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CS GO Ranks - The Best CSGO Teams From Rank 11 to 20 - Esportsranks
CS GO Ranks – The Best CSGO Teams From Rank 11 to 20

The Best CSGO teams – Esportsranks CS GO Ranks in May

Esportsranks presents part one of the current CS GO ranks for teams. Below are the top 20 best CSGO teams currently. 

CS GO RANKS – #20 Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Gaming Logic CS GO ranks Best CSGO team


Players – reltuC, koosta, NahtE, FNS and Rickeh

There was a time when CLG was one of the best CSGO teams in NA but they never dominated the scene that decisively. They were neck and neck with Cloud9 before and with a couple of their best player leaving the team, they had a falling out. Their most recent change happened during the year that added FNS, their current in-game leader, and Rickeh.

They are currently performing well in ECS Season 3. They have the 2nd spot with a record of 6-4 only behind Cloud9. Although Team Liquid has only played 6 games with a 5-1 record, they have a good chance of finish top 4 to advance to the finals.

CS GO RANKS – #19 Team Dignitas

team dignitas CS GO ranks Best CSGO team


Players – Maikelele, pita, fox, RUBINO and jkaem

Dignitas are often compared to Astralis because of being two of the top teams from Denmark. Although they have great players, they have never reached the top of the summit. This led to their disbanding at the end of 2016 along with top teams buying out the contracts of their players. They reformed their new team with 3 former FaZe Clan members in Maikelele, fox and jkaem. Although they only have a total of 8 games played so far, it is only a matter of time before they find themselves and establish some ground to work on.

CS GO RANKS – #18 Heroic

Heroic CS GO ranks Best CSGO team

DreamHack Austin 2017

Players – valde, MODDII, Snappi, Niko and JUGi

Heroic has been one of those teams that aren’t that popular but have the potential to upset most teams. The Denmark-based squad have tons of experience with their in-game leader Snappi and MODDII who have been around since CS 1.6. MODDII is also known for his stint back before fnatic’s golden years.

CS GO RANKS – #17 OpTic Gaming

optic gaming CS GO ranks Best CSGO team

Courtesy htlv.org

Players – NAF, Rush, mixwell, tarik and jasonrr

OpTic Gaming is one of the newest teams making waves in the scene. The team’s inception began at the start of 2016 when they signed team Conquest. They have players that have been around the NA scene for quite some time. They are currently lacking a 5th man with Jasonrr not available in IEM Sydney 2017. Their coach played in his place and actually made the team look stronger. They had an impressive run at IEM Sydney and are competing with CLG for a spot in the ECS Season 3 Finals.

CS GO RANKS – #16 Team Liquid

Team Liquid CS GO ranks Best CSGO team

DreamHack Austin 2017

Players – nitr0, EliGE, jdm64, Stanislaw and Twistzz

Team Liquid has been climbing the ranks slowly and show a lot of potential. They have a young core with EliGE and nitr0 that has shown flashes of how good they can be. Team Liquid is a huge successful organisation and will continue to pursue big players or develop this young core. They are getting experience but they have yet to reach the big stage. Good shout to move up the best CSGO teams rankings.

CS GO RANKS – #15 HellRaisers

hellraisers CS GO ranks Best CSGO team

DreamHack Austin 2017

Players – ANGE1, STYKO, Zero, bondik and Deadfox

HellRaisers has been around the EU scene for a long time. They never had much success in the past but they are your typical median team in EU. They have potential to upset teams but never could on the important tournaments. HellRaisers is the perfect example of the discrepancy of EU and NA. They are a sub par team who can occasionally get wins against top teams like Astralis. Put them in the NA scene and they could dominate and reach a higher ranking. 

CS GO RANKS – #14 Cloud9

cloud9 CS GO ranks Best CSGO team

DreamHack Austin 2017

Players – n0thing, shroud, Skadoodle, Stewie2k and autimatic

Cloud9 is one of the most decorated teams in CSGO. They have won major tournaments like the ESL Proleague and have placed in premier tournaments. They are one of the most popular teams and arguably the best NA team around if you don’t count SK Gaming as an NA team as they are from Brazil, along with Immortals. Cloud9 has been dominating ECS Season 3 and are currently holding the top seed.

CS GO RANKS – #13 Team EnVyUs

team envyus CS GO ranks Best CSGO team

DreamHack Tours 2017

Players – Happy, SIXER, ScreaM, RpK and xms

Team EnVyUs has been one of the most decorated teams in the CSGO scene. They haven’t had success after Valve increased the prize pools of their major tournaments. Ultimately, this led to G2 Esports buying out the core of Team EnVyUs to form the ‘French Superteam’. This left a huge hole to fill for Team EnVyUs that only had Happy left for them. The replacements they signed are not too bad at all. This made them an exciting team to watch out for if all goes well. 

CS GO RANKS – #12 Immortals

Immortals CS GO ranks Best CSGO team

Dreamhack Austin 2017

Players – Lucas, hen1, Boltz, Steel and fnx

Immortals are being overshadowed by SK Gaming who are their Brazilian counter part. Although FalleN from SK Gaming has helped them progress and improve, they still have a lot to go before they can reach the top 5. They are one of the best teams who compete in NA tournaments and are often the favourites among most match ups. Strong showing as one of the best CSGO teams.

CS GO RANKS – #11 Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in pyjamas CS GO ranks Best CSGO team

Via nip.gl

Players –  Xizt, GeT_RiGhT, friberg, draken and f0rest

Ninjas in Pyjamas is one of the greatest teams in Counter Strike. Their list of accomplishments are second to none and they have held their 4 core players (Xizt, GeT_RiGhT, friberg and f0rest) intact for 5 years already making them one of the most experienced teams in CSGO. They are currently on the decline and are in dire need of another premier tournament win. 

Chack back shortly for part 2 and the top 10. In the meantime, read how SK Gaming won in Sydney