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CS GO Source 2: What To Expect? - Esportsranks
CS GO Source 2: What To Expect?

For a good two years now, it’s been known that the CS GO Source 2 port is coming. As of the moment, the only games running in Source 2 are all the VR titles Valve makes, as well as the port of Dota 2. And while there’s no exact date yet, there’ve been traces of the CS:GO Source 2 port with every update the game gets, so we sure that it is still going to happen.

Case in point, the new Panorama view mode, which is a user interface that is in beta that is also a backline that runs only in Source 2. This is in addition to an interface that is used in DOTA 2 and will even be used in the future Steam UI update. But, that’s not all.

Follow the trend of how Valve releases updates — where they add major updates coupled with many other extras — we can expect the same thing to happen once the port inevitably hits.

Why Is the CS GO Source 2 Port So Important?

Source 2 is the latest game engine developed by Valve. It acts as a follow-up to the original Source engine, which they released 14 years ago. Throughout the years, Valve have done some serious work updating the older engine. However, in the end, its age just started to show, which prompted them to create something new.

Valve first officially announced Source 2 back in March 2015 at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). It will support the Vulkan graphical API  and will be free for developers. Valve have also since confirmed that it would be using a new in-house physics engine named Rubikon. What this means is that with Source 2 you can expect higher quality graphics and in-game models. Higher technical fidelity and more stable framerate. And a new way for how physics work in general.

CS GO Source 2

This image has been found on an online resume of an ex Valve employee.

So far, Source 2 has been shown at GDC and during the Perfect World launch event, mainly with reworks of Left for Dead maps. However, data miners have also found a reworked Dust2 map.  It’s clear that the purpose of the reworked classic map was to show the high graphical fidelity made possible by the all-new Source 2 engine.

Simply put, Source 2 has gotten nothing but praises so far.

What Can Expect from the CS GO Source 2 Port?

There is a lot of small bits of information that has been gathered via the “pre-leaks” and stray code files found in updates over the years. They point to not only to the updated UI elements and sounds but also to new entire game modes and maps.

The obvious things we can expect for the port are the higher and stable frame rates and better technical and graphical fidelity. There are even statements saying that the new Anti-cheat system VACnet will improve protection, via “Deep Learning”.

CS GO Source 2

Taken from this year’s GDC, this slide shows how Vacnet will learn to recognize cheaters.

But while Source 2 has a new physics engine, it is expected that the physics will be modified to be as close to the current one as possible. This comes from multiple CS: GO developer “Ask Me Everything” events. The main reason being that they feel there would be a massive community backlash if changes are too drastic. They understand that the current physics are the core of the game for many players, especially the competitive ones.

Other major things that will come, are new modes and maps. One of these modes is the confirmed “Battle Royle” mode, possibly called Survival. Following the popular trend, CS: GO will be making a free for all on a map references as “island” with many unique items and weapons not seen in other modes.

CS GO Source 2

It is possible that the “sonar bomb” code line refers to the already existing TAG grenade.

As for the maps, it’s a bit hard to tell, but you can expect a revamp of the classics like De_Dust2 and for other top community maps to make it in.

How Will the CS GO Source 2 Port Affect the Competitive Scene?

According to all available information, the port to Source 2 will bring nothing but positive things. Better frame rate and stability, in general, will be great for the scene. A better anti-cheat system would mean less problematic “pros” plaguing the events. Since there is a focus on keeping the physics as close as the current ones, there should be no danger for players to relearn their grenade throws. And seeing as how the other battle royale games are making their own competitive events, it’s possible that we can see “Survival” having its own comp scene running side by side with them.

CS GO Source 2

This is currently how the Panorama UI looks when implemented.

Though ultimately, we must keep in mind that even though there is information both official and unofficial, floating around in the end, it’s up to Valve. They can and have changed their minds in the past without telling anyone. They also have a reputation for taking their sweet time with everything.

In short, there’s no way to tell just yet when the porn will come. It could come this year, or next year, or anywhere in between the next five years.

Also, while the same data mining session yielded useful clues, it is not certain if the new Survival mode will come alongside the port. It is possible that might become its own operation, or become an independent game mode.

What do you guys think of the CS GO Source 2 port? Will it run as intended and improve the game? Or will it change the game for the worse?

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