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Exciting Changes Coming to League of Legends in 2019 - Esportsranks
Exciting Changes Coming to League of Legends in 2019

Riot just released another one of their much loved ‘Riot Pls’ video updates concerning the status of League of Legends in 2019. As expected, this one is a lot to take in, so you may want to fasten your seatbelt and get comfortable first.

While the updates mentioned are nowhere near as big as the massive news we’ve been given in the past – say, like Runes Reforged – it’s still something that’ll change the way we perceive League of Legends in 2019.

Here’s a quick a breakdown of all the changes that were talked about in the video.

Ranked Changes

The company seems to have finally noticed that the Bronze and Silver ranks are a complete mess and need some attention. Currently, the difference between player levels is far too high to be normal. The skill difference between a Bronze 5 player and a Silver 5 player is remarkable in contrast to a Gold 5 and Platinum 5.

This poses a problem because it makes the game less enjoyable for new players trying out ranked. It also makes climbing out of those lower ranks far more difficult for newer players, something which is commonly known as ‘elo hell’. Riot hopes to negate this effect by introducing two new ranks. Although they haven’t given us more details regarding this, we can always hope for Wood and Plastic ranks.

New Players’ Tutorial

It’s no secret that the tutorial is not as updated as a new player would like. Riot hopes they can speed up the learning process for newbies and make the process more efficient, thereby enabling them to join the bigger competitive community with relative ease.

They also mentioned that since Runes are now free, players will be able to learn Jungling from earlier levels as well. We’re also expecting the new Tutorial system to educate new players on the basics of jungling along with pushing small details like why last hitting is important. Lastly, we’d love to see the Tutorial implement more advanced game-knowledge features like wave management and last hitting under turrets.

Unique Ranks for Different Positions

Right now, everyone gets a single rank in Solo Queue regardless of the position they play in. To autofill is to assure defeat because of your relative lack of experience in a particular role. It can be pretty disheartening to lose this way. It’s even more aggravating when an autofilled teammate  doesn’t know what they’re doing, subsequently causing the entire team to lose.

Riot hopes to fix this problem by introducing a different rank for each position you play in. This way, the match-making process will land you with players that share your elo for your given position. The skill-level of the players you get to play with will be similar to yours, so you’ll have more even games in the future.

All of these changes will hit League of Legends in 2019.

What do you think of the incoming changes to League of Legends in 2019? Do you think it is good for the community? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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