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How to Choose the Best Entry Level Gaming Mouse for Pro Play - Esportsranks
How to Choose the Best Entry Level Gaming Mouse for Pro Play

A gaming mouse is probably the most important hardware purchase for a pro gamer, after the PC itself. Having a good mouse to use in competitive play provides real benefits in terms of response time, dpi, ergonomics and gliding. Here are the best mice on the market, so choose one that best suits your instincts and needs, and go all out to win your next competitive game.

How to choose a gaming mouse

What mouse you choose depends on a number of factors.

The shape (Right / Left or Ambidextrous)

Your mouse must be adapted as much as possible to the shape of your hand. Avoid models that are too big if you have small hands and vice versa. Left-handed users will favour dedicated models or ambidextrous mice.


The weight of your mouse must also influence your choice. Pro gamers prefer to use mice that are of a fairly light to moderate weight to prevent damage to the wrist through extensive use, or to prevent the hand getting tired too quickly. Many models have special weights that can be used to ballast the mouse, or to give it a certain ‘feel’ to maximize comfort and ease of use.

The dpi of the gaming mouse sensor

You need to check the dpi (dots per inch). The higher this value, the more precise the mouse. Above 4000 DPI, you have a mouse that will show an appreciable advantage in tracking.

The Gaming Mouse of the Future?

Wire or wireless

We’ll be mainly focusing on wired mice here, because most pro gamers prefer a wired gaming mouse. Most of the mice in this article will be reasonably affordable. We’ll be putting up a separate article on premium gaming mice for those who can afford those, as well as one on wireless gaming mice. But here we’ll focus on the choice of most pro gamers – the dedicated and accurate wired mouse.

Laser or optical?

With an optical gamer mouse, the movement of the mouse cursor on the screen is determined by means of images obtained with an LED that emits light that bounces off a surface to a sensor.

A laser mouse uses the same principle as the optical mouse above, except that it uses a beam that allows the sensor to receive much sharper shots. As a result, the cursor movement will be much more precise. You need to be sure not to use these mice on glass surfaces.

The style

What style you prefer is obviously a personal choice, and the style of your mouse must just as obviously please you, because you’ll be using it regularly. However, there’s no need to worry here, because most gaming mice are brilliantly styled, and there is something for everyone.

Now let’s go on to check out some recommended gaming mice…

Wired Gaming Mouse – Entry Level

Corsair Gaming Harpoon RGB

Optical Sensor, 6000 dpi, 6 buttons, Right handed

01 Corsair Gaming Harpoon RGB

With the Harpoon mouse, Corsair integrates the essence of accurate gaming into a compact and accessible mouse. With its small size, RGB backlight and excellent tracking, it’s the best entry level mouse for the pro gamer on a reduced budget.

Based on an optical sensor with an adjustable resolution of up to 6000 DPI , the Harpoon RGB has all the precision necessary to hit your targets in FPS or action games, where every millimetre can make the difference between a shot that is successful or not. The 1000 Hz polling-rate ensures that the mouse is perfectly reactive.

Harpoon RGB’s sophisticated ergonomics give you a comfortable grip, match the shape of your hand, and allow for a firm hold with textured under-the-thumb coverage. Stand out with your own colours thanks to the 16.8 million colour LED RGB lighting system.

Check out the best Corsair Gaming Harpoon prices on Amazon.

Logitech G300s Refresh

Optical Sensor, Adjustable Resolution 250 to 2500 dpi, 9 Programmable Buttons, Ambidextrous

2 Logitech G300s Refresh

Thanks to its ergonomics, the Logitech Gaming Mouse G300s combines all the features a gamer needs to dominate on the digital battlefield. Its contoured shape and gripping texture ensure a good grip and therefore fluid and fast movements. The G300s has 9 buttons to save you time reacting to your opponents in-game.

Here are the best Logitech Gaming Mouse G300s prices on Amazon.

ASUS Cerberus Mouse

Optical Sensor, 2500 dpi, 6 Buttons, Ambidextrous

3 Asus Cerberus Mouse

This ambidextrous optical mouse is just as comfortable in either hand, with a carefully designed shape that ensures a comfortable grip with anti-slip pads. It also has two additional buttons placed at the thumb area – since this is an ambidextrous model, each of these is of course on either side of the mouse.

Here are the best prices on an ASUS Cerberus on Amazon.

Steelseries Rival 110

Optical Sensor, 7200 dpi, 6 Buttons, Ambidextrous

5 Steelseries Rival 110

SteelSeries have created an affordable and extremely effective gaming mouse. The chassis has already proven itself and is reliable, with a shape suitable for both the grips favoured by gamers – the palm and the ‘claw’. Incorporating a specially developed sensor, the mouse can map a maximum resolution of 7200 dpi, using several possible settings. There are also 6 programmable buttons with a wheel and a discreet backlight, customizable to more 16.8 million colours.

