It’s CompLexity Against China’s Elite at the Perfect World Minor Playoff

Day 3 of the Perfect World Minor Playoff saw Mineski, Team Secret, Vega Squadron, and Team Kinguin bid their tournament dreams goodbye as LGD.Forever Young and CompLexity Gaming moved on to live another day.

Both teams are now set to square off tomorrow to see who will advance to secure a top 3 finish. More importantly, for the winning team, they’ll get a chance to set themselves up for an even bigger payday against either one of ViCi Gaming or Newbee at the lower bracket finals.

Perfect World Minor Playoff Day 3 Recap

With the much-awaited clash of titans between Newbee and ViCi Gaming at the upper bracket finals already set in stone, it was time for the remaining teams to try their luck in the lower brackets in Day 3 of the Perfect World Minor Playoff.

CompLexity Gaming opened the day with win in a best-of-one against Mineski using their signature picks, Tiny and Io/Wisp, to great effect.

Up against Team Kinguin in their next series of the day, Zakari ‘Zfreek‘ Freedman posted a standout performance on his Enchantress in Game 1. However, his Enchantress was not as effective in Game 2 as Team Kinguin’s greedy tri-core lineup of Razor, Broodmother, and Doom got the best of CompLexity Gaming.

To clinch the series, CompLexity Gaming again went with their tried-and-tested Io/Wisp pick and once more, Zfreek proved exactly why teams should respect ban the hero against them.

Perfect World Minor Playoff

Image via LGD Gaming

Where CompLexity Gaming faced quite a bit of a challenge against their opponents, LFY made short work of theirs.

Against Vega Squadron, the 3rd-place finisherd at The International 7 ended the game leading in kills, 22-3, with their captain and support player, Leong ‘DDC‘ Fat-meng, going beyond godlike on his Witch Doctor.

Team Secret proved more of a match against LFY, if only because their matches lasted a bit longer. The results, though, remained the same. Both games ended with a lopsided kill-count score in favour of LFY and weren’t even remotely close to being tightly contested at any point.

The Best of China vs CoL

Perfect World Minor Playoff

Image via Perfect World

With only two days of matches left at the Perfect World Minor Playoff, the question on everybody’s minds now is “Can CompLexity Gaming pull off THE upset?

CompLexity Gaming have already proven that they can pull off an upset every now and then. But, can they do it when the stakes are highest? Can they take down, not just LFY, but also ViCi Gaming and Newbee? Only time can tell.

The only thing that we know right now is that we can all look forward to another set of elimination matches tomorrow in Day 4 of the Perfect World Minor Playoff.

10:00 SGT — Newbee vs ViCi Gaming
14:00 SGT — LFY vs CompLexity Gaming
18:00 SGT — TBD vs TBD

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