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CoL and SG e-sports Are Going to Shanghai - Esportsranks
CoL and SG e-sports Are Going to Shanghai

CompLexity Gaming pace the Perfect World Masters NA Qualifier to secure their second straight Minor tournament slot, while SG e-sports make it 3 in a row via the South American regional qualifier.

Perfect World Masters NA Qualifier Recap

With Evil Geniuses choosing to skip the tournament entirely and the newly-minted OpTic Gaming dropping out in the middle of the qualifier, the field was left wide open for other North American squads. And, for a moment, Digital Chaos looked like the team that would make the most out of the opportunity.

Perfect World Masters NA Qualifier

Image via Valve

Retaining 3 members of the roster that made it to the Top 12 in The International 7, Digital Chaos’ latest lineup was supposedly even better with the addition of Arif ‘MSS’ Anwar and David ‘MoonMeander’ Tan.

As such, when Digital Chaos swept their way to a Grand Finals berth, it looked like they had this qualifier in the bag.

CompLexity Gaming, however, were more than happy to play spoilers.

Perfect World Masters NA Qualifier

Image via Valve

Having found themselves in the lower bracketsthe winners of the Starladder NA Qualifier notched decisive wins against VGJ.Storm and Immortals to secure a rematch against the team responsible for sending them down there.

With that said, the stage was set for a tightly contested series between the two. Although, the end result was anything but that.

CompLexity Gaming completely flipped the story in the Grand Finals of the Perfect World Masters NA Qualifier, bullying Digital Chaos en route to a 2-0 series win. That the series-clincher came against Abed Azel ‘Abed’ Yusop and his signature hero Meepo — while playing for Execration in TI6, Abed and his Meepo were responsible for eliminating CompLexity Gaming in the TI6 wild cards — was just the icing on the proverbial cake.

SG e-sports Make it 3 in a Row

Many thought little of SG e-sports after the organisation lost all but one player from their Kiev Major lineup. To most people, Digital Chaos’ South American roster was the dream team; a mix of the most experienced and arguably most talented players the South American Dota 2 scene had to offer.

As it turns out, however, even with a new lineup, SG e-sports had lost little of the mentality that made them a success story in Kiev last April.

Perfect World Masters NA Qualifier

Image via PGL

With Adrian ‘4dr’ Machado leading the charge — the lone member remaining from the underdogs that toppled Team Secret in Kiev — SG e-sports have gone on to secure three qualifiers in a row to start the season.

Their only miss? The slot in Bucharest, taken by Digital Chaos’ South American lineup.

While SG e-sports are still a long way from establishing themselves as the runaway victors of the region, it certainly is looking like they are on their way there.

Unlike SG-esports, however, CompLexity Gaming doesn’t have quite a clear path towards the top of the NA Dota 2 scene. It’s still Evil Geniuses above everyone else, with as many as five teams fighting for second place.

Still, by winning the Perfect World Master NA Qualifier, CompLexity Gaming are the first NA team to secure slots in two different LAN tournaments this season. That has to account for something, even if it does come with a caveat.

Now all that remains is for CompLexity Gaming and SG e-sports to prove themselves in a LAN setting against international competition for people to start looking at them as legitimate contenders.

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