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Arising Contenders? Competitive CS GO in South Africa... - Esportsranks
Arising Contenders? Competitive CS GO in South Africa…

CS GO in South Africa saw major changes earlier this year when MettleState announced their ‘Galaxy’ Championship with a million rand prize pool.

The announcement took place just after an intense grudge match between two major rivals, Energy Esports and Bravado Gaming…  in which Bravado crushed their opponents, walking away with a fifty thousand rand prize.

That’s when MettleState announced their plans for a Galaxy Championship that would see twenty-four teams competing. Twelve teams would be drawn from applicants from the general public, and twelve teams invited to ensure that teams of the best caliber competed in the Championship.

The announcement was to mark a new era for competitive CS GO in South Africa

A large prize pool always raises a lot of excitement as to who’s going to win it. But in the end the MettleState Samsung Galaxy Championship was something of a disappointment.


It was predictable!

Just look at how it ended – in an anticlimactic ‘replay’ of the original grudge match between Energy Esports and Bravado Gaming.

In the original grudge match, Energy Esports and Bravado Gaming competed for a mere fifty thousand rand, and Bravado Gaming walked away with the prize. Ultimately, in the Galaxy Championship a few months later, the road to the title ended with the two rivals facing off against each other once again. And, once again, Bravado Gaming walked away with the prize.

A tough route to the Finals for Energy Esports

It was a hard loss for Energy Esports, as they had a tough run-up to the Finals, facing a succession of competitive teams.

In the second round of the Championship, they faced Damage Control… and lost.

The loss meant that Energy had to claw their way up to the finals again, beating the team Flipsid3 Tactics. This let them square off against Damage Control once again, and this time Energy won.

While this did give them another chance to face Bravado, their old nemesis still crushed them to walk away with the Championship’s top spot.

So did the Galaxy Championship’s million rand prize pool make a difference?

Of course it did, since everyone more or less came out a winner with the large prize pool.

Pro players need to earn a living, and that large prize pool means that competitive CS GO in South Africa will be alive and well in the foreseeable future.

Bravado Gaming, as the winners, walked away with three hundred and fifty thousand rand. Energy Esports didn’t do too badly either, winning one hundred and sixty thousand.

Damage Control came in third, winning a hundred and fifty thousand rand. Flipsid3 Tactics took away ninety five thousand. The rest of the prize pool was distributed between four other runners-up.

All in all, it was a good day for everyone, and the top competing teams walked away from the Championship richer (and just possibly happier) than when they signed up for it.

Nevertheless, we’d like to see a larger number of world-class Pro teams competing out of South Africa.

It’s good news that the Esports scene in South Africa is evolving, of course.

But to truly ‘go global’ South Africa is going to have to spawn a lot of top teams that can compete intensely – and successfully – with each other.

In any case, we’ll be looking forward to (and betting on) the next season of the MettleState Samsung Galaxy Championship.

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