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Counter Strike Survival Mode to compete with PUGB? - Esportsranks
Counter Strike Survival Mode to compete with PUGB?

Virtually everyone in the gaming industry knows of the immense popularity of PUGB. It’s bigger than Dota 2. Well, when a game genre becomes popular, competing organizations are bound to take a look at possibly entering the genre. There are indications here that Valve might be doing just that, by creating a Counter Strike Survival Mode

Signs of a possible survival mode coming for CS:GO

If you look at the update files and patches for CS:GO, you notice a lot of mysterious files included in the updates that point to power-ups and other stuff that you just don’t find in mainstream CS:GO. This is a sure indication that top designers at Valve are at least experimenting with a survival mode for CS:GO. What’s exciting is that these mysterious files have been growing increasingly more complex with each update.

So what do the files show CS:GO designers experimenting with?

Well, there are spawning beacons, for one thing, as well as esoteric weapons such as compound bows, and even an unarmed combat template. The knife kills are the closest CS:GO has come to hand-to-hand combat, so having templates dedicated to this is very interesting. There are other exciting things, such as MK2 grenades and adrenalin shots, and even sonar. We can only imagine what it might be like to play CS:GO with weaponry such as this, in a survival arena.

There’s possibly already a working Counter Strike Survival map

The latest patches have files that are the basis of the soundscape of a survival map. Not only that, but references to different aspects of a survival arena abound throughout the files. This shows that it is likely that the designers at Valve already have a working survival map going. This isn’t available to the general public of course… or at least not yet. But the chances look good that it will be in the future. Here’s a video that shows what the files point to…

Valve has been working on a Counter Strike Survival Mode for at least a year now, since these changes to the files have been around for at least that long. The fact that fresh updates show new changes to the potential survival arenas shows that they are an active project at Valve. We can’t wait for the beta, and we’re sure that neither can you. While it’s possible that this game mode will never be made public, it’s also likely that it will be. The first reason for this is that Valve has been working on this for a long time now, which points to a project they are really serious about.

The second reason a Counter Strike Survival Mode is increasingly likely, is commercial

With PUGB capturing markets and players across the world, including the difficult-to-access Chinese sector, Valve has to respond, effectively, or be left behind. It’s all a question… of survival.

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