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Coldzera and Niko make Fitness a Priority - Together - Esportsranks
Coldzera and Niko make Fitness a Priority – Together

Coldzera and Niko have been working out together in the gym, helping each other to get in shape, and with good reason. While most sports bring up the picture of toned bodies, that rule definitely doesn’t apply to esports. Esports players tend to have an image of overindulgence in caffeine, soft drinks and junk food, with too much time spent with their PC, and too little exercise. It’s not too much to say (we name no names) that a great many esports players are so out of shape they have to be seen to be believed.

Whereas most sportsmen retain an exceptional level of fitness till at least forty, we have esports players being considered ‘veterans’ at twenty five, and losing ability past that age, or becoming coaches or retiring. Which, in a sport that is as much mind as body, is frankly ridiculous. However, esports organizations are realizing that fitness regimens can increase the ‘operational life’ of their stars, and are moving to compensate for the earlier attitude of ‘mind over matter’.

Razor sharp reactions need to be housed in a reasonable body

It goes without saying that most esports pros have to play day and night to keep up their levels of skill and strategy, but this is hardly worthwhile in the long run if one ends up old at twenty five. There are plenty of examples of once-greats who saw a sudden fall-off in skills and reactions after twenty five because their bodies were so out of shape. But there are also those who can turn things right around, and two people who’ve been co-operating to get in shape are from arch-rivals SK Gaming and FaZe Clan. Yes, coldzera and Niko have been training together, and are visibly fitter than ever before. One thing that’s really great about CS:GO is that even rivals from opposing teams can be friends in the ‘real’ world.

Coldzera and Niko make Fitness a priority

Coldzera and Niko; Rivals in the CS:GO arena – friends outside it. Image Credit: Coldzera. 

Coldzera – Seventy five days of focus

According to coldzera, it took him a full seventy five days to drop down to his present weight, and he did it by completely focusing on his health. He’s currently just twenty three years old, and if he keeps this attitude can look forward to a long career of razor sharp reactions and quad kills in the CS:GO universe.

Niko has made incredible progress

Moving from mousesports to FaZe Clan has been great for Niko in more ways than one. Since joining FaZe, he’s been training hard to be fit, and the results are very noticeable. Since he’s only twenty, keeping fit now will go a long way towards ensuring that he continues to play optimally for years to come. Both coldzera and Niko, who are some of the very best in the CS:GO universe, have proved that it is possible to be an esports pro and to be healthy and fit. One just has to have the will and the focus.

Other CS:GO pros focusing optimally on fitness include olofmeister, who has been a very active football player, and who actually once represented his school at football. He’s taking some time off from CS:GO these days to go back to football from time to time. These are very positive changes in the CS:GO community, and seeing the best teams in the world focus on their health and game in this way shows that both players and management are now focused on a more balanced way of life. We look forward to seeing these teams and players put out their very best for years to come. Here’s to a late retirement for CS:GO pros everywhere.

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