What Kind of Changes Did the New Dota 2 Patch (7.15) Bring?

Like clockwork (no, not the hero), the new Dota 2 patch came nearly 24 hours ago, and just like the previous patch, 7.15 brings major gameplay changes seemingly made to make the game feel like its predecessor.

What’s Changed in 7.15?

A lot, actually. But, what’s probably the biggest change in the new Dota 2 patch is that the bounty runes no longer spawn every 2 minutes and only give gold to whoever picks it up. Instead, bounty runes now spawn every 5 minutes and everyone on the same team gets their fair share. At the start of the game (0 minutes), each bounty rune pickup gives 200 gold for the entire team, and then 275 gold the next time it spawns five minutes later, and then 350 gold, and so on.

Another thing that will have an impact on the economy will be the tower deny mechanic. Before, each player from the opposing team still received a small sum, but now, a successful tower deny removes the bounty completely. Also, Roshan got a bit more love with the new Dota 2 update. The almighty creep that we all love to kill now has additional damage, HP regeneration, and base health.

Finally, Captain’s Mode, the go-to mode in competitive Dota 2, saw two key changes. First is that there’s now an extra five seconds per round (from 30 seconds to 35 seconds perk pick). Second, the order of the second ban was flipped, from 2nd-1st-2nd -1st to 1st-2nd-1st-2nd.

Other things that were changed with the new Dota 2 patch were lane creeps and observer wards, as well as the map itself.

Click here for the complete patch notes for 7.15

What Do All The Changes Mean?

New Dota 2 Patch

Team Liquid’s historic run of dominance started when they picked up the play-making position 4 support, Maroun ‘GH’ Merhej, back in December 2016. (Team Liquid)

Well, for starters, one of the main takeaways from the new Dota 2 patch is that roaming should no longer be as impactful as before. Nor should it remain as rewarding.

For consecutive patches now, Icefrog has made an effort to try and nerf roamers, such as players like Maroun ‘GH‘ Merhej and Yazied ‘YapzOr‘ Jaradat who would constantly rotated around the map from the start to set-up kills and end up farming enough to serve as a legitimate fourth core instead of a second support without siphoning off of farm from their team’s main cores. Icefrog first attempted to nerf this by making hero kills less profitable, increasing bounties from lane creeps and making denies more punishing to put more emphasis on laning, and even removing the EXP bonus from bounty runes.

This latest change, among others, might just be the final nail on the proverbial coffin.

More likely, we’ll see playmaking position 4 support players deviate from roaming and stick to a more laning oriented role. Although don’t expect them to fully change their ways entirely. Besides, there’s still reason to roam, albeit not to set-up kills. The increased neutral creep stack count bounty (from 20% to 25%) will incentivize going away from the lane every once in a while and protecting those stacks, along with the bounties, at all costs.

Add the fact that denying towers now no longer give any amount of gold to the opposing team and expect teams to value their lanes and towers more.

RIP Alchemist

New Dota 2 Patch

With the recent changes, Alchemist could go from seldom-picked to never picked unless it’s buffed again. (SwedeyArt)

Alchemist is a hero that has no doubt seen better days. Most famously used by the four-time Major champions OG as an integral part of their draft, Alchemist was, and probably still is, the fastest farmer in Dota 2. However, over the past year, Alchemist has seen nerf after nerf after nerf. This combination of direct and indirect nerfs — the introduction of Spirit Vessel made Alchemist relatively easy to counter — has made picking Alchemist as a core a risk that bordered on foolishness. But, while Alchemist no longer was as good as a core, pubs were starting to pick up on him as a support.

With Acid Spray (Q) and Unstable Concoction (W), Alchemist had a respectable stun with long range and a low cooldown and an AOE minus armor that provides damage over time. Add Chemical Rage (R), as well as Greevil’s Greed (E) and Alchemist was easily the only hero in Dota 2 that you could play as a support and get most of your farm from bounty runes and still have enough farm to make an impact, especially if you set-up your draft around Alchemist’s ability to give an Aghanim’s Scepter to any allied hero.

Unfortunately, now that runes only spawn every five minutes, Alchemist will likely no longer see play as a core and as a support.

The Return of Turtling

New Dota 2 Patch

With turtling seemingly back on the table, we might just see more of Sniper in pro games in the coming weeks. (SpeedArt1982)

Turtling is a strategy employed by many teams in the past where they would draft around a mix of heroes that are relatively hard to push against (Sniper, Tinker, Keeper of the Light), and carries that could farm safely on their own as their team were left to protect their towers. While a prevalent startegy in the early days of Dota 2, it eventually fell out of favor as the changes to the game made turtling less viable.

The new Dota 2 patch though might just turn the meta on its head.

Patch 7.13 already decreased the bounty of numerous structures while increasing the HP on some of them. At the same time, the said patch also added one more second to the Glyph duration (from 5 seconds to 6 seconds).

Now, with defending and denying towers far more rewarding, expect matches to slow down a lot in relative comparison to what we’ve seen in recent months (if not years). Although don’t expect mobile heroes to go out of favour just yet; the ability to secure multiple bounty runes past the 20-minute mark is a huge game changer.

Final Thoughts

Somehow, the buff to Roshan feels underrated. Icefrog probably noticed how easy Roshan was to take so he buffed the almighty neutral creep instead of nerfing the other items and heroes that generally helped in making Roshan easier to secure. How this will affect pro games, we can’t exactly say for sure just yet. However, we should see fewer early Roshan attempts unless a team specifically drafts around taking Roshan easily, like picking Death Prophet and/or Slardar.

Perhaps the most interesting thing in the new Dota 2 patch is the change to the pick order. For a long time, players have complained about the slightly unfair advantage of having the first pick in Captain’s Mode. If nothing else, the change seems like it’s an attempt to try and deal with the said issue without having to mess with the pick order too much.

Judging the pattern of the patches, we should see the next patch (7.16) focus more on heroes and items. It’ll be interesting to see what heroes and items will get buffed or nerfed then.

What do you think of the new Dota 2 update? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the comments down below. 

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