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A Complete Preview of the Captains Draft 4 Minor - Esportsranks
A Complete Preview of the Captains Draft 4 Minor

Out in the Capital City of the United States, eight of the best Dota 2 teams from all over the globe will face off on January 4-7 for the Captains Draft 4 Minor tournament. The event, which will be the first to be held in the land of the free and the first Dota Pro Circuit tournament of the year, will feature a $300,000 USD prize pool, in addition to 300 Qualifying Points for The International 8.

Headlining the list of teams participating in the first Valve Minor of the year are Team Secrettheir 3-0 sweep of the reigning TI champions Team Liquid in the Grand Finals of the DreamLeague Major is still fresh on the minds of many. But while they’re considered the heavy favourites, they could easily fall to the likes of OG and Evil Geniuses. The latter likely looking to start the year off on the right foot, especially with an all new Dota 2 roster all but ready to get some LAN action.

The Captains Draft 4 Valve Minor will also see the LAN debut of Team Empire and paiN Gaming. The former finally broke their 2nd-place curse, and though they’re playing with a new roster, their confidence is likely unaffected as they come off a huge win at the ROG Masters 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Meanwhile, the Brazilian organisation paiN Gaming will look to try to be the first from their region to earn some Qualifying Points.

If you’re ready to finally get your Dota 2 fix, then worry no more; we’ve got everything that you need to know right here.

What Makes the Captains Draft 4 Minor Different?

First things first, you may want to know that the first Valve Minor of 2018 is a different take on your usual Dota 2 game. Instead of being played in the usual format, Captains Mode, teams will be playing under the game mode, Captains Draft.

The main difference between these two modes is the number of heroes available to each team. Usually, the opposing teams take turns picking and banning heroes from the 117 heroes currently available for competitive play. However, in Captains Draft, teams can only choose from a pool of 27 heroes, composed of 9 random heroes from each of the three main hero attributes.

Though luck also plays a key factor, Captains Draft also tests a team’s versatility, drafting prowess, and individual skill in terms of how they’re able to make the most of what they have.

Click here for more information about the different Dota 2 game modes. 

Official Tournament Format

Official English Coverage: http://twitch.tv/moonducktv

Prize Pool: As per Valve’s mandate, the Captains Draft 4 will feature a $300,000 prize pool with an additional 300 Qualifying Points at stake. Point and prize distribution for the teams are as follows:

  • 1st Place — $108,000 / 150 Qualifying Points
  • 2nd Place — $69,000 / 90 Qualifying Points
  • 3rd-4th Place — $37,500 / 30 Qualifying Points
  • 5th-8th Place — $12,000

Format: Teams will start divided into two groups of four and will play in a GSL-style format group stages.

  1. Teams from each group will play each other in best-of-one matches.
  2. Group placement will determine seeding for the 3-day playoff.
  3. All play-off games will be a best-of-three, except for the Grand Finals, which will be a best-of-five.

Participating Teams: Team Secret (Europe, direct invite); Evil Geniuses (North America, direct invite); paiN Gaming (South America, Qualifier); CompLexity Gaming (North America, Qualifier); OG (Europe, Qualifier); Team Empire (CIS, Qualifier); ViCi Gaming (China, Qualifier); Mineski (Southeast Asia, Qualifier).

Tournament Schedule:

Times indicated are in EST. All listed dates and times are based on EST. Match start times are subject to change depending on the length of the previous match.

Group Stages

10:30 AM (January 4, Thursday)
Team Secret vs Team Empire (Team Secret to win at 1.25 odds)
OG vs paiN Gaming (OG to win at 1.14 odds)

11:45 AM (January 4, Thursday)
Mineski vs ViCi Gaming (Mineski to win at 2.4 odds)
Evil Geniuses vs CompLexity Gaming (CompLexity Gaming to win at 2.14 odds)


NOTE: MoonduckTV have yet to release the full schedule of head-to-head matchups for the Captains Draft 4 Valve Minor group stages. We will update this as soon as the necessary information is made available.

Are You Ready for the Captains Draft 4 Minor?

The Captains Draft 4 tournament is the first Valve Minor of 2018.

For a complete breakdown of how each team participating in the tournament stacks up against each other, be sure to check out our Dota 2 power rankings for the event.

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