Cheating scandal rocks FIFA 19 Esport Season – Kurt Rages

Fifteen top players including professional Paulo Neto have been banned from all competitive FIFA events until the end of the season after being found guilty of buying the in-game currency used to purchase players.

This effectively gave players a financial and competitive advantage against other players. With it not being uncommon for professional players to spend upwards of $5,000 at the start of the season to assemble their teams. On the flipside – hobbyists, who haven’t put any money towards packs, are put at an even greater disadvantage.

There have been two rounds of bans handed down in the last few weeks and the ramifications of this are huge.

Honest players will have been beaten in qualifiers for events by those accused of cheating with Paulo Neto having got as far as appearing at one of FIFA 19’s Majors – the FUT Champions Cup 4: Atlanta held back in March, where he finished in the top 4 of his console and won $2,500 in the process.

Pauloneto999 FIFA 19 Cheating Scandal
Paulo Neto at FUT Champions Cup 4 where he defeated Stefano Pinna on the way to the semi-final.

This calls into question FIFA’s entire season and is a further blight on the P2W system that rules the sport with many asking why it has taken so long for EA to hand down the bans after these accounts and Paulo Neto’s in particular should have been vetted before any events.

The cheating scandal could have far-reaching consequences for the FIFA competitive season and suspicious will be raised that those banned are just the tip of the iceberg.

EA has yet to comment other than the initial ban notice which can be read here.

FIFA 19 Cheating Scandal – Kurt Speaks Out

Kurt Fenech was the first player to be banned this season and in another explosive video released today, he says that FIFA was to busy looking for reasons to ban him and that’s why this cheating wasn’t picked up earlier.

In a video that takes aim at EA, Community Managers and content creators Kurt is clearly enraged and feels the season has been ruined, “the whole year is invalid[…] if EA can’t catch people they are vetting how can they catch people that they are not?”

Speaking directly to EA he had this to say, “You’ve literally messed up every single thing this year[…] you did send a statement when I got banned, wheres the statement for this coin buying scandal?”

Watch the full video below.

So what do you think of FIFA 19’s Cheating Scandal? Should more have been done by EA at the start of the season? Does this invalidate some results?

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