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CORSAIR DreamLeague Season 11: Vici Gaming vs PSG.LGD - Esportsranks
CORSAIR DreamLeague Season 11: Vici Gaming vs PSG.LGD

The final three days of CORSAIR DreamLeague Season 11 is coming up and we’re finally going to get a chance to see the six remaining Dota 2 teams face off in front of the live audience at the Annexet Arena in Stockholm.

So far, the DreamLeague Major 2019 has been nothing but full of surprises. For one, the favourites that we expected to dominate the competition are not playing as well as initially predicted. Meanwhile, some of the underdogs are starting to prove that they should not be taken lightly. Case in point, Team Liquid, who many expected to be a shoo-in to make it all the way to the grand finals, are no longer playing after being eliminated by Chaos EC early on in the tournament. On the other hand, the Chinese Dota 2 teams such as Keen Gaming, Vici Gaming, and PSG.LGD, are starting to show signs of life, as they head into the main event of CORSAIR DreamLeague Season 11 comfortably playing from the upper brackets.

With the way things have played, it’s highly likely that China will have found their newest champion by the end of the tournament.

Of course, we’re not here to talk about the outcome of the tournament itself. Or, at least, not yet anyway. But, rather, we’re here to discuss one of the two opening matches of main event of the CORSAIR DreamLeague Season 11, with Vici Gaming set to face off against PSG.LGD.

Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD Face Off Once Again

CORSAIR DreamLeague Season 11

Xm’s playstyle has forced PSG.LGD to rely heavily on Ame as a win condition, which might not be enough against a top team like Vici Gaming. (DreamHack / Adela Sznajder)

As two of the best Dota 2 teams in all of China for the past year or so, these two Dota 2 teams have met quite often, both in international LAN tournaments and in local tournaments.

Over their past five meetings this season, PSG.LGD hold a 3-2 advantage over Vici Gaming. But, don’t be so quick to discount the youngsters on Vici Gaming just yet, because, of these two Dota 2 teams, they’re the ones we’re looking at to walk away as the winners two days from now.

Here’s why:

  • Vici Gaming should have a better understanding of the current meta after dominating at the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor against relevant competition.
  • Playing with a stand-in have forced PSG.LGD to play a different playstyle where they’re all making space for Wang ‘Ame‘ Chunyu, which is something that Vici Gaming can take advantage of as they have excellent laners.
  • A resurgent Pan ‘Fade‘ Yip is finally playing up to his potential following the team’s decision to bench him earlier last month.
  • Vici Gaming took care of business against Team Secret and have looked like the better team of the two, with PSG.LGD not having had that good of a showing against relatively inferior competition in the group stages and in the first round of the upper brackets of the playoffs.

Are Vici Gaming the Favourites to Win?

CORSAIR DreamLeague Season 11

In terms of 4-protect-1, Vici Gaming has Zhang ‘Paparazi’ Chengjun to rely on as well, who is arguably a better player compared to Ame. (DreamHack / Adela Sznajder)

As tempting as it is to go all-in on Vici Gaming, it’s important to know that this should be a pretty tight matchup. Even with a stand-in in mid, PSG.LGD are likely versatile enough to overcome the loss of their star midlaner Lu ‘Maybe’ Yao. Although Guo ‘Xm‘ Hongcheng might prefer to make plays all around the map as opposed to taking over the game as Maybe would, which forces PSG.LGD to play a more traditional 4-protect-1 style with Ame soaking up all of the space the team can provide him, Ame is also one of the best in Dota 2 at this particular role and he could very well succeed as the team’s lone win condition.

While we do believe that Vici Gaming know better than to let Ame take over, it’s possible that it is going to happen at least just once the entire series.

Either way, expect a tightly contested matchup between both teams that might go down to the wire.

Betting Prediction

Because this CORSAIR DreamLeague Season 11 matchup is between two relatively evenly matched teams, the odds do not grossly favour either team. Instead, they’re pretty close, with PSG.LGD slightly favoured at 1.76 odds to win over Vici Gaming, who are at 2.00 odds to win.

As far as the eye test and the momentum goes, however, we’ll have to go with Vici Gaming.

Vici Gaming broke Team Secret’s 21-game winning streak, and are coming off a dominant showing in Kiev. Both of those things have to account for something, and even though they lost to Evil Geniuses earlier in the tournament, we have all faith in Bai ‘rOtk‘ Fan to make sure that his team doesn’t fall to the same tricks and tactics twice.

Betting: Vici Gaming to win vs PSG.LGD at 2.00 odds via 10bet.

Feature image via DreamHack / Adela Sznajder

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