Want a SteelSeries Rival 110? Get it at the best prices on Amazon.

Wired Gaming Mouse – Mid Range

Here are advanced quality gaming mice – these are still not premium ware, for which we’ll be doing a separate article, but they’re excellent for the dedicated pro gamer who hasn’t convinced a lot of sponsors to buy his equipment for him.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Optical, 4000 dpi, Right handed

4 Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

This mouse offers very reasonable accuracy with a 4000 dpi sensor. It has special coatings that ensure a ‘no slip’ grip. This works equally well with either the claw or palm grip that most pro gamers use. The coatings on the mouse include a coating to prevent the fingers slipping, as well as one that prevents adhesion.

Check out the best prices on the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury on Amazon.

Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB

Optical Sensor, 12000 dpi, 8 Buttons, Right handed, Available in Black and White

6 Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB

This mouse is utterly dedicated to the First Person Shooter. After upgrades, the sensor is now able to map an astounding 12000 dpi. It also gives you the option to choose a custom response time, which ranges between 1, 2,4 or 8 ms. Its adjustable sniper button allows for maximum sensitivity and optimal reactions. With its polytetrafluoroethylene pads, the Corsair M65 Pro RGB mouse ensures a controlled glide, allowing weapons to track smoothly.

This mouse has 8 programmable buttons. Its pleasant touch coating, good grip, and 3 adjustable 6.5g weights (upgraded from 4.5 g previously) were designed to ensure long-spell play that will allow your reaction times to survive to the end of a five-match series. With an aluminium mono-hull structure, 16.8 million colour backlight, three customizable areas and quality finish, this mouse combines durability with style.

Here are the best deals on the Corsair M65 Pro RGB on Amazon.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Optical Sensor, 10000 dpi, 5 Buttons, Right handed

7 Razer DeathAdder Chroma

The Razer DeathAdder mouse uses an infrared optical sensor that maxes out at 10,000 dpi. To that awesome level of precision, it adds a response time of just 1ms. This right-handed mouse has an ergonomic design with non-slip grips on the sides. The five buttons are extremely responsive, and Razer’s Synapse software ensures that your settings, macros and profiles are stored online for access from anywhere in the world. It’s a good looking mouse, with programmable colour changes.

Get the best deals on the Razer DeathAdder on Amazon.

Zowie by BenQ FK2

Optical sensor, 3200 dpi, 7 Buttons, Ambidextrous

8 Zowie by BenQ FK2 1

Designed for e-sports, the Zowie by BenQ FK2 gives players an optimal tool with which to put down the opposition. The makers of this mouse have thought of exactly what a professional needs, and deliver on that. For example, it’s common for the cursor to waver when a mouse is lifted from the mouse pad. This doesn’t happen with the Zowie, where integrated software ensures that you don’t lose even that millisecond of tracking – the cursor stays steady on the screen as you lift the mouse and put it down – allowing you to put the opponent down as well.

Thanks to its low height and light weight, the Zowie is ideal for players using the ‘claw’ to hold the mouse, or for players with small hands. The mouse is ambidextrous, with 2 buttons on each side that can be disabled to prevent pressing the wrong one by accident.

Want a Zowie? Buy it at the best prices on Amazon.

ASUS ROG Gladius

Optical sensor, 6400 dpi, 6 Buttons, Right handed

9 ASUS ROG Gladius

The ASUS ROG Gladius mouse is designed for customisation. It has a coating that feels pleasant to the touch, and rubberized patterns that ensure an excellent grip. It’s best point, though, is that it has removable OMRON switches that are easy to replace. They are completely removable. The Gladius can be opened very simply via four screws under the mouse. Once this is done, you can remove the OMRON switches to replace them with other compatible ones. This allows you to vary the click resistance to create a mouse that suits you perfectly! The switches provide excellent reactivity. An excellent pro gaming choice, all things considered.

Here’s where to get the ASUS ROG Gladius at the best prices on Amazon.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Optical Sensor, 12000 dpi, 11 buttons, Right handed

9 Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

The G502 has a sensor with a resolution of 12,000 dpi, which is adjustable in steps via a dedicated button. This allows you to customise the sensitivity according to different phases of your game. The acceleration of this mouse reaches 40 G.

In addition to its outstanding resolution, this Logitech gaming mouse has 11 programmable buttons with a response rate of just 1 ms. The mouse is extremely durable, and each button can support up to 20 million clicks. The mouse has a modular weight system, allowing you to customise it to your need, and ensuring perfect control in game.

Check out the best deals on a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum on Amazon.

These are some of the finest gaming mice on the market at a reasonable price. All of these would do well in competitive play, but if you need something better, we have articles on premium and wired gaming mice coming up soon.

Stay tuned for pro gaming articles, detailed day-by-day analyses of major CS:GO events, and ace reporting. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favorite Esports titles.