Questionable China SuperMajor Direct Invite List Released

The entire Dota 2 community is currently up in arms after the release of the final direct invite list for the China SuperMajor.

Scheduled for June 4 to 10, the China SuperMajor is the final tournament of the 2017-18 Pro Circuit. With as many as 2,250 Qualifying Points up for grabs, along with $1.5 million USD in prize money, a Top 4 finish at the tournament will be a huge boost to any team’s chances of getting a direct invite to The International 8. But, even though the tournament is still quite a ways away, the tournament is already gaining traction, and not in a good way.

China SuperMajor Draws Ire From Community

It didn’t take long for fans and personalities to criticize the tournament’s final direct invite list. Many pointed out the problem with a 16-team tournament having 10 direct invites. This means that only 6 teams — the mandatory 1 per each of the 6 competitive regions — will make their way to the tournament via the qualifiers. As if this wasn’t enough, the invites are also questionable.

In particular, many questioned why Evil Geniuses, Natus Vincere, and OG received direct invites to the China SuperMajor. Natus Vincere have not performed well these past few months, both in LANs and in Regional Qualifiers. Meanwhile, OG is not even eligible for a direct invite to The International 8 anymore. This is after they chose to part ways with Roman ‘Resolut1on‘ Fominok after the latest roster lock.

Evil Geniuses’ case is stronger than that of Natus Vincere and OG. After all, they did win GESC Indonesia. But, this was just one win in a season full of disappointing finishes. Not only that, but they also haven’t fared well in the Regional Qualifiers either. In a way, Evil Geniuses’ direct invite serves as proof that direct invites are not always given based on team performance but more on a team’s popularity. Especially since Evil Geniuses have received the 4th most direct invites to Pro Circuit tournaments this season.

With 9 direct invites, they trail only Team Secret (10), Team Liquid (11), and Newbee (12). This is a lot considering that Evil Geniuses finished in the Top 12 at The International 7 and have yet to come in second place at any Pro Circuit tournament this season.

What Now?

The only time Valve stepped in this season as far as direct invites go was at MDL Macau. But this was only because of ACE’s involvement in preventing EHOME from participating in the Chinese Regional Qualifiers. Apart from that, Valve has been pretty hands-off when it comes to direct invites to Pro Circuit tournaments.

But then again, who knows? The China SuperMajor is the biggest Pro Circuit tournament of the season. Should the questionable direct invites cause enough of a problem to negatively affect viewership, then Valve might be forced to do something.

Having said that, whether Valve decided to do something about it or not, the issue regarding the direct invites to the China SuperMajor should make for a good example of what Valve should improve upon next season.

Do you think Valve will step in to change the direct invites to the China SuperMajor? If so, which teams would you like removed and added as a replacement? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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