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Counter Strike in 2017 outstrips League of Legends - Esportsranks
Counter Strike in 2017 outstrips League of Legends

Counter StrikeIndustry sources feel that Counter Strike: Global Offensive will outstrip League of Legends on the esports scene this year.

Sure, LoL has the numbers, and they broadcast games in luscious HD. But CS:GO is the esport that investors, contenders and fans are looking at this year.

Why would they do that?

Good question.

There are several reasons for the rise of Counter-Strike, so let’s take them from the top.

Now I’m NOT saying that League of Legends ratings are going to fall… not at all. The game has just too much going for it. But what I AM saying is that CS:GO is on a roll, and it’s popularity is going to continue to rise.

CS:GO is unpredictable

With League of Legends being so much more complex an esport, strategy wise, you’d think that winning would be less predictable. But no, in LoL, a team that dominates becomes a team that usually dominates. And from there it’s a short step to it being a team that always dominates.

It’s not that way with Counter Strike. The game is fluid.

There are lots of unpredictable factors. An underdog may get in a lucky shot and take out the opposing team’s top gun. A new team can arise whose members just work together like a well-oiled machine. Or a team can arise that just have better co-ordination. Or who have a better leader. Or who have some new name on the team with the reflexes of a cyborg.

Yes, in CS:GO things can go any which way.

Esport CS-GO

Image Credit: Creative Commons, Peshay159

I’m not saying the skill and strategy and reflexes of the top teams don’t count, or can’t dominate

Of course they can… and do. But they can be out-dominated by the skills, strategy and reflexes of the players on another team, and this happens a lot more often in CS than in LoL.

Which means matches in CS:GO are actually exciting.

The CS esports scene also shows the most hands-down innovation!

This is because Valve has a laid-back approach to handling things. Sure, it has its hand in the pie, but, unlike other developers, it’s not reaching for a monopoly, or even a near monopoly.

The esport scene in CS:GO is largely a third party arena, with the developers acting more like father figures than control freaks.

I think this allows for far more innovation in the way the esport develops, and gives this esport the chance to soar higher and reach further in terms of sheer entertainment potential.

Counter Strike GO

Image Credit: Creative Commons, Benjamin Nunez Gonzalez

Finally, Counter Strike is a game that – in one avatar or another – spans generations

The game has been evolving since it first came out in 1999. Since then it’s seen dips and comebacks, successes and failures, to emerge triumphant as one of the finest esport battle arenas.

CS:GO is more than a game.

Like many of its teams, contenders and players, it’s a survivor, a game and an esport that can take the blows of fortune and rise to conquer.

The game CS:GO is an avatar of the people who play it. It’s a warrior, rising bloody but triumphant. And it will live forever!

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