure Win

Pitting Keyd Stars female against Asterisk is like pitting SK Gaming against AVANGAR. The skill difference in pro CS:GO play is immense, even though both teams have made recent changes to their rosters. Asterisk have lost against Etab, who are one of the weakest teams at this event. If Asterisk cannot win against Etab, then winning against Keyd Stars female is just about impossible. The odds on Keyd Stars female are running at 1.33, which are very reasonable odds for a sure win.

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Russian Forces Vs Keyd Stars female – A Sure win

The tables are turned on Keyd Stars female here, with them going up against Russian Forces, who are just about the strongest team here. It’s quite likely that Russian Forces will win this major. That said, there is little doubt that Keyd Stars are going down here. The odds on Russian Forces are borderline, at 1.25, but that isn’t too bad for a match that’s virtually as good as money in the bank.

Russian Forces at the WESG

Image Credit: WESG

Team Sweden Vs Those Damn Canadians

This is a match between two equally strong teams, both of which have some of the best female players in CS:GO. They are so equally matched that the very odds on them are equal at 1.83. But Those Damn Canadians are nevertheless the weaker team when compared to Team Sweden. Those Damn Canadians have three new members on their roster, and this could go against them, especially when they go up against Team Sweden. This gives Team Sweden a chance to dominate the match.

These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.